Field of Glory II – Beginners Guide

This will be a video series dedicated to helping brand new players unmask the mechanics. It will be mostly a factual examination on game mechanics and will be light in terms of strategy (which would be the realm of personal opinion).

Part 1: Game Objectives, Flanking, Cohesion, and Cohesion Tests

The first video will cover key concepts related to routing enemy armies off the field.

Part 2: Close Combat, Point of Advantage Differentials, and Win / Draw / Loss Percentages

Part 2 will cover the common Point of Advantage (PoA) thresholds and their effects in determining the Win/Draw/Loss percentages in combat.

Part 3: Points of Advantage in Rough Terrain / with poor Cohesion / Combat Strenght Modifiers

Part 3 continues the discussion PoAs except this time we look at how things like terrain, different cohesion levels, and combat strenght multlipliers affect Win/Draw/Loss probabilities.

Part 4: PoAs in Difficult Terrain / Fragmented Cohesion / Impact Foot and Spearmen PoA differentials

Part 4 will complete the discussion on terrain effects and start with a review of baseline PoA differentials between Unit Capabilities.

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