Blackthorn Arena – How to Beat Any Gladiator (Beginners Tips)

This is mostly for help when you start the game and are short on money and pretty much everything else. It also allows you to start the fight on day 1 even when the odds are against you. This is mostly for 1 vs 1 fights, works well enough for 1 vs 2-3-4. Does not work vs animals and beasts because they’re too fast.

Guide for Newbies

Way of the Cheese

The 1st thing to do is to create an elven character that will start with 1 point in ranged. That Character must start with the ranger class.

Elves get the Lithe trait which gives them attack speed and most importantly movement speed.

While the ranger class will allow them to get strider passive that will give them a bonus of up to 20% to their movement speed. You get strider at level 3.

For the secondary class, the best classes would be marksman for it’s ranged passives, stances and snipe skills. Rogue is also good for light armour, passives and poison for ex.

Defender can work as well for dmg reduction, stamina regen and revive. Commander can work as well because healing.

Optional, If you wish play with stats until the char gets a total of 40 or 41 stat sum

I tend to restart the game few times to get decent traits and advantages on my 1st 2 gladiators

Now for the way of cheese to work you just need to go and buy cheap items that will increase your movement speed even more. I suggest going with the light armour. It worked extremely well to the point I did not even feel the need or desire to try out medium armour.

Way of the cheese is so effective that you will be able to take down gladiators who are much stronger than you and will give you more money since the bet odds will often be against you.

Bow or crossbow? I carry both.

This works best if alone, since the game does not allow you to select and control 2 gladiators at once. It’s perfect for tag matches.

Now go destroy every gladiator out there, 1 vs 1-2-3-4 until you don’t need or want to anymore. It’s quite simple, all you have to do is shoot and run. Make the ai walk into traps for achievements and so on if it’s your thing. Spam pause as much as you need to. Your hardest battles might be against other archers but not that much. Battles vs more than 2 can be a bit longer but not that much.

Only 1 arena so far can be somewhat chaotic for this to work, but you’re gonna be so much faster than most that it does not matter. It’s the circular arena with big axes that swing, will update when I find the name.

For extra cheese and fun, make your elf short and watch the little one sprint like crazy with those short legs. You will get Olympic vibes from time to time.

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