SpyParty – Experienced Guide

You’re now ready. This guide will teach you all the remaining mechanics in SpyParty so you will be able to explore the full depth of the game.

Action Tests

Up until now, every Spy action you’ve performed (“Swap Statue”, “Check Watch to Add Time” etc.) has automatically succeeded. In Intermediate Mode, there is an added component to some of these actions. This is called an action test and it will determine how subtle your Spy action is. When you initiate a Spy action, a bar will appear and a line will go across the bar. Pressing/clicking again will stop the line. The bar is split into three regions: a wide red area, a smaller white area, and a tiny green area. The ultimate goal is to stop the line within the small green area. If red and green are hard to distinguish for you, you can enable the “Use Alternate Test Bar Colors” toggle in the Accessibility section of the Settings menu.

If you successfully perform a green action test (by stopping the line within the small green area) the reward is a more subtle Spy Action. Stopping the bar within the white area will cause a normal action, this has been the default for you thus far. A red action test will reward no subtlety, and depending on the action may cause a more obvious Spy behavior. Note, if nothing is pressed by the time the line reaches the end, the action test will result in a white result.

What each result means for the different spy actions will be explained below.

Swap Statue Changes

In experienced mode, swapping statues has an action test. A white result will do the swap just as it does in simplified mode. A green result will not immediately swap the statue. Instead, it will call an AI over to swap the statue for you. The animation for an AI swap is slightly faster, so a keen Sniper may be able to tell the difference. A red result will cause a slower swapping animation that the Sniper is more likely to see.

Contact Double Agent Changes

Contacting the Double Agent will also require an action test. A white result is the same as it is in simplified mode: the Spy will say “Banana Bread” after a short delay and in the middle of a talking animation. A green result will make the Spy say the code phrase immediately and with no talking animation. A red result will still cause the Spy to say the code phrase, but then will visually and audibly cough.

Seduce Target Changes

Seducing the target also has an action test. As you know from simplified mode, the progress you make in the meter is dependent on how close you are to the target. In intermediate mode, it’s also dependent on your action test. A green result will fill the meter significantly more, so much so that two closely-executed green flirts will complete the mission. A white result is just as it is in simplified mode. A red result will cause the seduce to fail, and your seduction target will immediately leave.

Bug Ambassador Changes

Bugging works differently, though it does not require an action test. Instead, you are given the opportunity to bug the ambassador in more situations. In simplified mode, you can only bug the Ambassador if you are standing right next to them. In intermediate mode, you can also do a “walking bug” where you bug as you move past the Ambassador. This will take some practice to get right, but once you master this technique, you will be able to pull off some incredibly hard to spot bugs.

Inspect Statue Changes

Each inspect will have an action test that determines how long the inspection takes.

Purloin Guest List Changes

Upon attempting to purloin, an action test will be presented. A white result will cause the list to fade, just as it does in Intermediate mode. A green result will reject the drink from Toby, sending him away. The next AI to take a drink will steal the guest list for the Spy. A red result will cause the list to flash for a few seconds before fading away.

On Pub and Moderne, you additionally have the option of delegating the purloin to another character. Instead of immediately taking the list, the Spy has the option to take a drink and delegate. This starts a 60 second timer (which can be seen in the mission list on the Spy’s screen). After taking the drink, you can go to a conversation circle and the option to delegate will appear. If you select it, the person closest to you in the circle will go and take the list for you. Note that they MUST get to the bar and be served within the 60 second timer for the purloin to work. If they are too late, they will not purloin the list.

Fingerprint Ambassador Changes

If the Spy is the next partygoer to touch an object after the Ambassador, the fingerprint can be gained for free (just as it is in Intermediate mode). If the Spy is the second person to touch an object after the Ambassador (i.e. a partygoer got to the iterm before the Spy), a special action test can be attempted. A green result will get the fingerprint. Any other result will not.

Transfer Microfilm Changes

In Experienced mode, transferring the microfilm can now be done in two ways. It can be done as the same way in Intermediate mode (putting the book back in the “wrong” book case), but it can also be done by removing and replacing the microfilm from the book itself. When holding a book, there will be an action test to remove the microfilm from the book. Perform this action (with accompanying action test), to remove the microfilm. The action test result will determine how subtle the animation is. Once you’ve removed the microfilm, you can place the book back where it belongs. Then repeat the process at a different bookshelf: take a book, perform the “Hide Microfilm in Book” action, and then place the book back.

Time Add Changes

Not a mission, but adding time requires an action test. A white result adds 45 seconds to the the Spy clock and 45 seconds to the Sniper clock, just as it does in Simplified mode. A red test will do the same, but will also cause an audible beep for both the Spy and the Sniper. A green test will add 45 seconds to the Spy clock, but will slow down the Sniper’s clock until the equivalent of 45 seconds has been added.


The dossier tool lets you view every animation in the game. If you have any questions what a mission looks like, feel free to check the dossier for more information. It can be accessed from the Practice menu.

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