Cattails – Where to Find the Power Paws

Where to find/get all of the Power Paws in Cattails.
There are 20 Power Paws in total, each give +5 max health.


There are four totems, one for each season.

  • Canyon Cliffs – Can only be accessed in Spring
  • Canyon Ruins – Can only be accessed in Summer
  • Swamp Border West – Can only be accessed in Fall
  • Prairie Border North – Can only be accessed in Winter


There are three mines in Cattails.

  • Prairie Mine, Level 50
  • Canyon Mine, Level 50
  • Island Mine, Level 50

Attacking Stuff

You have to attack some stuff to get Power Paws. Each of these rocks/stumps have a paw print on them.

  • Beach East (Claw the rock)
  • Central Bend (Claw the rock)
  • Highland East (Claw the rock)
  • Wetland Outskirts (Claw the stump)
  • River Bend (Claw the stump)


Here are some Power Paw locations I couldn’t come up with sections for.

  • Walking Trail (Step on the paw print and walk along the path)
  • The Weepingroot (Walk in a circle around the tree)
  • The Fallen Giant (Walk through the log)
  • Sacred Temple (Step on all of the paw prints)

Power Paws are sold by Coco at festivals for 8 Festival Tokens (one for each season).

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