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Surviving Mars - Starting Checklist (Tips for Beginners)

Written by Furious Blender   /   Mar 15, 2018    
Surviving Mars - Starting Checklist (Tips for Beginners)

A guide to help new players manage their mars base at the start of the game.

See also: Basic Startup Guide to Self-Sufficiency.

Starting Your Mars Colony

The basics for the beginning "Sols" of your colony should look like this.

  • Select your rocket ship payload. I suggest using the recommended payload for the first couple of playthroughs in order to get used to the game.

  • Locate an area on mars that has a high amount of resources. 

  • Use your starting probes to identify an area with a source of water and minerals. 

  • Prepare a basic power source, the large solar panels are usually really good for beginning the game with. 

  • Setup a basic loop with your power cables in order to prevent complete loss of power to anything connected to your grid.

  • Place "Water extractors" over your source of water and connect it to a water tank. 

  • Place Universal depots in order to save on storage space early game. 

  • Using the "resupply" button in the bottom left hand corner, ship in supplies and building fabs as needed. 

  • In the research tab in the bottom right, select a research that suits your colony and the buildings that you have placed.

Written by Furious Blender.