Pokemon GO – How to evolve Pokemons and get the Candy

You’ll train the Pokemons, raise their CP and get ready all of them for battles in Pokemon GO. In this game there are lots of different items like Stardust and Candy. You need them for powering up & evolve your Pokemons. The Guide for Pokemon GO will help you to get the Candies and use them for your Pokemons evolving.

Pokemon GO - How to evolve Pokemons and get the Candy

How to get Candies

All Pokemons differ from each other but every one requires powering up to raise its HP and CP. You’ll need both Candies and Stardust to power up your Pokemon. And their number may vary. You can get the candies with one of 3 following ways:

  • After catching the Pokemon you will get 3 candies.
  • If you have duplicate Pokemons, you are able to send them to Professor and get one candy. But this Pokemon will be lost permanently.
  • You’ll obtain lots of Candies during the Egg hatching (it depends on the type of your Pokemon that hatches).

How to evolve Pokemons

Depends on a type of your Pokemon its evolving may take a different number of Candies. It’s better to use Candies for Powering up one Pokemon to max and then evolve others just the same way. You have to be sure before evolving your Pokemon. Evolved Pokemon has higher HP & CP and they’ll become the valuable part of your collection. Follow these steps foe evolving the Pokemon:

  • Enter your main Menu (in the map).
  • Tap the Pokemon.
  • Choose from the list one of the Pokemons.
  • On the summary of your Pokemon tap the /Evolve/ button.

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