Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Special Transport DLC Guide

Hi guys, this is the basic information you need for the Special Transport DLC, such as: achievements and how to get them, the sizes and weights of the cargoes, all available routes to drive for the moment and what you need to pay specific attention to.

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The Different Cargoes, Weights and Sizes

For now, there are eleven different cargoes, which are:

  1. The huge tyres (12,1m x 4,0m x 3,2m) and 20 tonnes 
  2. The service boat (16,1m x 5,0m x 5,3m) and 25 tonnes 
  3. The excavator bucket (3,5m x 4,9m x 2,9m) and 25 tonnes 
  4. The giant silo (20,1m x 4,5m x 4,5m) and 40 tonnes 
  5. The massive tech part (6,0m x 6,0m x 5,0m) and 44 tonnes 
  6. The hightech device (6,0m x 6,0m x 1,2m) and 45 tonnes 
  7. The boiler part (6,0m x 6,0m x 4,9m) and 45 tonnes 
  8. The construction staircase (20,0m x 5,5m x 4,6m) and 50 tonnes 
  9. The truck chassis (8,3m x 6,0m x 4,0m) and 55 tonnes 
  10. The industrial condenser (12,0m x 5,4m x 4,6m) and 60 tonnes 
  11. The heat exchanger (18,0m x 4,8m x 5,0m) and 70 tonnes

The Dangers of these Cargoes

1: The size of the cargoes obviously. Dont go too fast if you don’t trust certain sections of road because they look tight, or because there is a lot of traffic.

2: With wide loads, USE YOUR MIRRORS A LOT. This will not only prevent you from hitting cars or objects, but then you will also really get an idea of how big these cargoes actually are. At some corners it will be really hard to see in your mirrors, especially on the passenger side.

3: With long loads, remember that the back of your trailer streers aswell, so keep some space between your trailer and the wall because otherwise your trailer will hit the wall when you turn.

4: Watch out for oncoming traffic. They SHOULD go aside for you, but especially with the 6,0m wide cargoes it can be a really tight fit between a car and a wall. Rather than going 60 km/h through streets like that, slow down so you can react when you notice its too tight to pass a car at current speed. Brake some to try and crawl past him so you dont damage your cargo and you dont get fined.

5: Study your route before you are going to drive. Are there any roundabouts and how tight are they? Are there any tight turns on your route? Are there any crossings on your route? All these things you should study so you know whats coming. The benefit from this is that nothing comes as a surprise, this will also let you get through your route quicker because you have way less surprises on the way so you dont have to anticipate that much.

6: A lot of these cargoes are very heavy, make sure your truck is upto it! Try to have your heavy load bar as full as possible aswell as hill climbing and maneuverability. These will all come along handy on the different routes you are gonna take.

All Different Routes

As of now, there are 17 different routes to drive.

  1. From Luxembourg to Liege (Luxembourg to Belgium)
  2. From Sheffield to Birmingham (UK)
  3. From Berlin to Szczecin (Germany to Poland)
  4. From Reims to Strasbourg (France)
  5. From Dresden to Wroclaw (Germany to Poland)
  6. From Dortmund to Hannover (Germany)
  7. From Praha to Nurnberg (Czech to Germany)
  8. From Glasgow to Aberdeen (UK)
  9. From Munchen to Innsbruck (Germany to Austria)
  10. From Koln to Amsterdam (Germany to Netherlands)
  11. From Brussel to Amsterdam (Belgium to Netherlands)
  12. From Kosice to Budapest (Slovakia to Hungary DLC)
  13. From Olsztyn to Bialystok (Poland DLC)
  14. From Bratislava to Graz (Slovakia to Austria DLC)
  15. From Linkoping to Kalmar (Sweden DLC)
  16. From Stavanger to Oslo (Norway DLC)
  17. From Nantes to Civeaux (France DLC)


Size Matters

To gain this achievement you need to complete your first special transport job.

Not a Big Problem

You need to complete 3 consecutive jobs without any damage.

The Bigger the Better

You have to deliver all 11 different cargoes at least once.

Driver Exceptionnel

To get this achievement you have to drive on every special transport route.


For this one you need to succesfully deliver the giant silo.

Big Brother

Deliver the haul truck chassis succesfully.


You have to deliver 195 tonnes in ONLY 3 consecutive jobs (I recommend doing this with quick jobs when you have discovered most of the route starting locations) (This also means that you have to do at least two heat exchangers and an industrial condenser).

Not a Canoe

Deliver the service boat succesfully.

The Two of the Hardest to Get Cargoes

The service boat. The boat is hard to get because of two reasons.

1: It is only available on the route from Brussel to Amsterdam (as far as I know, have never seen it anywhere else)

2: Its a rare cargo so when you see it, go and do that job immediatly for the achievement “not a canoe” and to progress the achievement “The bigger the better”.

The other one i found was pretty hard to find is the construction staircase. I believe this one is pretty rare aswell since I almost never see it.

The Cargoes (Images)

Boiler Part

Construction Staircase

Excavator Bucket

Giant Silo

Haul Truck Chassis

Heat Exchanger

High-Tech Device

Huge Tyres

Industrial Condenser

Massive Tech Part

Service Boat

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