World of Warships – How to Hide Interface (UI)

As the Screenshot section gets more traffic, I guess it might be time to share a few simple tips for new players who would like to take screenshots (or videos) without the clutter of the interface – and few more tips and tricks.


As the Screenshots section fills up with memorable images from battles – both of battle results and of ships in battle and in port – however many newer players may not know about few tricks how to make their screenshots more impressive – and without the clutter of port and battle interface!

World of Warships - How to Hide Interface (UI)

This guide is not supposed to give a complete view of camera controls, but more a simple primer on the basic tools – let’s hope it helps!

Now, without much ado… Step 1: Hide interface in port.

Hide Interface in Port

Do you want to show off your new ship in port, but don’t want the scenery spoiled by your carousel? Easy solution – just press and hold the right mouse button, after a short time the interface vanishes and you can line up your screenshot.

World of Warships - How to Hide Interface (UI)

Same trick works even when viewing details of the ships in port:

World of Warships - How to Hide Interface (UI)

That’s it for the port – next stop: How to do the same in battle!

Hide Interface in Game

Port screenshots are done… Now let’s say you are in game and want to take a screenshot, but again don’t want to have the interface showing (after all if you have a nice scenic shot, you do not want the minimap to spoil the view)…

World of Warships - How to Hide Interface (UI)

How to get rid of it? Easy!

Just press Ctrl+G and…

World of Warships - How to Hide Interface (UI)

There you go!

Last but not least, you can take great screenshots even after you are out of the game: let’s check out the postmortem camera in the next chapter.

Post-Mortem Camera

One of ways how to get nice shots – be it of the wreck of your ship gently slipping under the waves, friendly ships or of any other thing on a map – is post – mortem camera. You may use it to track your allies (or their planes)… Or you can use it to roam the map free by enabling the free floating camera.

World of Warships - How to Hide Interface (UI)

List of commands:

  • Next Allied Ship – LMB
  • Previous Allied Ship – RMB
  • Track squadrons (for Carriers) – 2-9 (same way you select them when playing a carrier yourself)
  • Track Object under cursor (friendly only) – Space (This can be used to track friendly planes etc.)
  • Free camera – Left Shift – Camera floats wherever you want, you can steer it using these keys:
  • Movement – WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Rotation – Mouse
  • Zoom – Mouse Wheel
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