Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon – Boss Rush Cheat Codes

There are cheat codes you can input to modify certain aspects of boss rush mode, below are the said codes…

The Cheats

You can put modifiers on your boss rush runs if you hold down one of the following buttons and then press start on boss rush:


  • I – Nightmare Mode Boss Difficulty.
  • N – Ultimate Zangetsu (Normal Boss Difficulty).
  • T – Infinite Weapon Points.
  • C – Subweapons and Hearts Regenerate after each Battle.


  • Left Switch – Nightmare Difficulty.
  • Right Switch – Ultimate Zangetsu.
  • Attack – After Fight Regen.
  • SubWeapon – Infinite WP.


  • Y Button – HP / WP Restore after each Battle.
  • X Button – Infinite Weapon Points.
  • L Button– Nightmare Mode Difficulty.
  • R Button – Ultimate Zangetsu.

Multiple of these can be active at once, assuming you can manage holding down all the buttons and still press start.

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