Minecraft Dungeons – Captured Camp Merchant Locations

Walk-through guide of locating and rescuing all captured merchants to populate your Camp in Minecraft Dungeons.

Village Merchant – Creeper Woods

Enter the Creeper Woods and release the non-merchant villager to unlock the first gate of the mission adjacent to the lake.

Follow the main objective path marker past the scroll cave exit until you arrive at a large stone creeper head with a glowing mouth entrance. Navigate down the hill and enter the head.

Survive the Creeper ambush within and explore. The Village Merchant is located at the rear of the head’s interior.

Mystery Merchant – Pumpkin Pastures

Enter the Pumpkin Pastures and follow the main objective path marker until arriving at a large boat with a double door entrance.

Enter the large boat, defeat the mobs within and rescue the Mystery Merchant at the centre of the room.

Luxury Merchant – Cacti Canyon

Traverse through Cacti Canyon following the main objective path marker and defeat the ambush past the golden Key Golem gate.

After defeating the ambush, venture forward and turn right at the staircase down to the mission exit to rescue the Luxury Merchant.

Gift Wrapper – Soggy Swamp

Journey through the Soggy Swamp and defeat the Corrupted Cauldron. the boss of the mission.

Leave the boss arena through the lowered gate to rescue the Gift Wrapper.

Blacksmith – Redstone Mines

Enter the Redstone Mines and defeat the Redstone Golem, the boss of the mission.

Leave the arena and cross the stone bridge leading to the mission exit. Turn right before the mission exit to follow a path to the captured Blacksmith.

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