Cities: Skylines – Efficient Cargo Station Design

How to desgn your train tracks leading to your cargo station.

How to Design your Cargo Rail Network

I thought i’d share how i’ve set up my cargo stations, this is working really well for me.

Cities: Skylines - Efficient Cargo Station Design

Main line: The yellow line is the main line. This is the line that connects everything. It’s a simple piece of two way railroad track. Trains on the main line should not have to stop for anything!
You can achieve this by using one way tracks for trains leaving the mail line. Trains joining or leaving the main use should not block trains on the main line. Make them over or under the main line.

Incoming Trains

Each cargo station has two tracks. It’s important to use them both. If you only have trains coming from one direction, only one track will get used. This halves your capacity.

Yes, if you have a cargo station on the left side of your maps, most if not all trains will be coming from the right of the map. So only one track of your station will get used by incoming trains. But for most cargo stations it’s important and possible to design you cargo stations (spread them across the map) in such a way that traffic will be coming form multiple directions.

In my example traffic incoming traffic is red (coming from the right side of the map), and white (coming from the left side of the map). You can see i’m using both tracks of the cargo station.

The red and yellow lines don’t have to wait for anything! If there are a lot of trains coming split them from the main line sooner. Don’t let red or white trains stop on the yellow main line!

The incoming white line does not cross the yellow main line because an overpass is used.
Yellow traffic passing through from right to left does not have to wait for a crossing white line.

Exiting Trains

Incoming traffic from the white line uses the blue line to exit. It can exit to the left side of the map, and exit to the right side of the map.

Incoming traffic from the red line uses the green line to exit. It can exit to the left side of the map, and exit to the right side of the map.

Exiting trains do not cross the yellow main line.


This is working great for me in my 200.000 population city with a lot of industry. I’m importing almost nothing (600) and exporting a little (6.000). this setup might not work as efficient if you’re im- or exporting a lot. I have no traffic problems, i’m not using any traffic mods.

I have two main lines:

  • A main line for internal and external cargo and external passenger traffic.
    I’ve found that i don’t need to seperate my internal and external cargo traffic.
    Also my external passenger trains use this main line. I only have one train station that accepts external trains.
    This really limits the number of external passenger trains.
    From that station tourists get spread across the city.
  • A main line for internal passenger traffic.

Space around a cargo station comes at a premium, because industry close to a cargo station easily levels up to level 3.
You’ll want as much industy as close to the station as possible.
So you’ll want very little train tracks near the station.

This setup prevents train from going backwards, which i really dislike.

Written by Roelofjan

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