18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker 2 – How to Fix the Game Crashing on Startup Issue

This guide will show you how to fix the issue of getting a black screen or the game instantly crashing upon startup.

Guide to Fix the Game Crashing on Startup Issue

Creating the Config File

It seems that over the years Windows has somehow broken the way that the game starts up. This usually causes a black screen with the menu music playing, or the game crashing almost immediately upon launching it. This can be easily fixed by just creating a Config file and putting it in the game directory.

To Start, Open up notepad and create a new blank file. Copy and Paste the text below into the notepad.

# prism3d variable config data

uset g_profile "1"
uset r_gamma "1.0"
uset r_msaa "4"
uset r_fullscreen "1"
uset r_mode "1680x1050x32x59"
uset r_device "dx9"
uset g_developer "0"
uset g_flyspeed "100.0"
uset g_lang "en_us"
uset g_colbox "0"
uset g_cache_vlimit "16384"
uset g_ignore_low_fps "0"
uset g_minicon "0"
uset g_console "0"
uset g_texture_usage_stats "0"
uset g_fps "0"
uset g_stream_exts ".ogg;.mp3"
uset ds8_mix_channels "2"
uset ds8_mix_depth "16"
uset ds8_mix_rate "44100"
uset ds8_reverse_stereo "0"
uset s_acceleration "0"
uset s_mix_channels "2"
uset s_mix_depth "16"
uset s_mix_rate "44100"
uset s_device "ds8"
uset r_vsync "2"
uset r_anisotropy_factor "0.25"
uset r_texture_detail "0"
uset i_device "di8"

After Pasting, it should look something like this.

Naming and Saving the Config File

After Pasting the config above click Save As on the document. Name the file “Config.CFG” and save it to your desktop. (note that the 1 in the image provided is just so i didn’t overwrite the config file i had already made for my game)

After you have finished it should look something like this.

At this stage i am assuming that you have the windows setting enabled where windows will automatically change the file type if the file extension type is added to the end of the name of the file.

Moving the Config File into the Game Folder

After the config file has been created and is on your desktop, now all you have to do is place the config file into your games folder. To do this right click the config file and click “Cut”.

Open your File Explorer menu and click Documents. In my case Extreme Trucker 2 is the first result.

Open your Extreme Trucker 2 folder and Paste the Config.CFG file into it.

And you’re done! That’s all it takes.

Written by Fox

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