Injustice 2 – Tips for Newbies

Many people ask the same simple questions or make the same simple mistakes. This guide should give you some answers.

Currency in the Game

There are three currencies in the game.

  • Coins. Most common and easy to obtain. You can buy motherboxes with them and they needed for to unlock some Multiverse towers.
  • Guild credits. Those are for guild motherboxes. 
  • Source crystals. Those are rare. You can spend them on shaders (character skins) that can`t be unlocked just by playing game, premier skins, gear transformation / regeneration, or just to level up character to level 20 instantly (only if you already have at least one character level 20).

To earn guild credits, you must be a guild member. There are many guilds to choose.
Fastest way to get source crystals is to buy them with real money.


Motherboxes is loot system of Injustice 2.
There are many types of them and the better motherbox is, the better / more gear you will get.
Multiverse is a good choice to get motherboxes.


Gear can be be earned by playing, from Multiverse events and from motherboxes.

If you have a lot of trash, they you can regenerate gear with regeneration tokens. Regenerated gear will be same level as your character and with higher stats. If you have sword level 5 and character level 20, sword will be level 20 after regeneration.

Main problem is that regenerated gear has different stats after each regeneration. It can increase previously increased stats or decrease them and boost other stats instead. You will spend many tokens to get desired gear.

Transformation is cosmetic option. You can make your new mask look like your default level 1 mask. Nothing complicated.


It’s very stupid decision to pick characters that you don`t like or like, but you can`t play good enough as them. However, if you want noob-friendly characters, then here is my recommendation.

  • Batman. Close combat character with good speed. Has ranged attack and counter-attacks. Easy combos.
  • Supergirl. Don`t be surprised to see her a lot in online matches. She has some ranged attacks and annoying teleport attack (from behind). If you are fine with spamming and want victory by any means, then Supergirl is a good choice. She`s a good choice to start playing in general.
  • Green Arrow. Has some easy combos, very easy to change arrows / use bow. 
  • Darkseid… ruler of spammokolips. If there were cases when i saw at least some adequate Supergirls, there weren`t any with Darkseid. All of them used eyebeam + teleporation + minion combo, except one that also used some close combat after teleportation.
    It`s a good choice to become master spammer.
  • Black Canary. Has good and easy combos, good special attacks and easy to use special power.

Meter Burn

You can use it not only for supermove, but also to roll, boost your special attacks, for clashes and to get up.


There are four stats. They are:

  • Strength – Normal attacks damage.
  • Ability – Special attacks damage.
  • Defense – Damage reduction while blocking.
  • Health – Increased health / damage amount you can take.


That’s a top priority. Complete all tutorials and character specific tutorial.
Practice on Very Hard difficulty and Online matches.


Check other players ping and you own if possible. It`s not fun to play against players with high ping. It feels slow (delayed attacks) and if ping is too high, player with high ping can get disconnection.

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