Bad Dream: Stories – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide will explain how to get every single achievement in this game.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Considering how specific the achievements are in this game, i’ll try my best to explain how to get them, step by step in this guide.

Demon Eye

  • Game: Butcher
  • “In some strange way, your eyesight has improved.”

  • First, go right until you reach the place where the eye peeking through a hole is located, & click on it. You’ll lose your own eye.
  • Now, go back to the start, and take the Glass Shard (Doesn’t matter if you have the Cooking Glove or not.) then go back to where the eye is, & stab the eye with it. Then, leave that area, go inside the door on the right and take the eye.
  • You now have the Demon Eye achievement.

Left Handed

  • Game: Butcher
  • “Your left hand is the stronger one.”

  • First, go to the right, & click the pig-looking thing.
  • It’ll eat one of your fingers.

  • Second, click the trash can next to it to get the key to Room 33, & take the hammer.
  • Go to where the eye in the hole is, and take the Cooking Glove.
  • Go back to the start and take the Glass Shard, go back to the eye and stab it.
  • Go into the door to the right, upstairs, and unlock the door.
  • Take the key to Room 51/15 on the shelf on the right, and cut the hanged man’s rope with the Glass Shard.
  • Go into the hole on the ground, take the wire & shovel.
  • Leave that area, try going to the left of where you first enter to go upstairs, & the Butcher will appear.
  • Just click on him to lose your second finger.

  • Third, go to Room 51/15 & unlock it.
  • Click on the mouse trap to lose your third finger, and then take it.

  • Fourth, go to start again, go into the tunnel, and go left.
  • Take the twig on the ground under the tree.
  • Dig up the grave with the shovel, and the Butcher will appear again.
  • Click on him again, to lose your fourth finger.
  • You’ll be brought back to the start, but just go to the mini-graveyard again.
  • Break the skull & take the key.

  • Fifth, go to Room 33 again, there will be a mystery box in the front door.
  • Click on it to lose your fifth finger, and you’ll be Left Handed.

You now have the Left Handed Achievement, and can finish the game as normal.

Full Health

  • Game: Butcher
  • “You survived without any scratch.”

  • First, go into the tunnel from the start, go left, take the twig on the ground, go back to the start again, go right, click the trash can on the right side of the pig-looking thing, take the key to Room 33 that’ll fall out of it, & the hammer.
  • Go to where the eye is, take the Cooking Glove, go back to the start, take the Glass Shard, go back to the eye, stab it, go into the door in the right, go upstairs, unlock the door, take the key on the shelf, cut the hanged man’s rope, go into the hole in the ground, take the wire and shovel & leave to go to Room 51/15 & the mini-graveyard.
  • The Butcher will appear as soon as you try to go left.
  • There will be four keys on the ground, one of them is the right one. (I’d recommend to try the one with two “handles” first.)
  • Click on a key & then the door you just exited. Do that with the four keys until you manage to go inside again. You’ll be safe to go to Room 51/15 now.
  • Unlock the door, and use the twig on the mouse trap to take it.
  • Now, go to the mini-graveyard, and dig the grave with the shovel. The Butcher will appear again. Go right, then left, then right again. You’ll be safe to go back to the graveyard.
  • Break the skull, get the key to Room 73 (Which is the one in the tunnel), go & unlock it, take the key on the bed, go to Room 99, unlock it, take the wire on the ground, and go back to Room 33.
  • Ignore the mystery box, go inside & put the mouse trap in front of the mouse hole. Take the dead mouse, and leave.
  • Go back to that pig-looking thing, and give it the mouse. It’ll drop a hook in return. Take the hook & you’ll have a fishing rod, go to the pipe leaking water in the start, and use the hook in it. You’ll get a wet rag.
  • Go back to Room 73, use the rag on the dirty pot, and the fishing rod in the toilet. Take both the clean pot & dead fish.
  • Go back to the start area, and fill the pot with water from the leaking pipe. Go to room 51/15, place down the pot in the oven, and place the dead fish in it.
  • Click it again, & you’ll be done.

You now have the Full Health achievement.

Burned Fingers

  • Game: Butcher
  • “A very hot pot!”

  • This one is one of the easiest achievements in the game.
  • Simply repeat the “Full Health” one, except this time you don’t take the Cooking Glove.

You’ll get the Burned Fingers achievement at the end.

New Friend

  • Game: Graveyard
  • “As good as new.”

  • Firstly, knock the apple down from the tree, then go left & take the dead bee from the beehive.
  • Go left again, take the battery on the shelf beside the door with no handle, go up, and take the rock on the left side of the boy.
  • Go back to the start, and now, go down, but don’t take the Teddy Bear. Give the dead bee to the spider and take the jar. Don’t take any flies with it yet.
  • Go down again, and put the battery in the doorbell. Click the doorbell until the clown comes out.
  • After that, go inside, take the knife on the table, the doorknob on the ground & go to the door with no doorknob, and use the doorknob there.
  • Take the salt from the table the girl’s sitting in, go back to the house where the doorknob was, and kill the giant worm-thing with it.
  • Now, you must go back & take the Teddy Bear, putting it beside the girl on the table. Leave the room and re-enter it. The Teddy Bear will be on the bed. Once you click him, two hands will appear to hold him going up & down. Click the Teddy Bear as many times & fast as possible. You’ll get him back with no problems.
  • Now, go to the left in the open door. There will be a window, throw the rock through it, and the Teddy Bear right after. The door beside the window will be open now. Don’t take the Teddy Bear.
  • Give the knife to the scarecrow, and click the body on the left with the jar to get blood. Click the scarecrow again, to throw blood at it.
  • Leave and go back to the start, but still don’t take the Teddy Bear. There will be a mystery box on the ground, click it a few times until the clown appears again. Take the spring from the box, and go to where the giant worm-thing was. Put the spring in the wooden clock, and you’ll get a wooden bird head.
  • Go back to the scarecrow, and give it to him. From here, you can complete the game as normal. Take the flies on the dead bodies, and put them inside the bee hive until sticky goo comes out. Take it with the jar, and go to where the giant worm-thing was, again. Take the Teddy Bear head on the wall. Go back to where the boy was, & he’ll be dead. Put the sticky goo on his neck, then the Teddy Bear head.

You now have the New Friend achievement.


  • Game: Hospital
  • “You are really weird.”

  • First, leave your room, go to the bathroom, and click the toilet. You’ll get a key, and also brown “paint”.
  • When you leave, the Doctor will put you back in your room & take the “paint” away, but you’ll still have the key to one of the rooms.
  • Go to the hallway, go up, and go into the right room. Take the laxative, and leave. Go to the kitchen, which is on the left side of the room you just left, and put the laxtive into the fat guy’s food.
  • Then, go back to the bathroom, and he’ll be there taking a dump. All you have to do now is stay there & watch, until you get the achievement.

You now have the Creep achievement.

Bad Artist

  • Game: Hospital
  • “Your art is ♥♥♥♥.”

  • This is basically a continuation of the “Creep” achievement.
  • After you watch the guy take a dump, leave and re-enter the bathroom. The toilet will be dirty again. Click it, to get your brown “paint”.
  • Now, go back to your room, and put the brown “paint” on your drawing on the table. Now, you need to get the crayons.
  • Go to the room where you got the laxative, take the plate and knife, go to the kitchen & put it on the counter. Take the bucket on the ground from the kitchen. The person from the room the laxative was in is now gone with a trail of blood, and you have more places to walk to. But before doing that, go back to the bathroom and fill the bucket in the sink.
  • Now, follow the trail of blood, to a room on the left. The fat guy will be hanged upside down in there. Take the badge he has on his chest, and go to the bathroom. Turn on the shower, for the eye to appear in the hole, & put the badge on the hole.
  • Go to the kitchen, & the door on the left will now be unlocked. Go in and take the rag on the box. Go back to the fat guy hanging, and clean his vomit with the filled bucket and rag. The rag will be dirty now, so you’ll need to throw it away. There are three trash cans in the area: The Kitchen, Bathroom, and the one close to the Soda Machine. Throw it away in any of those, and now follow the trail of blood to a new room. The guy from the plate & laxative room will be on the ground there, & there will be a needle close to him, also on the ground. Take it, and the nurse will appear on the reception area.
  • Now you can go even further. Go forwards until you reach the end of the corridor, and go left, there will be a guy with a snake-thing coming out of his chest, and a key beside him on the table. Take it, and go back to the end of the trail with blood. Unlock the left door with the key.
  • Take the wire on top of the shelf & the stethoscope on the table. Go back to the nurse and give her the stethoscope, & she’ll give you a coin in return.
  • Now, go all the way backwards until the other end of the corridor, where the Soda Machine is at. Put the coin in it, and get the Urine Sample. Go to the bathroom and throw it away in the toilet, then go to the left door on the kitchen, & get the poison in the jar.
  • Go to the snake-thing guy again, and throw the poison at the snake-thing. Grab the thermometer from inside the guy’s chest, leave, and put it in the heater right outside the room. Go to the nurse and give it to her, she’ll go check on the guy. Give her the wire and needle, and she’ll go away. Leave the room, and go to the right, which was locked before. Take the crayons, go back to your room and paint the rest of your drawing.

You now have the Bad Artist achievement.

All in Vain

  • Game: Hospital
  • “In your defense, the red crayon was very short…”

  • Firstly, go to the kitchen, take the bucket, go to the bathroom, fill it with water, throw the water in the toilet, then take the key from the shower drain, unlock the crazy guy room, take the plate & knife, go to the kitchen again, put it on the counter, leave, go to the bathroom again, fill the bucket with water again, follow the trail of blood, enter the fat guy room, take the badge of his chest, go back to the bathroom, turn the shower on, cover the hole with the badge, leave, go into the previously locked door in the kitchen, take the rag, go to the fat guy room, clean the vomit, throw the rag away in the trash cans, follow the entirety of the blood trail, go inside the room, & take the needle.
  • The Nurse will appear, so you can go forward to the snake-thing room, take the key, unlock the dead Doctor room, take the wire and stethoscope, give the nurse the stethoscope, get the coin, get the Urine Sample from the Soda Machine, throw it away in the bathroom toilet, go to the kitchen’s backroom, get the poison, go back to the snake-thing room, kill the snake-thing, get the thermometer, use it in the heater, give it to the Nurse, go back to the snake-thing room, give the Nurse the wire and needle, go into the Day Room to the right, take the crayons, go into the Doctor room, & click on his head, to get the bood & achievement. Then just go back to your room and finish the drawing.

You now have the All in Vain achievement.


  • Game: Hospital
  • “Hide your madness from the Doctor.”

  • Quite literally the same thing as “All in Vain”, but you also use the Urine Sample & Vomit, along with the blood after the Doctor is dead.

You’ll have the Unmedicated achievement at the end.


  • Game: Cyclops
  • “$$$”

  • First, go up, then up again, then left, until you get the Pliers. Then, go back to the gravestones, and open up the one with the skeleton with the removable teeth.
  • Remove one of them, close the grave, go into the Mausoleum, & put the tooth under the laying skeleton’s pillow, without taking the reward bags. Repeat it until the teeth are gone, and you’ll have the achievement.

You now have the Treasury achievement.

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