Friday the 13th: The Game – Virtual Cabin 2.0 Guide All Badges (Part 1)

This is a Guide on how to pass Part 1 of Virtual Cabin 2.0

All Badges

All credit goes to MrNightOwl!

Step 1: Use the computer, Check for updates and type in the password “Mother”
Right after that collect all the three mask. One’s at the fireplace (Part 9 mask), Go inside the room where there’s a black snake or a Door protected by some fence (lol i dont know what it’s called). Now there are boxes near the Wheel Chair (the left side of the wheel chair there you can find the Part 3 mask). and the last one upstairs go up and go to a room where there’s a tent and inside you can find the (Part 8 mask) as soon as you’re done, Go to the Mask Collection now assemble the mask based on the movies in order. Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6, Part7, Part8, Part9 now after that remove the part 4 mask (cause spoiler alert he’s not jason) Once you done it the drawer besides the masks will open now you can collect the Mask Bade. (Part 5 Mask Badge)

Step 2: Go to the phone downstairs, Now use the phone and call (1 555 342 9277) and the drawer will open and you can now collect the 2nd badge. (Phone Badge)

Step 3:
At the right side of the Phone you can see a Play house and action figures of Ali, Jason and Jessica get them and collect. right after that go to the bathroom (where jenny is there) go inside and there’s a Chris action figure now go and collect it. Now go to the where there’s a black snake or a Door protected by some fence Again. and at the left side there’s another play house with action figures collect them and place figures in order (First Ali, Part 3 Jason and Chris) and go back to the first play house again near the phone now place figures in order (First Jesicca, Part 9 Jason and Steven) and boom the drawer opens now collect the third badge. (Jason Badge)

Step 4: Collect the blue cap near the Entrance Door, A sheriff badge at the right side near the wheel chair (at the black snake room lol), A red bandana in the bathroom, Go upstairs in the tent room and inside the room there’s a closet now open it and collect the blue yo-yo.

Now time to place these Items. Inside the Tent Room place the sheriff bade on the pedestal, after that go to the “Tool Room” and inside there’s pedestal too at the left side of the bloody bed place the blue yo-yo over there, now go back to black snake room again and in the left side there’s also a pedestal there now place the red bandana. now go to the back room near the kitchen at the exit door place the blue cap on the pedestal and boom again a draw opens now grab the 4th and final badge of Part 1. (Film Badge)

Step 5:
Now that you collect all of them go to the kitchen and infront of the fridge there’s a small brown board (near the switching lights) now place those badges in order (Part 5 Mask Badge, Phone Badge, Jason Badge and Film Badge) now the door opens go down stairs and answer the phone call.

And there you go you completed Part 1. Enjoy 🙂

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