Nights of Azure – 100% Achievement Guide

The Land Without Night

All credit goes to Dead-End!

This should unlock along with the final achievement you have.

Thorns of Madness

Story related, cannot be missed.

This will be the first boss you will come across, I’d only say about being wary of him leaping at different areas of the map and his tail swipe. Otherwise with the Demon Form you unlock during this fight. It’s actually a pretty easy fight.

Innocent Toy

Story related, cannot be missed.

The 2nd boss you will come across. This boss has 3 stages. This area also has traps so be wary of those while attempting to attack the boss.

  • Stage 1 -The boss will jump around and often drop bombs which has an AoE blast radius. Avoid running into them too often when pursuing the boss.
  • Stage 2 – When you defeat the boss once, he’ll come back with less health than before but he moves much faster compared to stage 1, he will also summon minions to attack you or your servans. Beware of bombs since the boss can also make you screen become extremely dark. 
  • Stage 3 – In the last attempt to kill you he’ll become a cannon which will have 4 lines, them being infront of him, there is plenty of space so just make sure you’re not standing in the red before he fires.

Defeat Blueblood Toy

Story related, cannot be missed.

This boss calls insruments that will swirl around him, these will knock you up should they hit you.When his hp reaches certain %’s he’ll have a red aura around him, when this happens back off and wait for the energy to go away as this will give a cutscene should it hit you which will do a lot of damage if not then actually kill you. I’d say go as far as possible and keep using dodge roll as he lunges at you when he has the red aura. He may also lock your servan/s out of combat, this only happens for a few seconds so you can just dodge roll around till you can summon again. (As long as you kept some SP to resummon).

Chaste Reaper

Story related, cannot be missed.

This boss has 2 stages.

  • Stage 1 – Boss has scythes around and will send 2 homing blades every now and then.
  • Stage 2 – When the boss hits around 60% hp there will be a cutscene and the boss will become stronger and faster. You will also notice that you come back into the fight farther away compared to stage 1, she’s more agressive with her range attacks and the ranged attacks will go up to 4 instead of 2 from the previous stage. if you are having problems, I’d recommend saving servan burst and your demonic/rabbit form for this stage.

Heavy Wall

Story related, cannot be missed.

This boss has more attacks compared to the first dragon you fought, however these attacks are avoidable as long as you are wary of red zones when fighting the boss. I’d only suggest being wary of his aerial attack which does have a wide radius, should you fail to dodge roll out of the radius you should guard before he hits as it’ll make you receive less damage. Servans may die in the magma circles should they be standing in it, so make sure you have your healer for this boss.

Royal Guard

Story related, cannot be missed.

This boss is able to dash around the map and has a swipe attack, may also summon minions from the odd time. The boss doesn’t have anything to be wary off and you should be able to nuke it pretty quickly, if not then I’d suggest checking equipment or servans.

Sorrowful Night

Story related, cannot be missed.

This is the final boss in the game, this may take a couple of tries should you lack levels, servan levels and decent equipment (4 slots recommended.) Worn Tarot Card is also recommended as it gives you 20% of restoring 5SP with a direct hit, here we will want to get our demonic/rabbit and constantly going all out on the boss as well as resummoning servans to refresh their burst. Make sure you also have your healing servan for this fight as well as things can get bad quickly. if you have leveled up another 1 or 2 decks then be sure to use those too encase you do get servans in deck 1 locked out. When the screen also goes black at any given time back off a bit as the boss will prepare to lunge at you and you will get a cutscene. This will do massive damage or kill you.

There will be red orbs that will also appear during the boss fight, These will shoot at you and your servans from time to time. But will also heal the boss when she reaches around 40-50% hp, I’ve seen her heal herself up to 3 times. Ofc if you are killing her fast enough, she won’t have time to reach that first orb to get the health. I’d highly recommend getting the Gargoyle head and level him up a bit as his burst does insane damage. If all still fails, then you can aim to reach level 9 to get a new weapon which will help a lot.

Blooded Lady

Appears on the 1st set of extra quests you get after beating the game

This is an extra and the hardest boss in the game, she has 4 stages.

  • Stage 1 – When the fight starts she will summon 4 eggs, these will constantly summon monsters and the boss will throwing homing weapons at you, dodge roll plenty otherwise guard before it hits. She will also spray green orbs infront of her and do a full turn with her tail, beware as this can KO your servans if they aren’t max level (10).
  • Stage 2 – When she reaches 75-80% hp, she will turn the area into ice with poison status effects, you are pretty much ice skating around the place and make sure you have the item (Spirit’s Shield) on you and your servans as this will make you immune to poison while also giving you a nice boost on Hp/Sp for burst spamming. She will also get an ice rain ability, avoid this at all costs as 1 strike will knock you up and being hit by the rest of the barrage which oftenly results into killing you. 
  • Stage 3 – When she reaches 25-35% hp she will make the area pink with a charm effect. If you don’t have Spirit Shield I’d suggest getting rid of your servans till it goes back to normal. This effect controls your minions and will have them killing you instead of any other enemy. 
  • Stage 4 – When she’s at 20-30% hp she will resummon the eggs if you didn’t already destroy them and become incredibly agressive with her ranged attacks. Avoid the eggs and nuke the boss down.

If you do have Nightmare Form Then this fight becomes almost trivial. If you do then make sure you have a boomerang, make sure you have the nightmare upgraded to stay in the form longer and have full guage before fighting the boss. You’ll defeat the boss in no time with your servan bursts as well.

Aloofness Player

Appears on the 2st set of extra quests you get after beating the game

The last extra boss that is much easier compared to the previous extra boss.

She will summon the blueblood count which we had fought previously but we can ignore him in the fight, Just aim for Christforoth. She summons dolls around her to attempt to stop you from hitting her too much, only other thing to be wary of is her so called cannon. If you see her hop on her golden cannon then get behind her asap, de-summon servans if they are anywhere infront of her as it has a decent wide blast radius and is a OHK (One Hit Kill). She may also seal your servans but at this point you should have an extra team or a copy of the same team ready to go at this point.

Again, this boss becomes trivial as well if you have nightmare form and boomerang. Just be wary of the cannon otherwise u can watch the HP drop like no tomorrow.

One Ending / Ending Redux

One Ending will unlock shortly after defeating the last boss. There is 3 normal endings which is related to Illysse’s affection. Doesn’t matter which one you unlock to receive this achievement.

Ending Redux will unlock after completing all extra quests before defeating the final boss (Roodgate) again. When at the hotel make sure you have no exclamation points, if you have nothing then you should receive the ending.

First Summon / Elite Summoner / Commander

This achievement you should get naturally, if you still don’t have it then you can just sit in any level and constantly summoning, changing deck, summoning and changing deck again. Using Hamelin’s pipe will help with the SP regen.

First Order / Go Get ‘Em! / Commander

This you should also get naturally, giving servans orders can be related to bursts or the other command section should you want them to drink blood or etc. Just sit on any level and give orders till you unlock the achievements.

First Actualization / Fetishmeister / Actualizer!

All you need to do is actualize a total of 80 servans, I personally done at the time I was blood farming for my levels, Picker cat is really cheap, exactly 200 blood so always actualize those to keep as much blood as possible. if you are already at end game and farming blood then just actualize any fetish item you get.

First Trade / Trade Lover / World Trade King

Real easy, once Lloyd has his shop open you can go on the trade map. All you have to do is go to each location at least once, each area will be lightened with a yellow colour when you have visited the area.

I’d highly suggest starting with Oceania (Bottom right) first as they have an item that is only obtainable by trade. (Red Coral) which also turns into a servan when actualized. Rest of the items as far as I’m aware of is grindable in 1 zone which I will share in Item Maniac.

Good Samaritan / Jack of All Trades

This is where the game gets grindy. Take tasks as you are playing the game and slim the number of tasks needed down a bit. It’s best to only take tasks that you can do in the same area to save time, so example central square has a search task but you also picked up a shadow kill task. You are basically killing 2 birds with one stone. if you have most of the skills you can accept up to 3 tasks at once, with the amount of areas you’ve visited before you should have a fair idea which enemy is where.

First Arena / Battle Freak / Arena Conqueror

Arena tasks unlock as you continue playing through the chapters and some unlock by finishing certain arena tasks. You don’t need 3 stars, as long as you finish the task you will obtain this.

Here are certain tasks that may give problems.

  • Knockout – Use a bomb servan and use burst when he’s surronded.
  • Can’t Catch me – When you have a ranged weapon, just sit and shoot them till they die.
  • Connect Chains – Having Gladiator items will extend your chain combo and make this easy.
  • Damsels in Distress – Don’t be near the dolls and let the bombs come to you, bombs explosion doesn’t kill the dolls (Weirdly enough)
  • Push and Shove Equip highest ATK items and use attack servans, Steel Hellion should make quick work.
  • Meteor Dance I honestly just killed them, otherwise equip best defense items and dodge as many fireballs as you can.
  • Servan Strategist Having Hamelin’s pipe will make this level a piece of cake, just equip that and keep spamming bursts, changing deck, spamming bursts until you finish the level. You aren’t allowed to attack anyway.
  • Solo With blood sword equipped run up and use your heavy attack, it will knock up/stun the boss and spam your special. You won’t even notice the timer go down much.
  • Grudge Match Tarot cards and best attack items will help here, you want to clear as much as possible till the boss shows up. Then just go over with the blood sword and heavy attack to stun and special till he dies.
  • Abyss Make sure you have nightmare form, equip a boomerang and have your best 3 ATK items equipped. use a ranged weapon and spam attack until you are able to transform. Once you are ready and able get as close as you can then transform. Then light attack as you are slowly making your way towards her. You will see her die in no time. May take a couple of attempts as the boss can hit VERY hard.

Servan Collector / Servan Lover

Full list of Servan’s that you need to collect and the fetishes needed to actualize them.

Servans – Fetish

  • Alraune – Moonstone
  • Plumie – Red Spinel
  • Mallu – Red Coral (Only Obtainable by trading in Oceania with Lloyd)
  • Dinosword – Rusty Cutlass
  • Macersaur – Warped Mace
  • Picker Cat – Bell Collar
  • Carrier Cat – Toy Collar
  • Mine Bomber – Damp Bomb
  • Meteor Bomber – Cannonball
  • Toy Sentinel – Toy Soldier
  • Toy Trooper – Guard Trumpet
  • Arachne – Black Widow
  • Wood Golem – Oak Branch
  • Rock Golem – Broken Magic Stone
  • Gnomid – Pressed Flowers
  • Yfritte – Bat Wings
  • Bisque – Bisque Doll
  • Wolf – Wolf’s Fang
  • Steel Hellion – Gargoyle’s Head
  • Bronze Leo – Lion’s Statue
  • Night Stalker – Broken Glass Lantern

Gust (obtained when in the hotel, simply a dlc servan.)

Any Servans you are missing you can buy at at the final zone off the merchant there. It costs blood but once you get to blood farming, you can buy every other servan but Mallu.

Item Collector / Item Maniac

As far as I’m aware the only item that is only obtainable by doing trade in Oceania with Lloyd is Red Coral. If there is still items you need, I’d suggest have 2 decks each with 1 picker cat, include Hamelin’s pipe or Night crown on the cats. After you’ve done that go to the Halls of Infinite Darkness and there you are just going to go between these 2 decks using burst on the picker cats. They will keep picking up 2 items every time burst is used and you will receive a large number of items.

There is a total of 104 items on which you can get at least 103 items from the Halls of Infinite Darkness. When at the hotel press start and open your encyclopedia and check your items, this will give you a rough idea how far you are on getting all possible items. Fetishes and quest items are also required for this achievement.

Chain Noob / Chain Expert / Chain God

Can be gotten in a boss battle or you have a few arena tasks that want you to kill a large number of enemies or achieve a certain combo number. Should get naturally.

Fiend Hunter / Fiend Slayer / 10,000-Fiend Busta

This will be one of the last achievements you will get, best place is going to the arena and doing massacre task which wants you killing 100 enemies. Can be done in 20-30 seconds as long as you have summons with AoE attacks and you using blood sword.

Demon / Rabbit / Phantom / Armor / Nightmare Form

To get a different form, you need to have at least 10 orbs of the desired colour. It comes out like this.

  • Demonic form – 10 red orbs (Default is no other form has 10 orbs)
  • Rabbit form – 10 yellow orbs
  • Phantom form – 10 blue orbs
  • Armor form – 10 purple orbs
  • Nightmare form – 10 white orbs (Only unlockable after beaten the game at least once)

Leader’s of deck’s always give x2 the number of orbs they have to a servan with 5 blue orbs, will actually give 10 should they be leader. To increase the number of orbs for a servan you need to strengthen them with the exact same fetish that was used to actualize them. So example.

Dinosword uses red orbs, should I use a rusty Cutlass which was originally used to make him and he isn’t already at 5 red orbs. He will receive the stat boost as well as another red orb because I’m strengthening him with his own kind.

For the achievements you only have to transform into each form once, it’s also a good idea to have different decks for different forms.

Demon Flute / Deathblow of Beauty

You need hamelin’s pipe for Demon Flute and Glass Sword for Deathblow of Beauty.

By clearing a battle, it means clearing the zone and fighting the final boss. I personally done this at the Count’s garden’s where you originally fight the first boss in the game.

Hamelin’s Pipe will disable Arnice being able to attack, but she regens 5 sp per second. Just bring high damage servans and you will kill the boss in no time.

Glass Sword will increase your attack, however a hit from any damage source will instantly kill you. So use your ranged wep the whole time and bring high damage servans to kill the boss asap for you.

Loyal Allies / Ultimate Agent and Blood Farming Tips

Loyal Allies you will get in due time, max level for a servan is level 10. However can be increased to level 15 with the Mark of Evil Freedom (rare drop).

Ultimate agent can only be obtained after beaten the game at least once. Max level is 11, otherwise 9 if u haven’t beaten the game yet. To reach level 11 from 10, you need 500k blood. May seem like a lot but I’m gonna share a method I found effective, especially with the nightmare form.

Before we go to this lovely room that will give you large amounts of blood in a matter of minutes. You will want to equip the following items. on your servans. Giant’s Bone, this will increase blood drop by 20% and with it on each of the servans thats an increase of 80% blood drops. Equip that on Arnice as well or better yet if u have Havel’s axe which will increase blood drop by 25% instead that’ll give u a total of 105% blood increase. Servans I’d recommend is Hellion, Night Stalker, Wolf and the alraune (healer).

Arnice will also need to be able to go into Nightmare form and have a boomerang equipped as well.

Go to the final level we have the 6 seal rooms, take the very first left which will lead you to Reika’s room. Once there clear the mobs asap while building up your gauge and go fight the blueblood dragon. After you’ve beaten him the first time you should have the gauge full and ready to go nightmare, clear the first set of mobs and when you come across the 2 hellions before the blueblood dragon go nightmare kill them both and quickly go to the boss and kill him. By that time you should have them killed and possibly racked around 40-60k blood in 2 runs, depending on your chain combo. 100+ is pref as it also affects how much blood you get.

Depending on how fast you done 2 runs, only 2 mins or less should of passed as the timer pauses when you fight the blueblood dragon.

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