Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – Guide to Rubber Bushings

Rubber Bushings Guide

First off, its not a bad idea to buy these suckers in bulk. A lot of suspension jobs will require rubber bushings being replaced. If you’re restoring a car to 100%, you’ll need a good amount of these bois for the both the back and front suspensions.

They come in 2 variations: small and normal. They’re pretty inexpensive so I’d buy many (like 20 or so) at a time, that way you have a surplus instead of having to open the tablet or go to the computer every time you need one. You will be needing normal rubber bushings way more than small.

  • Normal rubber bushings cost 15 CR (12 CR with max discount)
  • Small rubber bushings cost 8 CR (6 CR with max discount)

When taking on a suspension job, having the Test Path expansion (10,000 CR) is extremely helpful for detecting worn bushings.

You also can’t repair bushings.

Where to find bushings:

  • Bottom Suspension Arms- 2 rubber bushings
  • Front Suspension Crossmember- 4 rubber bushings
  • Leaf Spring- 2 rubber bushings
  • Lower Suspension Arm- 2 rubber bushings
  • Rear Suspension Arm, A- 1 rubber bushing
  • Rear Suspension Arm B- 2 rubber bushings
  • Rear Suspension Crossmember- 4 rubber bushings
  • Rear Suspension Upper Arm- 2 rubber bushings
  • Solid Axle Control Arm- 1 rubber bushing

Also nine times out of ten, if the issue is suspension related and no worn parts are visible when examining a car’s suspension, the cause is a rubber bushing.

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