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Fallout 4 - How to Unlock Robot Parts (Console Commands)

Oct 19, 2016    
Fallout 4 - How to Unlock Robot Parts (Console Commands)

Console commands to unlock Automatron and Nuka-World robot parts.

Here's a string of console commands to unlock the various parts to build robots. Both Automatron and Nuka-World parts are listed. It should not cause any problems with your game, but no guarantees.

Easiest Way to Unlock them All

Easiest way to unlock them all are trough a bat file.

  • Make a .txt file in the Fallout 4 main folder (where the .exe is, NOT the data folder where mods are) and name it something you can remember (example robot.txt).
  • Copy all the lines you want to unlock into the text file.
  • When in game open console and type bat followed by what you called teh text file, for example "bat robot". 

Fallout 4: Automatron Parts

set co_DLC01Bot_Arm_Assaultron_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Arm_Protectron_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Arm_RoboBrain_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Arm_Sentry_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Hand_LightningGun_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Head_Assaultron_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Head_Protectron_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Head_RoboBrain_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Head_Sentry_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Legs_Assaultron_Global to 1
set co_DLC01Bot_Legs_Protectron_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Legs_RoboBrain_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Legs_Sentry_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_Assaultron_Armor_Construction_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_Assaultron_Armor_Wasteland_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_Assaultron_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_MrHandy_Armor_Construction_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_MrHandy_Armor_Wasteland_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_Protectron_Armor_Construction_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_Protectron_Armor_Wasteland_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_Protectron_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_Robobrain_Armor_Construction_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_Robobrain_Armor_Wasteland_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_RoboBrain_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_Sentry_Armor_Construction_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_Sentry_Armor_Wasteland_Global to 1 
set co_DLC01Bot_Torso_Sentry_Global to 1

Fallout 4: Nuka-World Parts

set co_DLC04Bot_Hand_Sentry_Autolaser_Global to 1 
set co_DLC04Bot_Torso_Nukatron_Global to 1 
set co_DLC04Bot_Torso_Nira_Global to 1 
set co_DLC04Bot_Torso_MisterHandy_Armor_Global to 1 
set co_DLC04Bot_Legs_Sentrybot_Global to 1 
set co_DLC04Bot_Hand_Protectron_Weap_Lasergun01_Global to 1 
set co_DLC04Bot_Hand_MrGutsy_Weap_Laser_Global to 1

Game:   Fallout 4