Serin Fate – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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A list of tips and tricks to help new players get ahead in the game.

Tips and Tricks

Be sure to do a little of everything every day when you first start out.

Mine rocks and copper, mana link every dirt pile you find, pick any flowers you can locate for petals and seeds, cut down wood. If you run low on mana, you can always pick up wood and stone from wood piles.

Twigs laying on the ground can be broken for a Twig or Grass Seeds. They aren’t guaranteed to drop an item, but 1/4 times they will drop a Twig or Grass Seeds, they will always respawn.

Plant every grass seed you get on your farm. They grow into tall grass, which you can cut down for Flora Fibers which are important in making many things from Compost to Silk.

Cut down tall grass across the map for Flora Fibers, specific types of tall grass that look like bushes can be run through to occasionally get Grass Seeds.

Slay every single slime you come across. They have low HP and drop Slime, which is a very important ingredient. You need slime to make many different things. Slime is vital for compost and many other things, from weapons, armor, super slime, composting machines, and more.

You can get quests by talking to Coco the Head-witch, and you can also get quests from Ruby in the mail, these quests give experience and moneys, which you’ll really need when you start out.

There are three stores in Mid-town. Ruby’s smithy will be open through the daytime and the general store is open through the daytime. However the magic store run by Sennia is only open at night. Sennia’s store is too expensive to shop at when you first start out, but it’s good to remember it exists as you’ll be shopping there much later in the game plenty.

Everytime you catch a new Chimera go to the witch’s guild and you’ll get some free money for letting the guild record the Chimera.

When you catch Chimera, make a Pen, and let the Chimera go in there. Feed your Chimera every day and play with the Chimera every day and your Chimera’s happiness will go up. When your Chimera has a high happiness they will drop a rare currency called Pearls on occasion, which are used for shopping at the Witch’s guild. You can also collect Experience from them as well when they are happy.

Make sure to build a Snooze Bed for each Chimera Pen, and a Feed trough for each Chimera Pen. Also, if you can build a Nest for each Chimera Pen that has multiple Chimera and if you want to breed that type of Chimera.

Small Pens won’t be able to fit all three of those things and a multiple Chimera at the same time, so you’ll want to upgrade to a Medium Pen ASAP.

Last but not least go to your Skills and use your Skill points every level up (unless you want to save Skill points for something expensive). Make sure to sometimes have at least 1 skill points saved whenever possible just in case you want an expensive skill the costs 3-4 skills points when you level up. You receive at least two skill points when you level up.

Capture every Chimera you can. Chimera that you don’t keep for yourself can be sold in Town.

A copper helm is hidden in a chest where numerous slimes are located near the beginning of the forest, if you want a free copper helmet, that is a perfect place to get one. You have to jump to the side where the dirt piles are, and press a hidden button in the cliff wall, which will make a staircase appear to get the free copper helmet.

Beginner’s Walkthrough

When you first start out you’ll want to right away start Ruby’s quests that you get in the mail.

Those are the first quests your able to complete. The first few are super easy to do, I heavily recommend doing them right away.

You’ll eventually get a fishing quest but will discover that you need a Fishing Rod and Lure in order to fish, and you cannot fish without having both of these items in your inventory. These items can be bought at the General store for almost 2 gold. However, if you go into the forest, there is a sailor that will sell these two items along with some fishing bait for a low low price of 1 gold. That’s a massive savings! The sailor will only sell these items once. Considering that you can collect these items for a good amount of Experience, consider buying them from the store first, and once the hard to locate sailor is found, buy his stuff and collect it. Or if you find the sailor first, buy his stuff and buy nd collect the stuff from the store. You can get fish by reaching the bubbles in the minigame and waiting on top of the bubbles. When the exclamation point appears start realing in the fish.

Eventually the quests will involve doing and getting things that will be unable to be done (like making things with Iron and Hardwood). Mining Iron and Hardwood is unlocked on your Skill tree and costs 3 skill points each, however you have to unlock a lot of specific skills before you can unlock Mining and Hardwood, so be sure to plan the skills you want to get carefully so you can get the ability to Mine Iron and Hardwood ASAP.

Coco the Headwitch will also give quests. The first of the quests requires the player acquire a rare and hard to find mushroom. The bramble mushroom is found in the Forest and requires the player to go to specific locations to find them. The easiest spot (the first reachable spot) is located past the first Stump monster you find. After passing it the bramble mushrooms are located in an area directly to the right of the Stump. These mushrooms are exceedingly rare so get them from this spot as I could not find the other spots at my point in the game and I’m much further ahead than the beginning.

Everything in the forest and the mines respawns every couple days. Be sure to go to them frequently and clear them out. You’ll get the majority of your resources there. The rest of the early game has fewer resources and longer respawn times for resources. Be sure to save all your extra resources. And be sure to buy a copper sword, copper bauble/prism, and cape/cloak ASAP from Ruby so you’ll have an easy time at surviving in combat in the forest (otherwise the forest is hard as heck without any sword, helm, and/or trinket/cloak). You’ll face enemies that will attack you in the forest as you seek out the sailor and bramble shrooms, so getting gear is important.

Chimera Care

Chimera require a pen, and the pen can be filled with additional things to improve the quality of care you give to your Chimera.

Pens are used for housing Chimera. Chimera placed in Pens will produce both Pearls and potentially products, and can be bred using a nest. They come in multiple sizes. Each larger size doubles the amount of Chimera that are worth storing. Mind you, there is no limit on housing Chimera in pens, but it’s best to have a maximum capacity. 5 for the Small Pens, 10 for the Medium Pens, 20 for the Large Pens.

Barns are also used for housing Chimera. Chimera placed in Barns will produce Pearls, but cannot produce products and cannot be bred. Barns also have unlimited Chimera capacity. Barns are able to be made much later in the game due to the materials required to make them.

A food/feed trough can be crafted to feed your Chimera, and is a neccessity for tending to your Chimera, its basic care. However, special skills Chimera can have remove the need to have a food/feed trough. These skills include Hibernate (removes need to be fed) and a maximum happiness skill (always happy). Chimera that are not fed decrease the happiness over time. It’s pretty easy to make and acquire at the beginning of the game. It requires 10 wood.

A snooze bed is important for any Chimera you ever take out on your adventures, a snooze bed is vital for Chimera to rest in, and is also basic care. It’s pretty easy to acquire and make at the beginning of the game. It requires a small amount of Silk and Planks.

A nest is useful for advanced stages of care for Chimera, and is used for Chimera breeding. Nests are useful for people who want to partake in the more complex and advanced stages in Chimera care. Nest require a Bird’s Nest item, along with a few other ingredients. It can be crafted near the beginning of the game, but won’t be able to be put to full use until later in the game. If a pair of breedable Chimera are fed their favorite foods and a nest is available, the Chimera will breed and produce a Chimera Egg, which will eventually hatch into a Chimera.

Additional things can be crafted for Chimera, such as a Wheat Feeder and more, which is much more later in the game. These things can automatically assist in feeding Chimera, by either decreasing the rate that Chimera food/feed troughs are depleted, to automatically feeding Chimera. They are very useful and are used for Chimera kept in Pens. They are not used in Barns.

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