Space Rangers HD: A War Apart – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Space Rangers HD: A War Apart game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • If you wish to complete the game with a good ending side solely with coalition OR pirates. Doing the pirates quest line and not ending it with them gives you a bad ending.
  • The fixed translation still has bugs in it, so expect problems. Most of the Internet help is in Russian, so you really need to pay attention especially on the new text-based missions. Some of them are sadistical, but usually they are solvable optimization problems so you need to take notes. On pen and paper. No, seriously.
  • The pirate missions for promotion have problems, and it is best to just google the solutions for the last one. On capo missions, you do not have to do the given three, just go to another pirate base and they will give you more missions to choose from.
  • Getting rid of Keller does not get rid of the remnant forces, so you should expect some heavy fights even if the boss slinks away.
  • Giving the Terroid a “no-replication” or “open a landing zone”-virus locks you to that ending
  • The easiest way of making money is absolutely drug smuggling. Switch to pirate allegiance, buy from the pirate systems and sell to the planets which have “excellent” reputation. Always bribe the local authorities afterwards to avoid problems. Drug smuggling is also the easiest way of making pirate points.
  • Get wingmen. Even with the top-of-the-line stuff you cannot survive or kite the battles, unlike the original Space Rangers 2.
  • You can always switch your allegiance from pirate to ranger and back at the pirate base.
  • You really should start the pirate storyline either at the start of the campaign, or latest when the galaxy hits the atomic vision-level of tech.
  • The assassination missions against pirates are miserable, so only accept those where your target is a diplomat or transporter.
  • Use the search-feature of the newsroom, especially if you are smuggling drugs.
  • Use the business centres to buy new bases, especially military bases. Otherwise pirates or dominators will run the coalition over.
  • Always take every upgrade which increases your armor value or shield power. 40% + 20 is something that you will need for the endgame when the entire galaxy runs on full tech.
  • Only buy hulls with the afterburner ability; the AI does not understand that, and it works almost always as the “see you later s**tlords” option. It also allows you to kite enemies and to raiding runs on the systems where the AI assault was not successful.
  • Always sell mechanoid tech at the science bases, they pay full price regardless of your economy skill, and may even pay double price.
  • 500 credits per cargo size is always worthwhile, even in the late game. The best prices of drugs is ~800 bought and 1800+ sold.
  • Skip out of the battle immediately and manually guide your ship to pick up the expensive stuff left by the enemies. If you are winning a battle the AI rangers will show up and will prioritize the high-prize items.
  • The “autobattle” -feature is not very clever and you will should start doing manual assignments for targets and location if you are against anyone who actually is capable of being a threat. The AI event knows how to play against the autobattle, but not manual.
  • Most of the planetary robot battles are line fights but with a poor UI and aggressive amount of micromanaging. They pay well, but unless you like them you can, and should, turn them permanently off. Be aware that selecting “create a landing spot” with Terron will lock you into one.

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