Megaton Rainfall – Achievements and Secrets

This guide explains how to aquire the achievements of the game as well as further explains how to get the not so easy achievements. It also goes over some of the secrets of the game.

Secret: Health bar

All credit goes to Dovah!

Blowing up Cities

Blowing up too many cities will give you a few hints, until you are threatened of having the health bar reduced to a pixel. The threats are not empty…

To do this, blow up about 10 or more buildings.


You’re health will be greatly reduced to approximatly 5%, but after either quitting the game, or coming back later (exact time unknown) the health bar will go back up to 5. Destroying more cities will put it back down once more.

Achievement: Suicide

Black Hole

To complete this achievement you must kill your character, an immortal being. The only way to do so is to fly into a black hole. You are likely to find a black hole while going through space and finding the signs.

Achievement: Apocalypse

Blow up the World

  • Acquire Gigaton Blast
  • Find a city
  • Hold Gigaton Blast for Approximately 1 minute or more
  • Release: fire it downwards at the city

You know it worked if you are pushed into orbit and see the earth falling apart.

Achievement: Explorer

Fly Very far from Earth

You’ll be doing flying for about 10 to 20 minutes until you get the achievement. You’ll know its working if you keep flying for approximately 5 minutes, and by then you get some hints about returning. Eventually it will say that you will not get a trophy for it (but you do).

Once you get the achievement, you should fly back. We tested going further for about 30 minutes, then spent the next 2 hours trying to find a black hole so we could respawn. Head back as soon as you get the achievement for your own time sake.

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  1. The actual charging time required to blow up the earth is about 30 seconds. It also doesn’t work on other planets, unfortunately.

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