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Affliction - Equipment Guide

Written by Corrosion   /   Oct 28, 2017    
Affliction - Equipment Guide

This guide will discuss weapons, equipment, and gear in Affliction.


AK47 Assault Rifle

AK47 Assault Rifle - The AK47 is a Soviet made assault rifle featuring a 30 round magazine and a decent rate of fire. It is easy to maintain and they are cheap enough so nearly anyone can acquire one. The military of Ghulovka adopted the AK47 as their standard infantry weapon after being given countless of them from old military surplus from Russia.

AK47 Assault Rifle Statistics - 30+1 capacity, 40 damage, 16 melee damage, 7.62x39mm ammunition

Makarov PM Handgun

Makarov PM Handgun - The Makarov PM is a Soviet made semi automatic handgun that features an 8 round magazine. Typically used by police officers and spetsnaz operators, Ghulovka obtained hundreds of them from Russia as they progressed to better, more modern sidearms. Ghulovka has since developed their own model and continues to supply their military and police with them.

Makarov PM Handgun Statistics - 8+1 capacity, 21 damage, 16 melee damage, 9x18mm ammunition.

Baikal MP 153 Shotgun

Baikal MP 153 Shotgun - The Baikal MP 153 is a Russian made semi automatic shotgun designed around the fall of the Soviet Union that can hold 5 shells and packs a mean punch. Ghulovka found that the shotgun was very useful for breaching, riot control, and combat situations so they purchased them in bulk to outfit both their military and police officers with in case of problems that simple pistols couldn't take care of.

Baikal MP 153 Shotgun Statistics - 5+1 capacity, 15x8 damage, 16 melee damage, 12 gauge ammunition.

Agram 2000 Submachine Gun

Agram 2000 Submachine Gun - The Agram 2000 is a Croatian made submachine gun that boasts a 32 round magazine and an extremely high rate of fire. Given their easy accessibility and relatively low reproduction cost, Ghulovka chose the Agram 2000 as their primary weapon for their small arms teams in the military and even outfitted some police with them as well.

Agram 2000 Submachine Gun Statistics - 32+1 capacity, 23 damage, 16 melee damage, 9x19mm ammunition.

SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle

SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle - The SVD Dragunov was originally designed in Russia as a squad support weapon for use when submachine guns and assault rifles couldn't reach out far enough to hit their targets. It had since become one of the most popular weapons of sniper teams across Eastern Europe. Like the others, Ghulovka has chosen the semi automatic SVD Dragunov as their sniper rifle of choice.

SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle Statistics - 10+1 capacity, 70 damage, 16 melee damage, 7.62x54mm ammunition.

Combat Knife

Combat Knife - The combat knife is used all throughout the world and can be obtained nearly anywhere.

Combat Knife Statistics - 24 melee damage, 10% further melee range.



Bandage - A common bandage or rag used to cover and clot wounds.

Bandage Statistics - heal 5 health.

Pain Pills

Pain Pills - Pills designed to numb pain and allow the user to focus.

Pain Pills Statistics - heal 10 health.


Syringe - A syringe filled with chemicals that numb and block out pain.

Syringe Statistics - heal 20 health.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit - A kit filled with different ointments, drugs, and other supplies to take care of low to mid range wounds or injuries.

First Aid Kit Statistics - heal 40 health.

Trauma Kit

Trauma Kit - A kit created for use in highly hazardous areas or extreme conditions. It contains numerous creams, ointments, tools, and other supplies to treat some of the most serious wounds.

Trauma Kit Statistics - heal 60 health.


Flashlight - A personal wind up flashlight to illuminate dark areas.

Flashlight Statistics - illuminates darkness up to approximately 50 feet without ever needing batteries.


Keys - Keys to unlock doors, chests, lockers, and more.

Keys Statistics - usually opens 1 lock, could allow entry to more.


Documents - Documents can be personal diaries, journals, notes, or even official paperwork.

Documents Statistics - furthers the story and can even give valuable hints that can turn out to have rewards or even consequences.

Written by Corrosion.

Game:   Affliction