Agoraphobia – Full Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

This is an optimized step-by-step walkthrough of the game.


Note: It’s recommended to get all of the achievements in one playthrough session. The save system doesn’t seem to work properly (it will bug out your game if used), and there’s no level select available, so you’ll be forced to replay if you miss anything.

Main Menu

Press ‘Credits’ from Main Menu.

Note: You might have to press it several times, the achievement unlocked on my third press.

Stay Awhile
You have looked at the credits.

Level 1

During in-game, press Escape on your keyboard, and the Exit button from the Pause Menu.

You Quitter
You have quit the game.

Examine the letter in front of you and interact with the door.

Level 2

Pick up the flashlight from the car, examine the letter, and the photograph.

Notes Are Rare
You have read your first note.

Press F’ to turn on your flashlight and then go to the forest on the right and look around until you stumble upon this.

You found the remains of someone.

Continue down the road until you reach a house. Interact with the door and return to your car.

Examine the doll’s head.

Make another trip to the house. The door is now open, go inside.

In this order, examine the drawing from the table, the Teddy Bear on top of the right bed, then the Missing Poster on a bed behind you and the knife on the table with the flickering light.

Return to the door and wait a bit. A strange shadow will spawn on the other end. Approach it.

The door is now open, go outside.

Level 3

Interact with all the items until you hear a click. The bottom drawer has opened, examine the photo frame inside of it.

Look behind you. The right top drawer will now be unlocked. Examine the letter inside. A photograph will spawn to your right. Zoom on it with ‘Middle Click’.

Examine the baby inside the box. This will spawn a baby fetus on the desk. Examine it, and the Tape Recorder next to it. This will spawn a doll head above the door. Zoom on it.

The light will start to flicker until the bulb explodes. The top drawer unlocks. Open it and examine the knife inside.

Level 4

Look behind you, there’s a photograph and a photo frame on a small table. Examine both. You’ll hear a knock on the door.

Interact with the door and all the drawers. You’ll hear some whispers.

‘Right Click’ on the candles.

Level 5

Pick up the candle from the table.

Examine the flashlight located on a cupboard a bit further ahead.

Next to that is a table with a radio on it.

‘Right Click’ on it for an achievement.

The Great Beyond
Listened to a radio and found your self lost.

Go to the end of the hallway and examine the lighter to the left of the door.

Return to the starting point and examine the photograph there.

Go back to the end of the hallway and pick up the painting located on the chair.

Put it on the wall above the table.

Return to the starting area and then go back to the end. A jumpscare will be waiting for you and the level ends.

Level 6

Interact with the door. A strange shadow spawns behind you. Approach it.

You’re now inside a room with no doors. Move back and forward.

Keep doing that until a door spawns with ‘Die’ written on it.

Interact with it. Zoom on the ‘Die’ word.

Zoom on the items.

Look around and move until the body bag from the floor disappears.

Look up.

Now there’s gonna be two doors, interact with both of them and wait until the level ends.

Level 7

Interact with the door behind you.

You played the game for a set amount of time.

Move forward. The light will turn off.

Try to go in the darkness.

Zoom on the photograph from the wall.

This will open a drawer with a flashlight inside. Pick it up.

Turn it on with ‘F’ and roam the hallway, interacting with all the doors several times until a bunny spawns. Zoom on the letter from its hand.

Roam the hallway until a painting is thrown on the floor. Zoom on it.

Zoom on the white photograph that spawned on the floor, just next to the door.

Level 8

To the right of the yellow book, interact with the severed finger.

Found the severed Finger.

Examine the battery. And turn off the candle several times with ‘Right Click’.

Completed the hidden puzzle

Examine the picture frame and the cup.

‘Right Click’ on the red book from the small table.

This will open up the right top drawer where the yellow book is. There’s a key inside of it. Pick it up.

‘Right Click’ on this door to unlock it. Go inside.

Level 9

Pick up the candle from the table and move towards the other end of the hallway.

Level 10

You’re locked inside the bathroom. Examine the flashlight and keep interacting with both doors.

You have unlocked a door and escaped a room.

Pick up the battery from the end of the hallway. Go back inside the bathroom and interact with the flashlight. Pick it up.

Note: I’m not sure what triggered the spawn of the following photograph and boxes. Try interacting with all the drawers, candles, doors and roam around the hallway a few times.

Examine the photograph next to the boxes.

Interact with the box on the right. You’ll find a key below it. Pick it up. A drawer to your left opens up. Pick up the camera and examine the photograph.

Take a picture of this location.

Photo Bombed
You Have taken a photo.

Return to the bathroom. A photograph spawns on the table to the right. Examine it.

Take a picture of this door.

A new photograph spawns next to the open drawer. Examine it. Take a picture of the table.

This will blow up all the lights on this corridor.

Press ‘Right Click’ on the door to the left. Go inside. After interacting with the three drawers to the left side, a photograph will spawn on the bed. Examine it.

Take a picture of the bed.

Approach the strange shadow to your left.

Ghosts Are Bad
You stayed when thing got crazy.

Behind you, there’s a chair with a photograph on top of it. Examine it. Go out in the hallway and press ‘Right Click’ on this painting.

You’ll find a key behind it. Pick it up.

This key opens up the door inside the bathroom. Go there. Note: ‘Right Click’ on the door to unlock it.

You’ll see a photograph on the table. Examine it. Take a picture of the couch.

‘Right Click’ on the TV.

Watching T.v is so much fun.

Level 11

Look inside the box. You’ll see a hand there.

Examine it.

Give Me A Hand
You found the severed hand.

Go inside the bathroom and examine the letter.

To the end of the corridor, you’ll see a photograph of a door. Zoom on it.

Go to the other end and examine the photo frame.

Zoom inside the door has unlocked to your left. It’s gonna close itself.

Roam the hallway until a picture spawns on the table with many candles on it. Examine it.

Blow out all the candles from the hallway.

Level 12

Try to advance forward. Pick up the lighter from the car and examine the photograph.

A bit further ahead you’ll see a car to your right.

Approach it.

Jeepers Creepers
You found the missing Jeep.

Continue down the road. You’ll see some barrels on fire to your right. Follow them.

Warning: Don’t advance too far ahead. There’s a missable close by.

A severed foot is on top of one of the barrels to your left. Interact with it.

You have found a severed foot.

Continue following the barrels on fire and approach the big tree.

Level 13

Examine the two photographs on the wall, the drawing on the floor, and the candle from the table. Interact with the door.

Level 14

Pick up the lighter from the table. Interact with items until you hear a click. Go to the left of the room and look at the books, your character will get scared.

Now, look at the bookshelf behind you. You should see a strange shadow, approach it.

A key spawned to the right of the TV. Pick it up. ‘Right Click’ the bottom drawer and pick up the cassette.

Insert it into the TV player, and press Play.

Level 15

Interact with the candle and look behind you. Now, interact with the door. A scene will play. Roam in the room and interact with the candle a few times, until someone tries to open the door. Interact with the candle again.

Level 16

Pick up the flashlight behind you. Interact with items in the room until a shadow spawns near the bookshelf. ‘Right Click’ on the book there.

You found the hidden book and discovered its meaning.

Level 17

Pick up the lighter behind you. Pick up the book from this table.

Put it where the earlier book was located at. This unlocks the door. Go there.

Pick up the cassette from the end of the corridor and return to the TV.

Level 18

Pick up the lighter from behind you. On your right, you’ll see a box with cassettes. Pick one from there and return to the TV.

Level 19

Interact with the doors until a girl starts screaming. The door at the end will unlock. Go inside. Now leave and return, you’ll see another door unlocked. Go inside.

Examine the photograph.

Level 20

Interact with the teddy bear and both doors until you receive a key. Pick it up. ‘Right Click’ on the door and go inside. Examine the lighter and the flashlight.

Interact with the drawers a few times. The door you came from opens up. Go inside. Zoom on the blood from the left.

Level 21

Interact with items inside this room until the middle drawer opens up.

Examine the letter inside.

Level 22

‘Right Click’ on all the candles.

You Win
You have completed the game.

Congratulations on your completion!

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