Lost in Random – All Missable Achievements Guide

How to Obtain All Missable Achievements

All Areas

  • In all areas, finish all the side quests and collect all storybook pages.
  • Missing a card will not impact the achievements.
  • You cannot go back and re-explore areas. Jumping down ledges, miniboss battles, main story quests can advance you without possible backtracking so explore all alternate paths first.
  • There are no hidden areas in the game and dream sequences do not contain any money or collectibles.

The Menace

  • Shoot 50 pots.

Keep shooting every pot you find.

Card Collector

  • Buy all the cards Mannie Dex has to offer.

Do all sidequests, shoot every pot you find and send Dicey into all hatches. By the end you’ll have enough money for all cards and about 1200 extra.

You can grind extra money in Fourburg by reloading the area: the pots will respawn.

Once Upon a Time

  • Collect all of the lost storybook pages.

Collect all pages in each area.

All In Play

  • 8 cards in the same round.

Later in the game, once you get 3 pins, keep pinning Game Master cards. Pack you deck with Superb Draw and Dice Wielder’s Boom.

Master Puzzler

  • Solve all of the puzzles.

Solve puzzles in the first 5 towns, see the area guides.

Easy deck to win battles:

3 Super Elixir, 2 Rulemaster’s Bow, 2 Sword of Three, 2 Superb Draw, 2 Dice Wielder’s Boom, 2 Quick Draw, 2 Guard Down.

Game Master is useful in board games, especially the Baroness and Queen’s race. Blackmsith Blink, Shadowman’s Touch, Natalya’s Bell are useful early game as well as the weaker version of some cards (Health Elixir < Super Elixir, Lucky Draw < Superb Draw, Bow of One < Rulemaster’s Bow).


Knock Knock

  • Go home and knock.

Easy to miss. When you find the group of children talking about breaking pots, backtrack home through the tunnel path and exhaust the dialog.


  • Solve the puzzle in Onecroft.

In the harbour loading area.


  • Solve the tower puzzle in Two-Town.

Near sellers street, upwards path

The Valley of Dice

En Garde!

  • Go unscathed for 5 minutes in battle.

In a battle, leave only one weak enemy alive and keep running around until you get the achievement


  • Complete a battle without using any weapon cards.

Use bombs to kill enemies. Easier to do early in the game. Do it as soon as you get your bomb card.


  • Defeat 3 of the Queen’s minions using one bomb.

In a battle with 3 or more small bug enemies, run around them to cluster them together, cast a bomb between you and them and trigger it.



  • Solve the tower puzzle in Two-Town.

Near sellers street, upwards path

Upside Downtowner

  • Solve the puzzle in the Upside Downtown.

In Upside Downtown shot switch that lowers a a platform with a collectible

Third Time’s a Charm

  • Try to open the gate to Threedom prematurely.

Easy to miss. Try 3 times to open the gate as soon as you find it.



  • Solve the puzzle in Threedom.

Quckly shoot al switches in the trenches area near the Baroness

Ghost Story

  • Help the lost girl in Threedom.

Sidequest. Find the 3 girls in the 3 different trench areas.

Dice and Slice

  • Defeat 3 of the Queen’s minions using the same Dice Slice.

Can be done as soon as you obtain the card. Send Dicey away from you and cast Dice Slice, Try to kill bug enemies. Backstep or just tank the hits to keep the enemies between you and Dicey.


Catapult Slinger

  • Solve the puzzle in Fourburg.

Shoot all 4 switches in the Four Square to unlock the collectible.

Gazoo, Gazaak!

  • Win a game of Gazoo, Gazaak!

Sidequest. Explore dialog options until you find the combination that lets you win.



  • Solve the puzzle in Fivetropolis.

Not actually missable.Order Dicey to move from one end of a the switches line to another, while you walk over the remaining switches.

Bern, Baby, Bern

  • Help Bernie find his way over Talkie Walkie.

Find 3 talkie walkie points and talk to Bernie. If you didn’t pick the correct options you will have to restart the current dialog.



  • Find and defeat the Shadowman once and for all.

Easy to miss. In the prison area, find him in locked in a cell and talk to him.

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