Marie’s Room – 100% Achievement Guide

Obvious spoilers ahead!
There are obvious spoilers in this guide! I recommend you play through the game blind as it is quite amazing, this guide is here for people who missed something and just cant figure it out alone.

Welcome Back Kelsey

You’ve entered Marie’s room.
Just enter the room, easy enough…

Words of Secrecy

You’ve found the password of Marie’s laptop
Log into the laptop on the desk, the password is “shadow person”

Cuteness Overload

Discovered the cat GIF on Marie’s desktop.
On the laptops desktop, click open the cat gif

A Change of Heart

Cracked the code of the case
The case under the nightstand beside the bed. The combination is 3 – 4 – 9 – 5 – 1
Note: doing this will get you out off the room with almost all of the collectible items, do this as a last thing after you’ve gotten everything

Close Chapter

Finished ‘Marie’s Room’
After you pick up the phone in the end, pick up the journal and walk downstairs

Every Word & The Complete Picture

The last two achievements require you to inspect every item in the room. These include the items outside the room (ex. wine book, pictures & temperature monitor).

Some of the most hard to notice are:

  • Beer bottle (behind the courtain)
  • The keys (beside the door)
  • The basket on the shelf
  • Broken window behind the laptop
  • The paper pamphlet on the door

For a complete list of the items, be sure to check this guide!

Written by Spooki Miiki

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