Total Miner – Servers: How to Make a Basic One

This will give you some basic ideas and tips for preparing a server.
This will not go in to scripting, and will only cover the basics for starting a server.
Hope this helps someone.

Creating the World

Depending on what kind of server you are making i would suggest:

For minigames and PVP:

  • Flat world (Minigames and PVP arenas.)
  • Remember to use zones!

Plains world (Factions style PVP)

For RPGs:

  • Any type
  • Turn PVP off if you dont want people killing eachother.
  • Remember to use zones!

For large Factions:

  • Semi-Alpine
  • Desert world

For custom maps:

  • Flat world
  • Remember to use zones!

For showcases:

  • Flat world
  • Remember to use zones!

For survival:

  • Any type
  • Skilling is your choice.
  • PVP is your choice.

Making a Map

The map is important for Minigames and Arena based PVP, you can also have a custom survival map.

Minigames: Start by building a hub or lobby, from there build the different games. (PVP, Parkour or anything really.) From here place teleporters in the lobby, a different colour for each, red is admins only. Now place the teleporters in the different games, have the colour of the teleport the same as one of the ones in the lobby. Make sure each colour is different for each game. (Place obsidian on the ground and it will become a teleporter.)

PVP Arena: Build a small or large arena, i even suggest having a pit around the edges, that leads straight in to lava or spikes.

Survival map: Build lots of random structures, some containing NPCs even, try building dungeons with loot at the end.

RPGs: A custom map with anything you want, differently leveled enemies in different areas and bosses even. Have NPCs sell players gear or have them tell some kind of story.

Showcase: Build what ever you want.


Zones are handy for making servers, they allow you to set permissons for what players can do in the area of a zone. You can even make it so when you jump in that zone you fly to the moon.

Minigames: For PVP have it so players can damage eachother and turn everything else off. For Parkour have everything disabled, you could make players super fast if you wanted. For a Free building area have building enabled, if you have plots that players must build on make sure they know that they can only build on their plot. For anything like the lobby/hub you can leave everything off. I suggest you have a massive zone that covers the whole world. (It might say that you have reached the block limit on the Creative menu, but that limit only counts for filling with blocks, clearing blocks and anything else on the Creative menu, to create zones you must go to Game on the pause menu. This only counts for the new menu. You need Marker blocks for zones.)

PVP Arena: Same as PVP in Minigames, just disable everything other than PVP.

RPGs: Have everything disabled, you can have building or PVP if you want.

Showcases: Disable everything.

Custom maps: Its your choice.

Survival: Have building enabled, PVP is your choice.

Player Permissions

Permissions control what a player can do, they are useful for making a server.
Enabled permissions will be disabled in zones that have that permission disabled.

Minigames: Have building enabled, creative disabled, PVP enabled, Map disabled, Adventure enabled, fly disabled and voice is your choice.

PVP Arena: Adventure and PVP enabled, all else is disabled. Voice is your choice.

Survival: Adventure, building, map are enabled. All else are disabled, voice and PVP is your choice.

RPGs: Adventure only, everything else is disabled. Voice and PVP is your choice.

Custom maps: Your choice.

All disabled other than prehaps adventure and map.

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