Ion Fury – Controls


Mouse and keyboard are unchanged but the controller is as following:

  • L trigger – Alt Fire
  • R trigger – Fire
  • RB/LB – Weapon change
  • A – Jump
  • B – Toggle Crouch
  • Y – Quick Change (Electrifryer)
  • X – Confirm/Open
  • Up (digital) – Reload
  • Left (digital) – Med Kit
  • Right (digital) – Radar
  • Down (digital) – Third Person

  • Left Analog to move (forward, back, strafe)
  • Right Analog to look around

  • Left Analog pushed in is toggle auto run/walk (like it makes a difference)
  • Right Analog pushed in is for center view

  • Back button to open map
  • Start for the menu

One useful key missing is ‘map follow’ like if you use the radar with this and hit this key, you can browse the map if you open with the back key on the controller to find some secrets, etc. Unfortunately with the controller only been limited on functions of buttons I’ve had to avoid confusion or accidentally presses by leaving it outright (same as save/load).

You can easily set these functions yourself or add onto my config; like double press the Right Analog stick in to toggle it on/off or to save/load for a example.

If you haven’t a clue what I just said, come back at a later date and play around with it. I know I was clueless what ‘map follow’ was until most recently with checking the setting for keys input.

Written by Uzzi

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