Tenta Shooter – How to Unlock All Gallery Cards

This guide will show you what to do to unlock all gallery cards, normal way and secret way.


All credit goes to Michio-Chan!

While this guide will show you what to do to unlock cards in this game, it will NOT explain how to do it. Then agian most of those card are self-explanatory and require you skill to unlock them, unless you know secret code which I will let you know at the end of guide.

Card A1-A6

  • A1- Eat 1,000 Small Dekopon
  • A2- Eat 5,000 Small Dekopon
  • A3- Eat 10,000 Small Dekopon 

  • A4- Complete every stage in Arcade mode
  • A5- Complete Arcade mode with no continues
  • A6- Complete Arcade mode without making mistakes (aka no damage)

Card B1-B6

  • B1- Eat 1,000 Large Dekopon
  • B2- Eat 5,000 Large Dekopon
  • B3- Eat 10,000 Large Dekopon 

  • B4- Collect every tentacle tokens on a stage
  • B5- Collect every tentacle tokens on three different stages
  • B6- Collect every tentacle tokens on all stages

Card C1-C6

  • C1- Bullet counter 64 times
  • C2- Bullet counter 128 times
  • C3- Bullet counter 256 times 

  • C4- Achieve booby bonus
  • C5- Achieve booby bonus on three different stages
  • C6- Achieve booby bonus on every stage

Card D1-D6

  • D1- Counter 6,400 enemy bullets
  • D2- Counter 12,800 enemy bullets
  • D3- Counter 25,600 enemy bullets 

  • D4- Collect every fairy on a single stage
  • D5- Collect every fairy on three different stages
  • D6- Collect every fairy on all stages

Card E1-E6

  • E1- Defeat 256 enemies during a 32X combo
  • E2- Defeat 512 enemies during a 32X combo
  • E3- Defeat 1,024 enemies during a 32X combo 

  • E4- Achieve a three star rating
  • E5- Achieve a three star rating on three different stages
  • E6- Achieve a three star rating on all stages

Card X1-X3

  • X1- Survive Stage 1 in Dying mode
  • X2- Survive Stage 3 in Dying mode
  • X3- Survive Stage 5 in Dying mode

Secret Preview Menu

While I recommend to play the game and unlock cards how they supposed to be unlocked as reward plus I found this by mistake and feel guilty now, if you to horny eager to see all cards, theres secret way to preview them all in a menu.

Go to gallery mode and pre-select card E-3, you will hear quiet moan. Now you have to move straight to card A-3 and you will hear another voice. Then you move to A-1, then C-1, then C-6 and finish at E-6. While you hovering cards remember that you have to hover straight to one in sequence or it will not work.

In short pre-select cards in this sequence: E-3, A-3, A-1, C-1, C-6, E-6.

This will let you preview all cards for your pleasure. Keep in mind this will only let you preview them but NOT use them for Shock Mode, you still need to unlock them by playing games normally.
You can also cancel preview by repeating this cheat.

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