The Rewinder – 100% Full Achievement Guide

You cannot get all achievement of The Rewinder in a single playthrough. Instead, after clearing the game, “Harma Stone” will allow you to select chapters and get the rest of missed achievements. We recommend you to enjoy the game without the article at first, and complete missed parts later. It might take less than one hour to finish it.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Unlock as you play

A Stolen Moment of Reprieve

  • Have some tea at Yun’s place

Yesterday Once More

  • Complete the first memory level

The Storm is Coming

  • Complete the second memory level

Pearls Fall on the Jade Plate

  • Complete the third memory level

The Road not Taken

  • Reach the top of Mt. Bamboo Brook

Shifting Perspectives

  • Complete the fourth & fifth memory level

Because I could not stop for Death

  • He kindly stopped for me

The things which I have seen

  • I now can see no more…

An Unfamiliar Familiar Land

  • Have a toast with the friends of Reed River Village

Here We Meet Again

  • The End

Perfect Pitch

  • Pass the musical shrine puzzle

The Scholar

  • Pass the Alchemist’s Furnace puzzle

The Savior

  • Save a villager from the spider


These puzzle-related achievements are missable.

The One that Understands my Sound

  • In Willow’s dream, let Faith watches Willow’s show (The beggar should pick up his package). 

From Prey to Predator

  • Arrange items in correct order when facing the Boss: Freeze/Explosion/Freeze/Explosion/Scroll/Jade/Freeze (from left to right).  


You Can Pet the Dog in ‘The Rewinder’

  • In chapter 1, pet the white dog outside the tea shop.

The Prankster

  • In chapter 1, before giving wine to Tudi, fill it with water outside the tea shop instead of wine outside the wine shop.

All of Chang’an’s Flowers

  • Press F to fast forward in a memory level.

To Stories and Beyond

  • Find Misty Mountain Studio in the game. 

Hidden Ending

Many Regrets Unspoken

  • After collecting all flowers, speak to the Tree Sage to unlock hidden story, and then complete it.

Flower Collection

Summoning Spring

  • Collect all the flowers

You can check list of uncollected flowers and their hints in Gallery.

1. Beyond Flower

  • Pick it at home, just before Yun comes aboard. (Chap1: Home)

2. Cavernshine

  • Go far left after finishing the first shrine puzzle. (Chap1: After Meeting Tudi)

3. Camillia

  • After Amber’s memory level, go fat right in the frozen river from the wharf. (Chap2: Regain the Body)

4. Multiflora Rose

  • If June fails to fell in his memory level, get the it near the tree (Chap2: The Carpenter’s Memory)

5. Orchid

  • If June succeeds in felling in his memory level, get the it near the tree. (Chap2: The Carpenter’s Memory)

6. Tuberose

  • After leaving the spider’s cave, get it outside the herbal shop. (Chap4: Willow Joined the Party)

7. Balsamine

  • If Faith watched Willow’s show, you can get it near Faith in Bamboo Brook village. (Chap4: Arrival at Bamboo Brook)

8. S. Involucrate

  • Outside the Taoist Temple (Chap4: Enter the Taoist Temple)

9. Zhuyu

  • Near the entry of Reed River when it on fire. (Chap6: Reed River on Fire)

10. Tiao

  • After death of Ying, get it in the way to the Mt. Bamboo Brook from the village. (Chap6: Farewell to the Friend)

11. Monotropa

  • It lies just behind the headless ghost in spider cave, and you need to obtain the skull later and give it back to him to clear the path. (Chap6: Into the Spider Cave)

12. Morning Glory

  • Get it from the scholar in the market. (Final Chap: Back to the underworld)

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  1. Thanks to your advice, i followed and finally i did it! I think it was because i went straight to the 奈何 river and forgot to give Sage the last flower, so i had to play again…That was rough, but eventually i achieve all the achievements, im really appreciate that! What a beautiful story of the game!

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