Cozy Grove – Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Beginners Guide

All credit goes to KITTEN666Kat!

The Economy

You’ll want to upgrade your tent for more storage and maybe a more “advanced” look (accessible through Flamey). You’ll also want to upgrade the shop (by buying the catalogue, BUT! only do this once you’re done buying stuff for the day – the shop will close down for the upgrade) and be Kit’s best (only?) customer for more items that you’ll need for quests, directly or indirectly. So you’ll want to make money.


You can let Francesca (Tree Bear) help you recycle for whatever your need of material is, but you should only be see her as a last resort when you lack a few branches, logs ink etc. Do check how little you get before confirming – if it just says “branch”, it means 1 (ONE) branch. If you want to get rid of furniture, it’s usually better to sell it or to keep it for best harvesting methods.

Placing Items

The first basic thing I and some other new players didn’t understand was that you’re supposed to place decorations, plants and animals in the area around your tent and Flamey. You can place them elsewhere, but one major feature of that whole “haunted island” thing is that it’s in constant change. Your stuff outside the designated “safe” areas may move or temporarily disappear (you should get it back in the mail). Anything that’s not furniture/decoration, plant or animal – i.e. resources like wood, food, shells – will despawn after some time if you don’t store them in your backpack’s or tent’s (Flamey’s) inventory.

There are different ways of placing items, I’ve found it most convenient to drag them to the ground from the inventory. You can also throw stuff, but be very careful with that or the imps may come running and steal it! I don’t think they’d take furniture, but they’ve been known to steal bushes (fixed in an update!). You can pick up and choose new locations for all of your items – including the trees (I can’t believe I find this normal now).

Effective Money-Making & Quest-Preparing Strategies

There’s a limited amount of leaf piles and dirt mounds and of shells each day, so for maxing out your resources you can walk/run a few rounds (with breaks for re-spawning) each day to get them all (and don’t forget any single shells as they’ll prevent re-spawning). Dirty trick: leveling up Flamey (by giving them the last needed log) resets the daily limits for leaf piles, dirt mounds, shells and relics, so I personally prefer Sweeping everywhere and not rushing because as soon as all items stop spawning just feed him and start collecting again.

There’s an UNLIMITED amount of fish, so that’s the first smart resource to make money of (my headcanon is that they’re spirit fish that aren’t that attached to their physical manifestations). They are worth more if you let Flamey burn them into fishbones.

Dirty trick: You may get your hands on a crafting recipe that requires only fishbones and sells for a ridiculous amount of money… It got nerfed, but it’s still good.

You can also let Flamey make roasted vegetables, fruit and mushrooms and sell them, but they’ll be worth more later… You could sell the wood and branches you find, but don’t. Please don’t. Hoard them . Also keep a stack of one common, one uncommon, one rare and later one legendary type of shell and fish (3-5 of each rarity). You’ll thank me later. The rest of your shells can be sold, they’ve become a pretty decent source of early income in one of the updates.


You can let Francesca (Tree Bear) recycle some furniture into woody stuff, but it’s so inefficient that it should only be a last resort when you lack a few branches or logs. Do check how little you get before confirming – if it just says “branch”, it means 1 (ONE) branch. If you want to get rid of furniture, it’s usually better to sell it or to keep it for.

You COULD recycle quartz for coins once you get access to it through (Francesca) , the Choice remain yours. Quartz is a limited resource that you need for buying animals and furniture. You may think you get plenty, but supply is going to slow down. If you don’t care about pretty decorations then I guess you can recycle some of your quartz. You’re going to need some later in the game, so keep that in mind.

As soon as you get access to birds buy at least two when you can afford it, they come in very helpful for when you want to harvest trees, so just place them somewhere of their liking (you will see the hearts is a clear indicator if they’re happy or not). You’re going to need their eggs later. Save some of their spirit essence it is very important for later quests and recipes. and use the rest to buy potted flowers. Their harvested blossoms are good money-makers, and Tree Bear will help you recycle them into pigment for crafting (and some quests!).

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