Dungeon Town – Tips for Beginners

Beginner Tips

If it is already Noon and you just set up the Mood for Colette DON’T refuse the Games Offer to wait until Nighttime. If you do your Partner leaves you, then it becomes Night anyway and since Virgins don’t let you enter their Rooms at Night you are screwed/need to do it all over again nex Day.

Guess which Guy made that Mistake xD

Don’t bother farming Fairys which seem to appear with a 1-5% Chanche? for the two Quest Items related to them, just farm them from the Boss on 30F a Maxed Pimp Skill is recommend to speed things up.

Try to finish all Quests (other then Fairy ^ ) ASAP so that you can reach 40 Fame to get some really usefull Skills like: More Hp,More WT etc.

Always kick your Partner out of the Party after coming back from a Dungeon to avoid being unable to attend a Solo Event. Basically everytime you see a Blue Icon = You screwed up and there is NO way to get rid of your Partner without going to a Dungeon. <.<

The Wall destroying Skill is actually more useful then the Game tells you and really not even close to being as expensive as the game wants to make it look like.

In Walls we can find: Gems (Sell),Weapon/Armor/Ring Parts.

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