Vagrus – The Riven Realms – Walkthrough: The Magistrate’s Influence

Walkthrough of the quest to settle the dispute between the houses in Crystal.

The Magistrate’s Influence Walkthrough

Obtaining the Quest

  • Travel to the town of Crystal, 2-4 days northeast of Lumen.

  • Once there, talk to one or both of the two houses (Darius and Oquo.) They will tell you that they are competing with the other house to develop the area and are trying to get approval from the magistrate, but the magistrate will not come to a decision. They want you to talk to the magistrate and convince him to finally make a decision.
  • Have at least 1 (maybe 2) renown and the magistrate will ask you for some news.
  • Come with some fresh news from another town to inform him and he will finally talk to you…never shutting up. Yes, the magistrate loves to talk about himself. The first round of talk will cost you -1 movement.
  • Ask him about crystalmancy and then ask for a practical demonstration. It will cost you another -1 movement, but after the demonstration you will receive +1 crystal lamp
  • Finally, ask him if you can help him somehow and he will request 1 cartful of bogweed.
  • Upon leaving the magistrate, the young lady who was in the room asks you to improve your relationship with the magistrate to get him to make a decision between the houses.

The Magistrate’s Needs

  • When the Magistrate asks for 1 cartful of bogweed, he means 10 units. You can go to Deven and buy bogweed off the black market from the wraiths. You can buy 6 bogweed every few days.
  • Return to Crystal with the Bogweed and 10 Ceruleus Crystals.
  • Select “The Magistrate’s Den” and ask if you can help him in any way. Sell him 10 Ceruleus for 5.47 Bross.
  • Select “The Magistrate’s Delivery” and you will lose -10 bogweed. He does not pay you for it.
  • He will then give you a list of ingredients to pick up from an alchemist in Lumen. If you have Herb Lore (1) and Alchemy(1), you have another option “You look at the list of ingredients. It is familiar.” I do not know what this does as I did not have these perks.
  • Go to Lumen and select “Medicine for the Healthy Men.” If you have Alchemy (3), you have the option to talk about the ingredients and the use of the powder made from them.” The ingredients will cost you -8 Lyrg.
  • Return to Crystal with the ingredients and 10 Ceruleus select “The Magistrate’s Gratitude.” There are lots of people trying to ask for his time. When he sees you, he will dismiss them and take the ingredients. He will not pay you and he will tell you to come around when “these wretched idiots” do not occupy his time. You receive +2 Insight.
  • Select “The Magistrate’s Den” and ask if you can help him in any way. Sell him 10 Ceruleus again for 5.47 Bross. Then select “make a decision about the supply of the building materials and the expansion of Crystal.” He will then allow you to make the decision. Whichever you select, Crystal will become a town.

Quest Completion Rewards

Selecting House Darius: They are turning the largest house into a fortress. They will ask you to bring 8 slaves and they will pay you in silver. Promise to return and you will receive +100 House Darius reputation. Give 8 slaves right then and there and they will give you +160 House Darius reputation and 7.66 bross. You will be able to sell them 10 marble for 8.53 bross and 10 timber for 19.22 bross “for a limited time” after you give them the slaves.

Selecting House Oquo: They are turning the largest house into an open marketplace. They will ask you to to bring 10 scraps of metal and pay 34.29 bross for it. Promise to return and you will receive +100 House Oquo reputation. Give them the metal then and there and you will receive 160 House Oquo reputation and 34.29 Bross. You will be able to sell them 10 marble for 8.53 bross and 10 timber for 19.65 bross “for a limited time” once you give them the scraps of metal.

Tip (Spoiler!)

A good way to get the scrap metal is to initiate The Giant of the Hills quest line at the Forsaken Colony to trade in food items for scrap metal, killing two birds with one stone. I especially recommend this if you’re playing as a dwarf.

Written by Clypsos

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