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» » Jurassic World Evolution - All Ingen Database Entries (I Read Your Book Achievement)

Jurassic World Evolution - All Ingen Database Entries (I Read Your Book Achievement)

By [MorTam]Thertex   /   Jun 17, 2018     Guides
Jurassic World Evolution - All Ingen Database Entries (I Read Your Book Achievement)

Are you missing some database entries? You are in the right place!

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I Read Your Book Achievement

Unlock all InGen Database entries in the game.

Fast Tip for Obtain All Entries

For get all entries you just need to play all islands (nublar included) spawning specific dinos on specific islands. get specific photos on specific islands and get max rep on each faction in each island. Do all missions. Research all techs and dig all fosiles. Not sure if selling buildings count too.

How to Get All:

Just play first island, reach max rep with 3 factions, do their quest. take photos of herbivore and carnivore killing some guest, take some photos of dinosaurs figthing and hunting (for example ceratosaurus hunting struthiminos) and reach 5 stars on dinos, buildings and island. For fosile entries, i recomend to put in expedition center all upgrades on perfomance.

Then go to second island and do same task. and with all islands. when you unlock all (researchs, buildings, dinos with 100% ADN) go to each island spawning all dinos.

After doing all of this. you will left 2 characters and 4 locations entrys. this entries are obtained on Nublar island, 2 of them for reaching 5 stars (building and dinos) and the other 4 for spawning dinos. so just spawn all dinos on this island too.

Dinosaurs [42]

Just get more than 50% of genome from fosiles.

  • Ankylosaurus 
  • Apatasaurus 
  • Archaeornithomimus (Deluxe DLC) 
  • Brachiosaurus 
  • Camarasaurus 
  • Ceratosaurus 
  • Chasmosaurus 
  • Chungkingosaurus 
  • Corythosaurus 
  • Crichtonsaurus (Deluxe DLC) 
  • Deinonychus 
  • Dilophosaurus 
  • Diplodocus 
  • Dracorex 
  • Edmontosaurus 
  • Gallimimus 
  • Giganotosaurus 
  • Gigantspinosaurus 
  • Huayangosaurus 
  • Indominus rex 
  • Kentrosaurus 
  • Maiasaura 
  • Mamenchisaurus 
  • Majungasaurus (Deluxe DLC) 
  • Metriacanthosaurus 
  • Muttaburrasaurus 
  • Nodosaurus 
  • Pachycephalosaurus 
  • Parasaurolophus 
  • Pentaceratops 
  • Polacanthus 
  • Sauropelta 
  • Spinosaurus 
  • Stegosaurus 
  • Struthiomimus 
  • Styracosaurus (Deluxe DLC) 
  • Suchomimus (Deluxe DLC) 
  • Torosaurus 
  • Triceratops 
  • Tsintaosaurus 
  • Tyrannosaurus 
  • Velociraptor 

Dig Sites [32]

This entries are unlocked automatically by progressing in the game.

  • Tendaguru formation
  • Chenini formation
  • Bahariya formation
  • Tegama beds
  • Maevarano formation
  • Iren Dabasu formation
  • Ziliujing formation
  • Nemegt formation
  • Yuliangze formation
  • Lower Lufeng series
  • Bissekty formation
  • Mackunda formation
  • Oxford clay
  • Isle of Wight
  • Lournha formation
  • Horseshoe Canyon formation
  • Dinosaur National Monument
  • Kirtland formation
  • Frenchman formation
  • Egg mountain
  • Peay Sandstone member
  • Dinosaur Park formation
  • Cloverly formation
  • Laramie formation
  • Scollard formation
  • Cedar Mountain formation
  • Morrison formation
  • Hell Creek formation
  • Cleveland Lloyd dinosaur quarry
  • Garden Park
  • Lance formation
  • Candeleros formation

Paleontology [39]

For get more easy all of this entries, i recommend to put in the upgrade slots the Dig Yield upgrade. A dig site will not be unaccesible until you get al fossiles obtainable there.

  • Buried treasure 
  • Gold 
  • Iridium 
  • Osmium 
  • Palladium 
  • Platinum 
  • Rhenium 
  • Rhodium 
  • Silver: can be obtained from Hell Creek Formation.
  • Algal fossils 
  • Ammonite fossils 
  • Amphibian fossils: can be obtained from Hell Creek Formation.
  • Angiosperm fossils 
  • Arthropod fossils 
  • Aquatic mammal fossils 
  • Aquatic plant fossils 
  • Avian fossils 
  • Bird eggs 
  • Bird footprints 
  • Cephalopod fossils 
  • Chordate fossils 
  • Conifer fossils 
  • Coprolite: can be obtained from Lance formation.
  • Coral fossils 
  • Crurotarsans fossils 
  • Crustacean fossils 
  • Cynodont fossils: can be obtained on Ziliujing formation
  • Dinosaur eggs 
  • Dinosaur footprints 
  • Fern fossils 
  • Fish fossils 
  • Fungi fossils 
  • Ginkgo fossils 
  • Opalized fossils 
  • Shark fossils 
  • Skin impressions: can be obtained from Horseshoe Canyon formation.
  • Snake fossils 
  • Turtle fossils 

Genes [28]

For unlock all this entries you need to research genes in research center. Some genes are unlocked by obtaining 5 stars in some islands or as a reward from reputation or by completing missions from divisions.

  • Null genes
  • Tooth and claw hardness
  • Scale and skin toughness
  • Hearth and lung muscle strength
  • Robust digestion
  • Quick reaction times
  • Intuitive learning
  • Aggressive instincts
  • Intensive skin repair
  • Slowed brain ageing
  • Intense inmune response
  • Hyperefficient blood cells
  • Fast twitch muscle fibers
  • Increased bone density
  • Rapid metabolism
  • Null cosmetic gene
  • Alpine cosmetic gene
  • Tundra cosmetic gene
  • Savannah cosmetic gene
  • Woodland cosmetic gene
  • Taiga cosmetic gene
  • Rainforest cosmetic gene
  • Jungle cosmetic gene
  • Steppe cosmetic gene
  • Arid cosmetic gene
  • Wetland cosmetic gene
  • Coastal cosmetic gene
  • Vivid cosmetic gene

Locations [36]

Not sure about how to unlock each entry, when i notice at the end of the game that i haven't unlock all entries (in my case, i left 4 locations and 2 characters). So i have info on how to obtain that 6 entries. It seems, like spawning dinos, building/selling structures, taking specific photos, selling some items in the stores, reaching 5 starts on islands, doing quests in each island unlocks this entries. (Isla nublar has some entries too).

  • Brachiosaur enclosure
  • Cretaceous cruise
  • Derelict Jurassic Park visitor center
  • Dilopohosaur paddock
  • Docks: Reach 5 stars on facility rating in Nublar Island (possibly you need at least 2'5 rating on dinosaurs).
  • Galliminus valley: Randomly obtained after doing contracts of entertainment division on Isla Matanceros.
  • Gentle giants petting zoo
  • Gyrosphere attraction
  • Hammond creation lab: obtained after release some dinos and placing a viewing gallery.
  • Ingen harvester encampment
  • Indominus rex paddock
  • Innovation center
  • Isla Matanceros
  • Isla Muerta: unlocked at the same time you unlock the island, by reaching 3 stars on Isla Matanceros.
  • Isla Nublar: obtained at same time you unlock this island, by reaching 4 stars on Isla Matanceros.
  • Isla Nublar laboratory: Spawning Ankylosaurus on Nublar island (maybe you just get by spawning any dinosaur on nublar island, Ankylosaurus was my first dino spawned in that island).
  • Isla Pena
  • Isla Sorna
  • Isla Sorna airstrip
  • Isla Sorna aviary
  • Isla Tacaño
  • Jurassic Park aviary: Obtained on Isla Matanceros, by reaching 2'5 star rating on dinosaurs or for let a dinosaur dying on fight with other.
  • Jurassic Park control room
  • Jurassic Park gate
  • Jurassic World aviary
  • Jurassic World control center Obtained on Isla Matanceros, by reaching 4'5 star rating on island.
  • Jurassic World gates
  • Main Street
  • Monorail
  • Mosasaurus feeding show: Spawning dinosaurs on Nublar Island (possibly reaching rating on dinosaurs or spawning maybe 5 dinosaurs).
  • Raptor Pen: Reach 5 stars on Nublar Island (both ratings, dinos and facility).
  • Raptor training facility
  • T.Rex kingdom
  • Tyrannosaur paddock: on Nublar Island, spawning a Ceratosaurus.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex nest
  • Visitor center

Archive [78]

Characters [47]

Most of this entries are unlocked by taking photos, spawning dinos, selling something in the stores.

  • Ray Arnold: Manually solve a sabotage 
  • Billy Brennan: Obtained randomly for doing contract of science division on Isla Muerta. 
  • Dr. Robert Burke 
  • Eddie Carr: obtained randomly after doing entertainment contracts on Isla Tacaño. 
  • Isaac Clement 
  • Lowery Cruthers: open a gate manually 
  • Claire Dearing 
  • Mr. DNA 
  • Lewis Dodgson: Sell barbasol in the gift shop. 
  • Dr. Kajal Dua 
  • Cabot Finch 
  • Donald Gennaro: obtained for leting Ceratosaurus eat a guest on Isla Matanceros. 
  • Owen Grady 
  • Dr. Alan Grant 
  • Katashi Hamada 
  • John Hammond: Reaching 4 stars on Isla Matanceros. 
  • Dr. Gerry Harding 
  • Dr. Sarah Harding 
  • Ben Hildebrand 
  • Vic Hoskins 
  • Amanda Kirby 
  • Eric Kirby 
  • Paul Kirby: Let Ceratosaurus eat some guest. 
  • Vivian Krill 
  • George Lambert 
  • Peter Ludlow 
  • Dr. Ian Malcolm 
  • Kelly Malcolm 
  • Simon Masrani: Let Indominus Rex break a concrete wall and escape. 
  • Gray Mitchell: Reach 3 stars on overall rating on Isla Nublar. 
  • Karen Mitchell 
  • Scott Mitchell 
  • Zach Mitchell: Build some buildings (not needed more than 2 of each repeteable building for obtaining) on Nublar Island. 
  • Robert Muldoon 
  • Lex Murphy 
  • Tim Murphy: Not sure if i obtained for completing first mision of entertainment or for let a ceratosaurus eat a Bait Feeder. 
  • M.B. Nash 
  • Dennis Nedry: Sell barbasol in the gift shop. 
  • Nick Van Owen 
  • Dr. Ellie Sattler: Finish first mission of science. 
  • Barry Sembène 
  • Ajay Shidu: Take photo of fight between raptor and dilophosaurus on Sorna Island. 
  • Dieter Stark 
  • Roland Tembo: Tranquiliced manually a Ceratosaurus that was a threat on Isla Matanceros. 
  • Udesky: On Isla Tacano, randomly obtained after doing entertainment contract. 
  • Dr. Henry Wu 
  • Zara Young 

Diseases [16]

This entries are unlocked by researching medical treatments.

  • Algae Poisoning
  • Ammonia Poisoning
  • Avian Pox
  • Avian Influenza
  • Bracken Poisoning
  • Campylobacter
  • Common Cold
  • Cryptosporidium
  • E. Coli
  • Mycotoxins
  • Rabies
  • Hookworms
  • Salmonella
  • Tapeworms
  • Ticks
  • Tuberculosis

Memos [15]

This entries are unlocked by reaching 100% reputation with each division on each island. Not needed to be reached all at same time, just reach 100% in one division and then you will unlock a memo.

  • Trust Issues (1/2): Isla Matanceros - Entertainment
  • Veiled Threat: Isla Tacaño - Entertainment
  • Making the impossible, possible: Isla Matanceros - Science
  • Listen carefully: Isla Muerta - Science
  • Multiple Incidents: Isla Matanceros - Security
  • Missing scientist (1/2): Isla Pena - Science
  • The Watcher: Isla Muerta - Security
  • A broken seal: Isla Pena - Security
  • Hybrid Resurgence: Isla Pena - Entertainment
  • Where it all began: Isla Muerta - Entertainment
  • On schedule: Isla Sorna - Science
  • A close bond: Isla Tacaño - Security
  • Internal concerns: Isla Sorna - Security
  • Trust Issues (2/2): Isla Sorna - Entertainment
  • Missing scientist (2/2): Isla Tacaño - Science 
Written by [MorTam]Thertex.