Rift Wizard – Ghost Legion Necrostatics Build

You wanna feel the true power of a Necromancer and break the game? Try this little Guide and enjoy! (might require early circle reset runs).


I just wanted to write a quick guide about my favourite Necromancer build. Its rather tricky to get through the early game and might require a few resets to obtain some juicy dark, conjuration or sorcery circles but once you get the Ghostball rolling its really fun and lets you annihilate the late game with your legion of ghosts.

Spells and Skills

Core start:

  • 1. Death Bolt
  • 2. Ghostball
  • -> Ghost King (or Ghost Mass)
  • -> Duration
  • -> Minion Damage (or Hungry Dead)
  • 3. Soul Harvest

If you made it past step 3 you can start spamming Ghost Kings with nearly unlimited charges. (if you choose your Rifts wisely -> no dark immune enemies etc).

  • 4. Chain Lightning or Death Shock and Necrostatics (+ Lightning Bolt for more usable charges if Chain Lightning drops low)

After step 4 you can easily rush to different spells and skills. I personally prefer Word of Undeath because its broken in combination with Soul Harvest but other viable options I skilled afterwards would be:

  • Dark Lord
  • Cascade Range (Chain Lightning)
  • The Restless Dead (Love the Junk Golem upgrade)
  • Radius (Ghost Ball)
  • Soul Swap
  • Lightning Shield (Chain Lightning)
  • Infinite Cascades (Death Shock)
  • Cascade Range (Death Shock)

Honorable mentions:

  • Darkness (If your ghosts have trouble reaching caster enemies on open maps)
  • Bone Barrage (great synergy with Word of Undeath and adds some extra physical damage)
  • Twilight Gaze (expensive resistance shredder)
  • Unholy Alliance with Blue Lion (more Shields and extra dmg for the Legion)
  • Void Spikes (some extra arcane dmg)
  • Holy Armor (If you wanna cuddle Mordred ♥)

Shrine Buffs: (need max luck)

Shell on Ghostball buffs your lil Ghosts from 4 to 14 hp and lets them survive the first few turns lategame before you start boosting their health to 28 hp and beyond with Word of Undeath.

Black Sky on Chain Lightning or Death Shock brings +60% dmg, +30% charges and +2 Range. Not really necessary or anything, just overall gud stuff.

Afterlife on Ghostball grants ALL summoned Ghosts an extra life, prepare for trouble and make it double.

(There was this one shrine that turned all dark minions on death in 4 small bone shamblers, does anyone know the shrine name, cant remember it.. really good synergy with Necrostatics tho.)

PS: This build isnt perfectly optimised or anything. I just experimented and it worked great for my first Win and was still consistent 3 games later. Just wanted to share the joy so to say!

Early Game

In order to give Modred some love, you first have to reach him!

Take Death Bolt and clear the first Rift. No dark, conjuration or sorcery circle in the next level? No problem. Just choose a Rift with living enemies and cheese it with Death Bolt. Still no fitting Circle on the third Rift? Reset the run or try to cheese it with a Dragon Horn or a Troll Crown. No luck on Rift 4 either? This run is definitely cursed with holy circles, time to reset.

If everything goes as planned you have cleared the second Rift and can buy Ghostball and the Ghost King upgrade for 6 SP at a circle. Now you just need the Duration and Minion Damage Upgrade at the next circle for 3 SP (use tactics as described above if theres no circle in the next rift or reset)

With all the necessary upgrades on Ghostball skilled you just need to save up for Soul Harvest to obtain a near limitless supply of cannon fodder loyal soldiers for your legion.

Mid & Lategame

Now that your Ghost Legion is ready, you might need some other type of damage besides dark and physical. Take Chain Lighning or Death Shock and try to rush for Necrostatics to get a massive lightning damage buff from the Legion and get rid of all the annoying things with resistances and immunities like werewolfs and vampires!

Now the Choice is up to you, look at Spells and Skills for the next viable investment options I tested and enjoy or try something new and experiment!

The fullbuild rotation should kinda look like this:

  1. Enter the Rift and cast ~two Ghostballs in free space.
  2. Cast Word of Undeath.
  3. Cast The Restless Dead.
  4. Cast Chain Lightning on the closest ghost (or Death Shock on the next enemy).

Now your Ghost Kings have 90 hp (110 with Shell) and will set up spawners, every enemy is half hp, your Army has an extra shield (-> Lightning Shield) and some of the living should have joined your side (-> The Restless Dead+Chain Lightning or Death Shock).

  1. Recast Word of Undeath to beef up new recruits and bring the veterans to absurd hp levels
  2. Watch your charges refill because your Legion kills everthing
  3. Clean up the leftovers with some more Lightning

After step 4 you can basically just recast Word of Undeath until your ghosts chill at 3k hp+ and even Riftbosses like 1200 hp Chronos, Titan Immortal fall to 1 max hp.

Beginner Advice:

Try to take Rifts with living enemies and profit from Death Bolt passive. (Example: If your ghosts hug an ogre below 10 hp, a single death bolt creates a new 45 hp meatshield for you and reduces pressure instantly).

The Ghost King only spawns if the center of the Ghostball damage zone is empty, even if the Ghostball damage kills the previous occupant of that tile. (please hotfix lul).

You dont have to take the Rift your checking out, just press ESC if you dont like the enemies (I know its kinda obvious, but I didnt realise that at first and want to save you my from suffering).

Try to avoid lategame rifts with other undead enemies, because Word of Undeath will buff ALL undead on the map.

Word of Undeath will halve the hp of non undead regardless of their lvl of dark resistance.

Ghosts are Immune to physical damage. If you find a rift with enemies like Orks and Ogres its free real estate!

Written by Saltberg

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