Staxel – Achievement Guide

Detailed descriptions for all the Steam achievements in Staxel

Tutorial Questline

Fresh Farmer

Deliver your farm registration letter to the mayor

At the end of the tutorial questline with Farm Fan, after being led to your farm, and growing and harvesting the crop you’ll be given a registration letter to deliver to the Mayor. Turning in this letter awards the achievement. If you’re playing on multiplayer and are not the host, you can’t get this quest, so you’ll need to start a single player world and zip through the quests with Farm Fan to get this, shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

On the Farm

Let it Grow

Plant 1000 Seeds

As the description say, just plant 1000 seeds to get this. This will take a couple seasons, and you’ll probably get it eventually just by playing. If you’re finding yourself gaining this slowly, you can either purchase cheap seeds in bulk or use the Reaper to turn all the crops you harvest into more seeds.

Midas Touch

Reap a Gold Seed

If you purchase a Reaper, it’ll turn harvested crops back into seeds (not from berries or fruit from trees). It produces around twice as many seeds as the crops you put in, and putting in golden seeds will give 5 non-golden seeds for that same crop. Occasionally it will produce golden seeds, even from non-golden crops, and getting your first golden seed awards this achievement. Just keep using the reaper until you get it, shouldn’t take too long.

Calcium Kid

Milk a Cow 100 times

Once you build a barn you’ll get 2 cows, and you can purchase additional Cow Crates for 15k. You can purchase a Milker from the grocery store which allows you to milk then, and as long as they’re fed each cow can be milked once a day. Just be sure to milk the cows each day and you’ll eventually get it.

Outback Shepherd

Shear a Sheep 100 times

Very similar to the one above. Sheep can be purchased for 10k each, and can be sheared once a day with Shears, purchaseable in the grocery store. Once you’ve got some spare cash try and pick up some sheep, and then remember to shear them daily. Takes a while, so just keep at it.

Assorted Farm Activities


Use a wardrobe to change your outfit!

In the farmhouse there is a waredrobe. Taking an item of clothing from your body, putting it into your inventory, and then re-equipping it should award the achievement. You can also purchase items of clothing from Buttons, and your pet will sometimes bring you thinks if kept happy.


Throw a ball

Items that are considered balls can be thrown by left clicking with them. Doing this once awards the achievement. Animal droppings are considered balls, and since you get cows from completing the barn, that’s a pretty easy option. Snowpiles in the winter give snowballs when clicked on, and can be used, and villagers will sometimes give you hockey balls if you return their lost items (talk to the tavernkeeper if you find socks, a phone, or a “voxelboy”).

World Cup

Sweep a ball

To get this, use a Broom to sweep one of the above mentioned balls (animal droppings, snowballs, hockey balls). Brooms can be purchased from the Shipping Catalog for fairly cheap. (If you have hockey goals, sweeping the hockey ball into it will cause the counter above the goal to increase, so you can theoretically organize a hockey match with your friends. Doing this isn’t necessary for the achievement, however).

Around the Island

What is it?

Harvest Star Jelly

Occasionally there are white star-shaped items on the sides of trees, these are the Star Jellies you’re after. You can click on them to harvest them, and once you harvest your first one you’ll get this achievement. Just keep an eye out on the trees as you walk around the island, you’ll eventually see one.

Loot Box

Loot a forest treasure chest

Scattered throughout the forest are small treasure chests (shorter than some of the flowers), they look somewhat like a voxel version of the achievement picture. Right clicking on them gives you a couple hundred petals. The first time you do this, you’ll get the achievement. I’ve found 4 or 5 around the island, so just keep your eye out as you explore around.


Gather 100 Shells

Scattered across the beach are several varieties of shells. Picking up 100 of these awards the achievement. The shells can be sold, which makes a nice source of income early, though they don’t seem to ever respawn.


Chop 1000 Raw Wood

There are plenty of trees around the island, and you can chop them down with an Axe to get Raw Wood. Each block of wood chopped has a 60% chance of dropping a Raw Wood. Chopping the base of a tree will cause the rest of the tree to break and drop more Raw Wood, so you can target the bottom of large trees to quickly get lots of wood. You’ll just need to go out and chop a bunch of trees until you get the achievement. Then after you get it you can start to worry about the deforestation you’ve caused.

Great Escape

Mine 1000 Raw Stone

Under the top layer of dirt is what seems to be endless layers of stone. Each stone you mine seems to have around a 50% chance of dropping a Raw Stone when mined with a Pickaxe. You just have to mine enough stone to get the achievement. Holding down the Pickaxe for 3 ticks allows you to mine a 5×5 area, making this faster. If you’ve found one of the pre-generated Mines on the island you can mine stone there, or just pick a nice hole and dig to your heart’s content. There’s no fall damage, and you can teleport back to your home if you’ve used a bed there, so no need to make any kind of staircase should you pick the second option.

Bug Hunter

Catch 100 Bugs

Pretty straightforward, just grab a Bug Net and wander around catching bugs. Once you’ve caught 100 you’ll get this achievement. I’ve found bugs in trees, around flowers, on the ground, in my house, etc. Just wander around and catch what you see and you’ll net some income (heh) as you work towards the achievement.


Catch one of every bug

As the description says, simply catch one of every type of bug to get this achievement. In reality this is far from simple, and is quite an investment of time, but stick at it. It is worth noting that the Will o’ the Wisp can only be caught during the pumpkin festival (Autumn 5-9), so be sure and track one down during that week (they can be extremely elusive, so start hunting early), and don’t worry about not finding them the rest of the year.

Master Fisher

Catch 100 Fish

You can purchase a Fishing Rod at the store or get one from assembing the Dock for Riah, and can then go fishing in the ponds scattered around the island or in the ocean at the edge of the island. To catch a fish, just hit the numbers that are displayed on screen in the right order (from 1 to 4). Don’t mash random buttons, you’ll lose the fish. Some of the more difficult fish can require you to press multiple butons simultaneously or do more presses, but none are all that difficult, and its nothing to worry about. Just catch 100 fish to get this achievement, and while you’re at it you can sell them for a bit of cash (or put them on display on a bookshelf like me).


Catch one of every fish

Similar to Aristaeus above, you need to catch one of every type of fish to get this achievement. Fish can be found in the ponds around the island as well as in the ocean, and some types of fish are specific to one of those. The weather can supposedly also affect what fish you can catch (according to Riah). The two ‘???’ fish, can only be caught during the Winter Festival in the koi pools there, and are the only fish you can catch in those pools. The golden koi is rarer (I got it ~5% of the time), but spend a day or two fishing there during the event and you’ll get some (you can trade them in for exclusive rewards once you do).


Find 100 Mixed Seeds

Mixed seeds can be found by using the Scythe on flowers or grasses in the wild (holding down the scythe makes it harvest in a 3×4 area). Planting the seeds will grow a random crop for that season (though I think the seeds can only be planted in the season they’re harvested, my stack won’t let me plant them unless it is Autumn). The drop rate is a bit low, so you’ll need to whack a lot of weeds to get the 100 Mixed seeds for this achievement, but keep at it. The extra free seeds can be especially nice early on, so invest in a Scythe and whack away.

I hope that’s edible

Gather 100 Mushrooms

There are 3 types of mushrooms, Red & White – as pictured in the achievement, Brown – same shape as Red & White but different color, and White. The white appear as a group of several small, flat mushrooms and are low to the ground, and can be harder to spot. I’ve noticed that mushrooms tend to spawn in the same spots periodically, so it can help to pay attention to where you find them, particularly near town. To get this achievement, harvest 100 total of any of these types. This can take many days, so don’t expect to go on a harvest spree and do it all in one day, just work on it over time.


The achievements in this section require you to cook various sets of recipies. I’ve included within each section the stations required to prepare the recipies, as well as what ingredients you need. An aggregate of all the requirements is here at the top (as you likely intended to get all of the achievements if you’re viewing the guide). You can order any ingredient from the Shipping Catalog in case you didn’t grow it, although some items can be a tad expensive when purchased (for some you have no choice). It also takes many thousand petals to purchase all the necessary recipies, so don’t expect to get these achievements too early on.

  • Aggregate Stations Required: Baking, Boiling, Chopping, Combining, Cutting, Mixing
  • Aggregate Total Ingredients: 2x Apple, 1x Beetroot, 1x Blackberry, 2x Blueberry, 3x Butter, 1x Cabbage, 4x Carrot, 2x Cherry, 1x Chocolate Bar, 2x Dragon Fruit, 3x Egg, 2x Jar of Water, 2x Lemon, 2x Lime, 5x Milk, 2x Onion, 2x Orange, 3x Plain Flour, 2x Peach, 12x Pie Crust, 2x Potato, 1x Pumpkin, 2x Raspberry, 2x Strawberry, 1x Tomato, 1x Turnip, 13x White Sugar

Emilia’s Protege

Bake one of each Cake

There are 3 cakes currently in the game: Cake, Carrot Cake, and Chocolate Cake. The basic Cake recipe is unlocked by default, and the recepies for the other two can be purchased at the Patisserie once it is built for 4200 petals each. All the ingredients can be found at the general store except for the Chocolate Bar, which is sold in the Patisserie. Bake one of each cake to get the achievement.

  • Stations Required: Cutting, Mixing, Baking
  • Total Ingredients: 3x Butter, 1x Carrot, 1x Chocolate Bar, 3x Egg, 3x Plain Flour, 3x White Sugar

Soup Chef

Cook one of each Soup

There are 7 Soups in the game: Beetroot, Cabbage, Carrot, Pumpkin, Tomato, Turnip, and Vegetable. All of the recipies are unlocked at the start of the game except Pumpkin, for which the recipie can be purchased from the general store (Note that the Cabbage Soup recipe was not unlocked for character created prior to update 1.1.34, like mine. If this affects you, you’ll need to start a new character/world to get this achievement. And to save you time, the achievement doesn’t unlock if your character is in Creative, I tried). Jars of water can be purchased from the grocery store, and the other ingredients can be grown or purchased. Create one of each soup to get the achievement.

  • Stations Required: Cutting, Mixing, Boiling
  • Total Ingredients: 1x Beetroot, 1x Cabbage, 2x Carrot, 2x Jar of Water, 5x Milk, 1x Onion, 1x Potato, 1x Pumpkin, 1x Tomato, 1x Turnip


Bake one of each Pie

There are 12 Pies in the game: Apple, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Dragon Fruit, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Vegetable. None require recipies, which initially threw me off, but instead you need to buy Pie Crusts from the Catalog for 1100 petals each. To make the pie, first Cut the fruit (if applicable), then Combine the fruit with a pie crust, and finally Bake the pie. For the Vegetable Pie, instead combine the pie crust with a Vegetable Medley, obtained by Mixing a Chopped Onion, a Chopped Carrot, and a Chopped Potato. After you’ve baked the 12th pie, you’ll get the achievement.

  • Stations Required: Chopping, Mixing, Combining, and Baking
  • Total Ingredients: 1x Apple, 1x Blackberry, 1x Blueberry, 1x Carrot, 1x Cherry, 1x Dragon Fruit, 1x Lemon, 1x Lime, 1x Onion, 1x Orange, 1x Peach, 12x Pie Crust, 1x Potato, 1x Raspberry, 1x Strawberry

Let’s Jam

Cook one of each Preserve

There are 10 Preserves in the game: Apple Sauce, Blueberry Jam, Cherry Jam, Dragon Fruit Jam, Lemon Marmalade, Lime Marmalade, Orange Marmalade, Peach Sauce, Raspberry Jam, and Strawberry Jam. The recipies for each can be purchased from the general store (can take a bit of cash, each one is around 900 petals). If you’re missing any of the base fruits, those too can be purchased from the general store. Cooking one of each will award this achievement.

  • Stations Required: Chopping and Boiling
  • Total Ingredients: 1x Apple, 1x Blueberries, 1x Cherries, 1x Dragon Fruit, 1x Lemon, 1x Lime, 1x Orange, 1x Peach, 1x Raspberries, 1x Strawberries, 10x White Sugar
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