Pokemon GO – How to Earn Fast and Free PokeCoins

In general Pokemon Go is free-to-play but some items in this game can be bought solely with PokeCoins. You can get them in 2 ways: to earn them in this game or buy for your real money. You’ll no need to spend your real cash for buying the PokeCoins if you follow this guide for Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO - How to Earn Fast and Free PokeCoins

How to Earn Free & Fast PokeCoins

Visit the PokeStops

From the very beginning GPS on your Device will begin locating the nearest PokeStops, Pokemon Gyms, for wild Pokemons – Grass field, etc. The PokeStops will usually pop up close by different crowded places. And they are source to get easy rewards. You need to spin the image with a touchpad when you are at the PokeStops. After appearing the item on your screen it’ll be added to your inventory because it’s nothing but the reward.

The PokeStops re-up once every 12 – 15 minutes that is why you can re-collect the stuff one more time.

Defend the Gyms

In Pokemon Go Gym is a definite point where players look for the Pokemons, capture them and raise the level. But you must defend this Gym from the various Rivals. After capturing the Gym you have to assign the definite Pokemon for defending it. You’ll obtain the Defense bonuses every time when your Pokemon can defend this Gym successfully. Also your Pokemon can be stationed in the Friendly Gym. Your stationed Pokemon is able to reward you 500 Stardust and 10 PokeCoins per day. You needn’t to be the loyal leader of the Gym for earning the bonus unless your own Pokemon is on it. If you have your Pokemons, for example, on 5 Gyms daily you can make up to 2500 Stardust and 50 Gold PokeCoins. You should to visit the shop and click the /Shield/ icon if you need to collect a reward.

Buy with Real Money

It’s too easy way to get the PokeCoins and don’t follow it unless it’s urgent and Important. The PokeStops have lots of different items: Revives, Potions but there are some which are really rare and even PokeStops can’t provide them.

  • Egg Incubator (Limit 3 Use) – 150 PokeCoins.
  • Inventory Bag Upgrade – 200 PokeCoins.
  • Pokemon Storage Upgrade – 200 PokeCoins.
  • PokeBalls (Unit: 20/100/200) – 100/460/800 PokeCoins.
  • Incense (Unit: 1/8/25) – 80/500/1250 PokeCoins.
  • Lucky Eggs (Unit: 1/8/25) – 80/500/1250 PokeCoins.
  • Lure Modules (Unit: 1/8) – 100/680 PokeCoins.
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