Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Eternal Artefacts Guide (Where to Find Them)

This guide explains what the Eternal Artefacts do, why they’re so valuable and where they can be found.

All Eternal Artefacts Guide

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This guide will explain what the Eternal Artefacts are, what they’re used for and where to find them throughout the game.

What Are Eternal Artefacts

Eternal Artefacts are unique and rare objects used for crafting The Armor Of The Eternals, but more importantly they’re used for enchanting your equipment with specific stat bonuses. There are only 13 of them total in the entire game and can only be found at specific locations, which is what makes them so valuable to have.

Eternal Artefact – Armor

There are a total of 8 Eternal Artefacts which enchant armor pieces and provide the following bonuses when combined with specific slots:

  • Helmet – 2 Finesse & 1 Huntsman
  • Chest – 10% Air Resistance
  • Gloves – 2 Constitution & 10% Earth Resistance
  • Belt – 2 Strength & 1 Warfare
  • Leggings – 1 Polymorph & 10% Air Resistance
  • Boots – 1 Thievery & 0.1 Movement
  • Necklace – 10% Fire Resistance, 2% Critical Chance & 5% Dodge
  • Ring – 10% Poison Resistance & 1 Scoundrel

Note: Be aware that some specific unique items cannot be enchanted.

If you wish to craft The Armor Of The Eternals, it is better to not waste Eternal Artefacts and instead use a Phase Capacitor, which can be found in large quantities on the Nameless Isle in Act III.

Eternal Artefact – Weapon

There are a total of 5 Eternal Artefacts which enchant weapons, with the exception of staves and wands, and provide the following bonus:

  • Weapon – 25% Air damage & 15% chance to set Shocked for 1 turn.

Note: Be aware that some specific unique items cannot be enchanted.

Ancient Artefact

Ancient Artefacts despite having the same icon, model and description as the Eternal Artefacts, do not have any purpose and cannot be used for anything. There are only two in the entire game and can be sold freely.

Psa – Stacking Weapon Enchantments

In case you weren’t aware, every physical weapon can be enchanted with poison, fire and air damage simultaneously.

  • Ooze Barrel + Weapon – Poison damage & 10% chance to set Poisoned status.
  • Fire Source (Oven, Campfire, Stove, etc…) combined with an Oil Barrel + Weapon – Fire damage & 20% chance to set Burning status.
  • Eternal Artefact + Weapon – Air Damage & 15% chance to set Shocked status.
  • Torturer talent goes perfectly with both fire and poison.

Note: The last enchantment applied will always override the previous one, however you will not lose the status effects on the weapon.

Here’s an example of my “Voor D’Lamas” two-handed mace fully enchanted:

Where to Find Eternal Artefacts

So now that we know what Eternal Artefacts do and why they’re so valuable, it is time to locate them all.

Act II – Reaper’s Coast

Ancient Temple

Inside the Ancient Temple, before entering the final room in which Aetera is protected by a huge dome of magic, turn right at the entrance to find a reliquary containing an Ethereal Artefact (Armor).

Coordinates: 449,680.

Act III – The Nameless Isle

Shrine Of Xantezza

In the northern middle of the map, next to the small shrine of Xantezza infront of which stands a spirit of a dead imp with several deactivated sentries, there is an overturned reliquary which contains an Ethereal Artefact (Weapon).

Coordinates: 208,926.

Temple Of Vrogir

Also known as Drowned Temple, after passing through the long hall full of traps and arrows firing from every direction, go up the stairs on the right where you will find a reliquary with an Eternal Artefact (Armor).

Coordinates: 366,376.

After picking up the previous artefact, go up the stairs towards East where you will see a beam of sunlight shining down on a bit of sand. You will discover a dig site which contains another Eternal Artefact (Armor).

Coordinates: 394,376.

On the northern side of the temple, next to the entrance that leads to another hall, there is a broken pillar where you can find a reliquary amongst the rubble containing an Eternal Artefact (Weapon).

Coordinates: 373,427.

The Academy

In the Library section, on the right side the 2nd stone table closest to the Dean’s Office contains an Eternal Artefact (Weapon).

Coordinates: 620,687.

On the left side of the Library, the stone table next to the corpse of Candor contains an Eternal Artefact (Armor).

Coordinates: 595,679.

In the Dean’s Office, the Energy Chest on the left of the stone table contains an Eternal Artefact (Weapon).

Coordinates: 606,721.

Act IV – Arx

Kemm’s Vault

When you enter Kemm’s vault, go down the stairs on the left where you will find a cabinet containing an Eternal Artefact (Armor).

Coordinates: 508,1014.

Black House

In the Doctor’s Black House, go down to the cellar and in the very middle of the room where unique armor pieces are located, you will find 2 Eternal Artefacts (Armor) and 1 Eternal Artefact (Weapon).

Coordinates: 223,-17.

There is also an Energy Chest between the electrified cabinets which contains the final Eternal Artefact (Armor).

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