Final Fantasy 15 – The Don’t Sell These Treasures List

Coming straight from the Official Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide, here is a list of treasures (either dropped by monsters or found in the world), that you should not sell.

They are needed to either complete quests or to upgrade weapons.

  • Metal Scrap
  • Rusted Bits
  • Dynamo
  • Magitek Core
  • Glass Gemstone
  • Earth Gemstone
  • Sky Gemstone
  • Magnetron
  • Monster Claw
  • Cylinder
  • Coreurl Whiskers
  • Barbed Scythe
  • Cactuar Needle
  • Spiked Armor
  • Sturdy Helixhorn
  • Repair Kit

P.S. All other monster treasures are okay to sell for loot.


The list of monster dropped items is a lot larger than that, but according to the guide they serve no purpose other than to get gill.

There are ingredients and treasures that would be a good idea to horde, to give big effects to spells but other than that it appears the list is rather short, for stuff to keep and don’t sell.

Written by Wrathra


  1. I re-arranged them to alphabetic order, here they are:
    Barbed Scythe
    Cactuar Needle
    Coreurl Whiskers
    Earth Gemstone
    Glass Gemstone
    Magitek Core
    Metal Scrap
    Monster Claw
    Oracle Ascension Coin
    Repair Kit
    Rusted Bits
    Sky Gemstone
    Spiked Armor
    Sturdy Helixhorn

  2. Thanks!
    It would help to also note what amount we need each of those (apart from Repair Kit). And if possible, is there any piece that you can only get in limited amount per playthrough, meaning you might screw a quest/upgrade if you sold all available monster parts.

  3. Mind folks, while this is a list of items used for upgrades and quests, they are all able to be farmed. The reason to horde these however, is these tend to be rare drops or require substantial amounts for a big payoff.

  4. It’s a shame quests can’t be taken on like how Xenoblade Chronicles & Chronicles X can. Still a good game.

  5. At most I’d keep 10 just to be safe but overall 1 should be enough.

    Repair kit you can ignore completely if you wan though as far as I know the only source of them is buying from shops (including from regalia shop) and the only use is to do the occasional broken down car side quest which you’ll almost always acquire 10 feet away from the regalia where you can buy more repair kits.

    I just grabbed 5 repair kits from the regalia as soon as I realized what they were for and then just replenished them when I remembered to after each time I found a broken down car side quest.

  6. Earth Gemstones are wonderful, You can make Quadcasting 999 power spells with approximately 40 of them. I’d also add the Bullette drops to this as well if you’re looking for good spellcraft items. High tri/quadcast fire spells are what will eventually get you to Zu Beak farming… and break damage limit spells. XP boost items are overrated. You get enough XP by doing hunts to not need the banknotes and coins and then if you’re going after the beaks, you’re going to get all the XP you want without needing it on lower powered spells. Just eat the XP up meals instead at camp!

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