Marie’s Room – All Objects and Journal Entries

All items and interactions for obtaining the “Every word” and “The complete picture” Achievements.


Important Notes:

  • Whenever you need to interact with objects you have to click on and rotate them. 
  • You do not need to wait until Kelsey finishes her monologues.
  • When you use the laptop: wait until the Journal has successfully updated before switching to another mail or tab. 

Main Floor

  • Action: Try going downstairs
  • Weather forecast
  • Local wineguide
  • Picture (2x)
  • Door (3x)

Marie’s Room (Present)

  • Map
  • Interact: Postcard
  • Action: Read Marie’s journal

Marie’s Room (Past)

Start from the bed and rotate to the left through the entire room:

  • Orange peels [Journal Entry]
  • Action: Read Marie’s (almost empty) journal
  • Pillow [Journal Entry]
  • Action: Examine Case [Journal Entry]
  • Phone [Journal Entry]
  • Shopping bags
  • Swimsuit [Journal Entry]
  • Bike helmet [Journal Entry]
  • Interact: Name badge [Journal Entry]
  • Interact: “The Green Eatery” card
  • Keys
  • Interact: Check doormat [Journal Entry]
  • Interact: Takeout menu
  • Interact: Search Kelsey’s jacket [Journal Entry]
  • Sparkly shoes [Journal Entry]
  • T-shirt [Journal Entry]
  • Pizza boxes
  • Smoking jar
  • Stone [Journal Entry]
  • Interact: Open drawer [Journal Entry]
  • Interact: Kelsey’s phone [Journal Entry]
  • Action: Turn on TV [Journal Entry]
  • Rubik’s cube
  • Whiteboard [Journal Entry]
  • Interact: Sheet of paper
  • Ringbinder [Journal Entry]
  • Poster
  • Bike basket [Journal Entry]
  • Picture
  • Ripped shirt [Journal Entry]
  • Action: Use the Laptop (Password: “shadow person”) [Journal Entry 5x]

  • Kitty.gif
  • E-mail (2 mails)
  • Internet browser (3 tabs)

  • Broken window [Journal Entry]
  • Action: Turn the Desk lamp on
  • Interact: Open notebook [Journal Entry]
  • Interact: Open drawer [Journal Entry]
  • World map
  • Action: Turn the Record player on
  • Fan
  • Sunglasses [Journal Entry]
  • Interact: Beer bottle [Journal Entry]
  • Interact: Search Kelsey’s backpack [Journal Entry]

The Complete Picture

Found every story object.

  • Action: Read Marie’s journal to get the code for the case
  • Action: Open case (34951)

Marie’s Room (Present)

  • Action: Answer the phone
  • Action: Take Marie’s journal

Every Word

All of Marie’s journal entries found.

  • Action: Leave the house
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