Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Secret Ending / Ascension Achievement Guide

Read at your own discretion. I will keep the spoils to a minimum, however, things need to be spoiled for the proper actions to be taken.


I will break this guide into acts.

Six things that must be addressed:

1) Those Mythic Paths are not eligible for Ascension ending (Or have not been tested act 5 is currently buggy as people achieve the endings I’ll say they are eligible by removing them.):

  • Legend (Confirmed not able to)
  • Swarm-That-Walks – has no access to research projects, required for the Ascension, in chapter 5. Cheating those projects through toybox is the only way, for now.
  • True Aeon- can get the ascension ending. All you have to do is refuse to change the past and not step through the time rift once you reach that point in Threshold.
  • This means every other path can ascend if they are not listen above. Swarm should be able to, but until somebody finds a reproducible method without using a mod software, it will be considered not achievable for the swarm that walks..

2) Do not enable Auto-Crusade mod. It disables Command Table within Drezen, through which you complete important projects for this achievement.

3) You must enter the final location named Threshold on the map, not sooner or later then Third Week of Gozran. It is in between 16 and 21 dates of this month. According to Redditor Nalikill he achieved this ending on 4716, so it appears to be a month requirement not a year. Meaning as long as you do the ending between the dates of 16 of Gozran and 21st of Gozran you should achieve the ending.

Pathfinder months are as follows; Abadius, Calistril, Pharast, Gozran, Desnus, Sarenith, Erastus, Arodus, Rova, Lamashan, Neth, Kuthona.

The game gives you a decent amount of time to complete before locking off the ending. However there is a 6 month time skip while in act 4. Be wary of this while calculating the time you have left. I will leave this time tracking up to the player as it varies on how much you rest, how much you explore, etc. It would be impossible to make a guide that makes an accurate timetable.

4) For this ending, you must have at least one Fresh Nahyndrian Crystal, that you obtain from the defeated Demon Lords. You get your first crystal during Chapter 4. You can get 4-5 more crystals through defeating other Demon Lords. Only Trickster or Demon can get the fifth without doing Nenio’s quest. Those will be used to make your companions ascend with you. The number of crystals you get is proportional to the number of midnight bolts you get. Therefore if you are doing a trickster or a demon run you can collect all the crystals without doing Nenio’s quest. Nenio’s quest is complicated, as it involves multiple puzzles being solved. Since this can be integral to many of the other mythics, as it’s their only way to get their last crystal, this will be included as an entirely separate section on the guide at the bottom.

You only need one for the achievement, however the ending can vary on how many you collect.

  • 1 Means Only You Ascend.
  • 5 Is You/Party.
  • 6 Is You/Party/Areelu.

5) You must complete the entirety of your mythic quest line to be able to obtain Mythic rank ten. Failure to do so will result in you being blocked off from the secret ending as Mythic rank ten is a hard requirement currently.

6) The last note is that while the storyteller notes are important to him, they are not required for this ending. Completing his quest simply provides you with a reward, that will help you fix Lexicon of Paradox without Knowledge Skill Checks. If you do not believe you will be able to past a; 37 world knowledge check, a 36 knowledge arcana check, a 34 lore nature check, and a 36 lore religion check. Then make sure you obtain all the storyteller notes. Guide to his quest is not included in this thread.

Act 1: Welcome to The Party

Step 1:

In the Prologue, after Deskari reveals himself, you are given the option to fight or use a protective spell. Choose to fight. (this occurs within the first ten or so minutes of the game)

Step 2:

In the Market Square, during Act 1 where you’ve started your game, there is an interactable knife. Pick it up/keep it. There’s an arrow across from it as well.

They are both picked up in this photo, but they should be where they are marked.

Step 3:

When deciding on your action with the wardstone at the end of Act 1 do not pick lawful angel or Aeon . Only pick the Aeon one if you desire to continue doing the Aeon Mythic. Otherwise you will be locked out of this path. Not following the steps above causes the Purple dagger from step 2 to be destroyed. This is integral, as it acts as a fresh crystal. Although with the new DLCs, it is still possible to get the best ending if you lose the purple dagger.

You can cheat in another dagger via toybox and it is called “crystaldagger”. If you’re using toybox make sure to check “allow achievements”.

Basically, pick between either option 2 or 5. (If you plan on doing Aeon as your mythic path you are good to chose the Aeon option.)

Act 2: Welcome to Kingdom Management 1.0

Step 4:

(Steps 4-6 are not necessarily required given you can get the required research one way or the other. This is because in act 5 you must make a decision between killing a named evil character, or saving a group of people. With Nurah, you can do both. Without her, you must kill the named evil character. These steps are for those who want to avoid that. This requires you to have at least unlocked the Trickster mythic. Again, these steps are totally optional)

When you finish fighting a boss at Leper’s Smile, go to Nurah’s tent and pass a difficult Perception check.

Step 5:

When you get ambushed by flying Gargoyles, go out of your main tent and go left where the queen normally stays if you convinced her to stay. Nurah is there and pass yet another perception check.

Step 6:

After Lost Chapel confront her. Pick [Trickster] option to make her your Ally. For that, you must have unlocked Trickster during Chapter 1. His unlock cannot be missed, as it triggers during your first journey into the Library location. (when you encounter her at the end of this act, let her go free and you will have her on your side in the future)

Step 7:

There is a certain named crusader you rescue in the Battle of Drezen. Free them. You can’t miss her. She’s located just after you enter the castle, and is in a torture room that you must go through. They will then show you a secret path and pose you a question. Respond with either the evil or neutral answer.

Crusader Location. They’re hanging in the top right of this room as you can see.

Remember, Number 2 or Number 3.

When you get the option to choose your mythic, choose any of the mythics that don’t stop you from getting the required ending. (if somebody does Lich or Devil, please leave a comment and let me know the outcome)

Act 3: Kingdom Management 2.0

Step 8:

When the game transits to Act 3, you will be able to finish the Sword of Valor research through a Command Table. You are in no hurry, but it is recommended to do it early in the game. There are three other projects that must be finished but are not able to be researched until Act 5.

Step 9:

For all mythic paths you will eventually go to an abandoned house, otherwise known as Areelu’s lab. When you go into the Areelu’s Lab, at the end of the Dungeon you will find an artifact called Lexicon of Paradox. Keep it for yourself, do not refuse it’s power, do not give it to Suture. And DO NOT kill Suture. You need him, be kind.

There’s also another midnight bolt.

People will ask for this Lexicon, according to some users they can give the lexicon to Queen Galfrey at the end of the act. Who will then return in later on in act 5. This can only occur if; you aren’t an “evil path” and the Queen trusts you. Otherwise, don’t hand it over.

Bolt location

Step 9B: Optional.

There is a another midnight bolt in Xanthir’s location at the Ivory Sanctum.

Act 4: Welcome to The Land of Wonder

Step 10:

When you visit Flesh Market, you will find Suture enslaved by the flying meatball. You can either fight your way through or buy Suture’s freedom. The fight is rather difficult, so my advice would be to murder other Slave Merchants one by one. If you attack the Owner of Flesh Market head on, you will be simply overwhelmed.

In case you decide to buy Suture, stay nice to the Owner. No matter how much he might piss you off.

Step 10B: (Optional)

When you meet Shamira in the Ardent Den, do not show her your crystal dagger. Depending on the Mythic she might simply steal it from you or show no immediate interest. This dagger is required. Her quest line also gives you a Nahyndrian Crystal. However this is not a fresh crystal and will not count. The important part is keeping the information from Shamira will require 3 difficult will skill checks (unknown dc, high 30s to mid 40s at least).

Step 11:

Obtain the second part of the lexicon in Noctiula’s palace once you have been allowed passage in. It is the first passage on the left into a room with a projector. It is hidden behind a difficult perception check (dc 30 on normal). There’s another bolt here in case you need one or are collecting all of them. Once you have both halves, use them. Simply right click on either of the Lexicon books in your inventory. This is followed by some difficult checks, they must all be passed. (This can be reduced or completely negated by getting all of the story teller notes throughout the story.)

Do not accept her profaned gift unless you can make a 43 will dc check later on.

Bolt location/Lexicon location

Step 12:

When talking to Areelu, express your surprise by mentioned Suture besides her. This is locked behind a mid dc 30 perception check. When she wants to give you power, ask the questions first, do not accept the power right away. It is important you do this first. Again, during dialogues with her you will face a difficult Perception check regarding the Suture. That question must be asked.

Remember, select 1.

Suture Check (occurs after you select 1 from above if you pass the hidden check)

Areelu should respond with the following after you ask all the questions:

Step 12B:

When you travel to the mines there should be another midnight bolt in the area.

Step 13:

At the end of act 4, equip Midnight Bolt as one of your archers before your fight against a Demon Lord. Baphomet the final Boss of the Act 4 will drop a Fresh Nahyndrian Crystal. You will need to pick it up after the fight during your dialogue with Nocticula. If you took Noct’s Profane Gift, you will have to pass a Will check around 42DC(based on game difficulty) to pick the crystal.

Act 5: Endgame

If you are currently thinking of doing the secret ending, maybe wait a month or so before doing act 5 if you wish it to be your only run. Act 5 is buggy for many people right now and has been having issues.

If you picked Demon or Trickster, you have an option to fight another Demon Lord(Nocticula) during your mythic quest. Use a Midnight bolt on them to collect another crystal. You only need one Nahyndrian Crystal to Ascend your Main Character. But, if you want to Ascend alongside your companions and a certain Witch Areelu you need at least 6 Nahyndrian Crystals.

Important Note: If you didn’t complete Personal quests of some of your companions, they will not Ascend with you. Only companions with their quests fully done can Ascend with you.

Before you do anything in this act, start the research on the Nahyndrian Crystal

Step 14:

Go to Pulura’s falls, somebody you know sent a ton of demons at them which is mentioned in act 4. When prompted between killing the man there, or saving the hostages: Kill him if you did not ally with Nurah all the way back in act 2, it is required to make sure he does not escape. This gives you another Research at the Command Table and it must be completed as well.

Step 15:

When you finally go to Iz, immediately go to the ruins to the right in Iz (if you’re facing where the boss set himself up). The location you are looking for is called “Temple of the Stone Manuscript.” It will have a passage way down. There you will encounter Anemora, make sure she is dead once you fight here. To the left of the room is a crystal key, pick it up. In the same basement, to the right of where you came down, there is a hidden passage way behind a perception check. The unlock chest contains another “glass key” take it.

Step 15B:

There is another midnight bolt in one of the ruined houses if needed.

Step 16:

When fighting the big bad in Iz Deskari, you can use a midnight bolt on the boss to get another Nahyndrian Crystal. You can pick up the crystal during your final dialogue. Make sure to pick up the crystal before you chose your Mythic dialogue option. The ground must collapse and Deskari must fall with it. If he flies off he survived, which will lock you out of the secret ending Then return to Areelu’s lab. In the lab where you found the Lexicon of Paradox, interact with the projector and insert the “glass key” you picked up at Iz. This will summon a rift for you to go through. This is Areelu’s “secret lab,” you can return to this area as many times as you want but you cannot undo any of your choices. (You’ll be making a quick save later for this reason).

Step 17:

As you ascend to the stair case to the left, after you search the room there will be a loot that you can highlight. Before entering the portal and continuing, make sure you pick the Summoning solution (a blue potion-looking thing). This is important for Step 19

Step 18:

When you see somebody summon a Balor, explore the woods to the right of the house. There should be a window in the middle of nowhere, use the key. Areelu’s notes will be on the second “story” right hand book shelf. Once you get out of this secret area, make sure to research Areelu’s notes. Quick save before continuing through the next portal. Location of the window is below.

Step 19:

Remember the summoning potion? Use that on the summoning circle where the Balor was summoned. Try not to kill him over the circle as the option to use the solution does not appear as a hand to interact with. It’s simply invisible, but when you hover over the right area; it will reveal a “loot” window like if you’re looting a dead body. This is why the Balor should be killed off the circle. This will summon more balors, kill them and move on.

Step 20:

You encounter Areelu at the end of this area. The previous two choices with the ghosts change what you must select. The first one is always the same. This means you must play the game of asking questions. Being Golden Dragon isn’t required and don’t smash the projector. If you mess up the combination, you made a quicksave earlier for this reason.

If you forgive Both the correct answers are:

  1. Sadness or Anger
  2. His guilt is indisputable, but he had already suffered enough. (if forgiven)
  3. He deserved death.

If you refuse both it is:

  1. Sadness/Anger
  2. For the sake of Justice
  3. Betrayal deserves punishment

The first ghost is always the second question, and the second ghost is always the third question. Feel free to interchange the two if you desire. (Ie forgive 1 don’t forgive the other)

Step 21:

At the end of act 4, the hand of the inheritor will be thrown into the Ineluctable Prison. Now you are going to go free him. Do not give him his heart back if he does not trust you. This will lock you out of the secret ending according to a few people and redditor Nalikill. You can give him his heart if you earned his trust as the previous mention three paths.[/b]After you defeat the Hand of the Inheritor , it will make an area exit do not leave yet. Find the hidden passage way the leads outside of the labyrinth. This is once again, is hidden behind a high d/c perception check. Go straight once you exit and pass two athletic checks. This will lead you to a pile of gems in the middle. This leads to a boss fight with worms, you must beat them.

Step 22:

When you exited the hidden passage, instead of going straight, immediately go right. There is another athletic check. Here is somebody you fought previously, exhaust all dialogue. Lich mythic information is not required.

Act 5: Threshold (Continued)

Note Entering the Threshold is often called Act 6, but in my eyes it is way too short to even be considered one. If you need help and go to the Pathfinder Discord, you may see them reference it as act 6.

Step 23:

When entering the Threshold, make sure the date is between the 16th and 21st of Gozran. If it is not you have failed this requirement and are permanently locked out of the ending. Save editing can potentially fix this. Will add this in later if it’s possible.

At the Threshold, when the game makes you set up camp, there is a small Desna-like shrine near the entrance the building you’re about to go in. It’s to the left of the ramp that leads into the threshold building Activate it, and green lights should show up around you. This may or may not be required. Comment if it is.

Step 24:

Clear through the dungeon as normal . When you speak to Areelu after beat the Echo of Diskari, do not fight her right away. Exhaust all the dialogue, then fight her.

Step 25:

Exhaust all the dialogue relating to changing her mind about her experiment. Answer either number 1, 2, 3. (I picked one and Jote’s video also did one. If it does not fire because you didn’t pick 1 let me know). When she asks why, exhaust all dialogue in order. You may or may not have more than enough information. You only need to have 5 of the 7 required dialogues. If you are missing one, you messed up a previous step. The last one has currently not been reproducible without using mods.

After you give her 5 of the 7 reasons why she should believe you, chose the option to work with her. (in this guide you’ve obtained 6. Shooting Descari with the cross bow, the Neutral/evil answer with “yaniel,” asking about the power in act 4 because taking it, using the summoning solution in Areelu’s secret lab, and being mythic 10).

Step 26:

After you select to work with her, exhaust all the dialogue that clearly won’t end the conversation. If you fail, it is because you missed something. You will have to present your research from the sworld of valour, what you read in the lexicon and your research about Nahyndrian crystals. Only once you produce all of this information can you bring up your conversation with Hepzamirah/the research from Pulura’s fall. Then you’ll confirm that this is the right date. This will lead to Areelu summoning Deskari and Baphomet.

Step 27:

You will fight Goat boy and Locust boy again, use the midnight bolts on them again to obtain two more crystals. (additional crystals at this point are optional. This is just here in case you didn’t get them already or you are working towards the total party ascension). This may or may not be bugged.

Step 28:

Congrats, you ascended. Depending on the number of Crystals one of the three will occur. Only you ascend, You/Areelu ascend, You/Areelu/your party ascend.

Written by =EXO=CPL.Rin.I

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