Devour – 25 Cherry Blossoms Locations

Please note: all credit goes to menTa!

Guide to Find All The Cherry Blossoms

First of all we must take into account that we must get the keys to all the doors and open them all, to make it easier, more comfortable and faster to get hold of the 25 flowers.

  • The first one is right at the beginning of the game, before jumping into the house, on the left in the corner between the plants and the spider web.
  • As soon as you enter on the right in the furniture, in one of the spaces.
  • In the room on the left as soon as you enter, (there is a kind of showcase) in the corner where there are two large spider webs.
  • In the reception, which is just as you enter, next to the lamp.
  • In the ironing/laundry room between two washing machines.
  • In the billiard room, next to the corner between a small table and a spider web.
  • In the kitchen, on the metal table, back and bottom.
  • In the room with the giant round bathtubs, inside one of them.
  • At the top of the stairs next to the reception, in a corner next to a box of beer.
  • In front of room number 5, in the cabinet where there are many green towels and toilet paper.
  • When you go out, right, and left, you will find again a showcase and a shelf of towels, in an empty space between the towels.
  • Before entering the cave, behind a stone.
  • In the water below that surrounds the stone, just below the wooden stairs on the right.
  • In the room that connects the ponds and the center, on the right between two stools, one of them has a candle.
  • In the middle of the map that connects the pond room, the changing room and the laundry, walk forward and you will see a gap on the left between the pond room and the changing room.
  • Inside the cave almost at the bottom and to the right, between two stones.
  • At the reception at the beginning, go right to the second to last room, past the small fenced garden, right where there is a ritual to burn an egg, between the lamp and the spider web plant.
  • The top room is under a yellow and gray striped chair.
  • In the room next to the yellow chair, on the chair on the small table.
  • Upstairs in the gap to jump down, between a glass cabinet and a box.
  • In the upstairs room that looks like a storage room for towels and other stuff, under some green/blue boxes.
  • On the stairs just outside the cave, left, in a corner between boxes, cobwebs and a plant.
  • In the upstairs bathroom, inside a metal bucket.
  • Passing reception to the right and going upstairs, we will go to the last room, now we will find the flower next to the lamp.
  • In the TV room, behind the TV.

When we get the 25 flowers, we will get a new tunic.

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