Tooth and Tail – Cheats

Is Tooth and Tails meant to be a little too hard?Need something easier? Read this guide at your own risk. As it may cause a game crash.


Use cheats at own risk. Using them in multiplayer can give you a VAC ban. Only use them in Singleplayer. And may also cause crashing.

How Do I Activate Them?

It’s pretty easy to do it. And no. It’s not console cheats. It’s in the options menu. Go to options and just hit [Enable Cheats].

How to Use Them

This is the confusing part because as I said before there is no “Console Cheats”. This time you use the uhh…. I don’t know. Just let me explain them. (This may not work for all keyboards).

All Cheats

  • F3 – Change weather or time.
  • F4 – Toggle slow motion.
  • F5 and Home – Give food / money.
  • F7 – Complete construction (also does this to enemies and allies).
  • F9 – Immediately makes you win (and unlock the heroic).
  • F10 – Immediately makes you lose.
  • – Makes your army starve.
  • = – Makes your army stop starving.
  • Page Down and Del – Removes all of your food / money.
  • Page Up – Gives health to every commander.
  • . – Reveal the map.
  • I – Makes your units unkillable.
  • O – Does some kind of developer thingy.
  • P – Turns predict motion on and off (what ever the hell that does).
  • J – Makes all the commanders unkillable.

And yeah. That’s all the cheats I know. And also… Please try to remember to use these at your own risk!

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