DUSK – Cheat Codes

DUSK Cheat Codes for Single Player episodes and Endless Mode.


These cheat codes were directly ripped from the “goodies” folder, I decided to make a guide since not everyone seems to be aware of its existence. I suggest you to take a look at it!


Type the codes in-game just like in Doom:

  • nbdeity – toggles god mode (can still take damage over 100 health)
  • nbkfa – give full health, ammo, keys, and weapons
  • nbkeys – gives all keys
  • nbshooters – gives all weapons
  • nbdeathless – gives full health and armor
  • nbfastfingers – doubles fire speed (this will stack!)
  • nbregularfingers – sets fire speed back to normal
  • nbponcho – toggles lava suit for 300 seconds
  • nbhot – toggles superhot mode for 300 seconds
  • nbspoder – toggles climbing powerup for 300 seconds
  • nbfrog – increases jump height by .1 each time it’s typed
  • nbman – resets jump height to normal
  • nbwoohoo – toggles a janky slow motion mode
  • nbgotta – toggles double movement speed (also affects some vertical motions such as jump pads)
  • nbreflect – mirror mode (cannot be toggled off)
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