Railway Empire – Signaling Guide


  • Trains always use the shortest available path even if a slightly longer route would be faster. 
  • If you have more then one train to a station configure the used platform manually (edit route > click station) to divide them optimally between the available platforms. Hovering with the mouse over a platform shows you how much (in percent) the platform is currently in use.
    If you have trains driving through a station don’t use that platform for other trains as you can’t select on which platform trains drive through. 
  • Everywhere where you use shunts place entry-signals from all directions facing into the area. 
  • Don’t place signals if a full length train does not fit behind it. (Tip: a train is ~14km long compared to track length in building mode) 
  • Supply Towers and stations have built-in signals 
  • Signals “think” ahead if a train reserving a path to them will cause a conflict somewhen further ahead. (if it wouldn’t do that for example, you couldn’t use automatic block points on single tracks or trains would soon block each other head on head). Think of it like trains can pre-reserve a path ahead of these signals, even if that path is still in use by another train, as long as it won’t cause a conflict in the future. 
  • A signal in the opposite direction of a train has no effect. It acts like there would be no signal at all.

Simple Constructions


Railway Empire - Signaling Guide

Connect all platforms with shunts and place an entry signal.

Passing Place

Railway Empire - Signaling Guide

Blocking signals at the end of the sidetracks and entry signals right before the shunts. As the supply tower has builtin signals make sure that there is enough space behind them so trains loading supplies don’t block the whole construction.

Each sidetrack here is ~32km long so 2 trains fit in it for each direction (4 total).
At best build passing places close to stations, but not too close (so at least a train fits between entry signal from station and entry signal from passing place).

Simple Crossing

Railway Empire - Signaling Guide

Just place entry-signals around the whole construction.

Automatic block points

Railway Empire - Signaling Guide

Not much to consider here. Just place signals facing in both directions to allow trains following another train.

Advanced Constructions

Double Track

Railway Empire - Signaling Guide

You need two shunts here at the entrance to the double track (S-shunt). This is technically the same as the X shunts you know from other games, it just takes slightly more space.

Branching point to double track

Railway Empire - Signaling Guide

Example of how to simply connect a single track with a double track (both directions).

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