DELTARUNE – Snowgrave Route Guide

Guide to Snowgrave Route


This run begins when you get Noelle. Warning! The guide contains spoilers!

The Guide

Once you have Noelle in your party, backtrack to the Trash Zone and check the door to the left, which would normally be Spamton’s shop on any other route.

On the way there, you need to start killing every single enemy in your way using Noelle’s IceShock spell. Do not attack with Kris! Attacking with Kris will make enemies run away and will ruin the route. Instead, only defend with Kris, which should give you enough TP for one IceShock per turn.

After examining the door, head back through the City area, continuing to kill every enemy you see with IceShock. If you are doing it correctly, there will be no cars in the City but many enemies. You must clear each area you enter using only IceShock.

When you enter the room with the Ferris Wheel poster, either ignore it altogether or, if you want to see really creepy dialogue, examine it and choose the options “I will ride with you” and “Noelle will ride with me.” If you answer anything else, it will ruin the route.

Find the NPC ring dealer in the area. Answer “We’re something else” then try to walk away.

When the NPC stops you, choose the option “Get it” over and over again until you obtain the Freeze Ring. Equip it on Noelle. At this point the background music should have turned off.

Proceed onward to the first force field puzzle. When given a prompt, respond “That’s natural.” The music should fade back in as a creepy, slow, pitched-down version

In the room with two long roads, visit the dumpster. It should give you the message “4 Left.” If it does not, you will have to backtrack and kill more enemies with IceShock.

When you reach the second annoying mouse puzzle, choose “proceed” when prompted. Keep choosing this prompt until Noelle freezes the puzzle.

In the next four rooms there are four more monster encounters. Complete them in the normal way, by using IceShock.

Head back to the dumpster. You will be offered the Thorn Ring for 1997 Kromer. Purchase it and equip it to Noelle.

In the Berdly boss fight, you will notice Noelle has a new ability called SnowGrave. It requires max TP to be used (and can only be used because of the Thorn Ring, since it usually costs 200% TP). Keep attempting to cast it until the battle ends.

When the rest of your party reunites, only use violent actions. Do not act or spare.

You’ll notice several changes to the rest of the chapter, including the final boss fight which will be an amped-up, more difficult version of the secret boss, Spamton NEO, taken on by Kris alone.

In the Light world many things with Noelle will be changed (for example the hospital scene).

Written by SirGamers

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