Call of War – Beginners Guide

After the Tutorial

After You’ve completed the tutorial it’s still not that easy to figure stuff out.
First You gonna see the country You are controling.
You want to see what Your neighbours are and if there is alot of entry points into your country.
Defence is the best way to win. Don’t get me wrong You need to still attack people.

Being Defensive

Being Defensive is a good way to start. You want to make sure Your units are equaly placed on Your country so there are no weak spots. Build fortifications in the most valuable spots. For example. in America You can be attacked from 2 sides North or South. It’s good cause You don’t have to spend alot on defences. And in Soviet Russia You are in the middle of other people so it’s harder.


Moving is a little weird. So on Your land you see little thin black lines connect with cities, Your ground units can only move on those lines. For example You are in Washington D.C. and You want to attack Philadelphia well first You have to go through Baltimore. You can leave units on the road anywhere on it and so if the enemy wants to attack Your city he has to go through the units You placed on the road first.


Attacking is something You want to do after You got a bit of army. You want to go for the capitol or other important cities for the enemy. Attacking someone could make someone else attack you. People are in coalitions (teams) to support each other in tough situations.
You have to attack to win the round.


Researching is the key to victory. The more You research the more powerful weapons You can use.
The research tab is locate in the top left corner of your screen. Click research and research units. It takes real life time to research them. Most of the units are avalible after a certain amount of days that the whole game was going. Planes are good and powerful in attacking cities or other planes but You need a ground unit to capture a city.

How to Win

To win You need to win a round to win a round You need to get 60% of the Victory Points (VP)
Victory Points are awared for capturing cities. Players city has more Victory Points than a AI (Bot) City. After you get 60% of the Victory Points on the whole map You will win.

Alliances & Coalitions

Alliance is what You create in the game menu. If You create it and get members and You win games Your alliance is going to go up in the alliance leaderboard.

Coalition is what You create in-game when You want to team up with some other countries. Coalitions can hold up to 3 members.

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