Tooth and Tail – Heroic Guide (Walkthrough)

A guide for the heroic objectives and a walkthrough for the missions as well!

The Bonepit Riots

Destroy all enemy structures

This is the tutorial and you can’t really miss the heroic objective unless you intentionally tell your units to ignore the turrets and go straight to the gristmill. Don’t do that please.

Black Sledge Uprising

Build 8 warrens

Just sit on your base and let the food build up, the enemy will never come and attack your base. Build 8 warrens of your choice, even 8 squirrel warrens should be enough to win.

46 South Dockside

Finish with 16 Farms

Not hard to do. Just bear in mind that the Archimedes has more than one base and its going to attack from more than one direction.

Scout to see the paths in which he is going to attack and build turrets close to each other, if in hills even better. Just remember to build all the farms around your gristmills and to re-build if a pig got killed.

Fuel of the Firebrand

Claim 6 gristmills

You have to claim the neutral grismills around the map, the ones under the control of Archimedes are not necessary.

Its important to note that you get the star even if the gristmills are still building, and once the heroic objective is complete, you’re not force to keep or protect the gristmills. So you could save up 360 food then go around claiming all the gristmills and then immediatily sell them as soon as you get the star. Although I would recommend working on defences since you’re going to be attack by swarms of frogs.

Hollow in the Gut

Destroy the enemy Gristmills

This is all about rushing down the enemy since you only have 4 minutes to destroy Archimedes’s Gristmill, luckily he only has one.

The key for this is simple, as soon as the mission start sell all your turrets, ALL of them. While doing so, queue a few farms, and as soon as you’re able, build 3 squirrel warrens, then build up to about 6 farms, that should be enough.

While the squirrels are in the process of spawning, scout for enemy warrens, most of the times there will be enemy warrens outside the enemy base, even close to yours, destroy them with your squirrels, moles can wait until you need to deal with turrets.

(It is possible that you get a random map that puts the enemy warrens on or behind Archimedes base, which it could be a problem, but its not a common thing to happen).

Once you find Archimedes base, let your squirrels hold position nearby while you spawn moles, ALL of them moles! Once you have about 6 moles give or take, command your moles to go first for the nearest turret so they tank the damage and then soon after, send your squirrels to battle as well.
(Chooce your moles, left click to command them and then right click for your entire army).

The enemy will have turrets adjacent to his Gristmill so take the nearby turrets and pigs before attacking the Gristmill. Spawn more moles if you have the food for it.

This Heroic objective is all about selling all your turrets and rushing the enemy.

To the Ends

Win without building structures

There are 2 ways to do this: Rush it or find Hopper.

To rush it, don’t build any farms and begin to scout as soon as the mission starts.
Archimedes starts with 2 Gristmills, look for at least one of them and the units that you can recruit on the wild. Ignore squirrels at first, there are mines and its possible to get unlucky and get your squirrels easily killed. Moles are fine but I would recommend looking for ferrets, they are able to attack at a safe distance, but since there is poor visibility on this mission, you’re gonna have to stand nearby your targets for the ferret to attack without them having to get in enemy’s line of sight and stay safe. just remember to not get your commander killed, when low on HP, step back with your units until Bellafide is fully healed.
Once you destroid the first Gristmill (and warrens if Archimedes happen to start building any), scout for the second Gristmill and recruit anything you find on the way, or that you left behind.

Just remember, don’t build farms, scout inmediatily, recruit ferrets only at first and attack.
If you happen to find Hopper, no harm in recruiting her, it costs 0 and she is also going to scout.

If rushing isn’t much of your thing, then what you need to do is find Hopper as soon as possible. You can’t even build turrets, so you’re going to need her. Queue one farm when the mission begins and then look for Hopper.

Once you find and recruit her, go back and recruit any units you found on the wild (They are white dots on the mini-map), burrow back to your base, call your units home and build farms. Keep scouting until you find and recruit all units avaliable (There is one Uncle Butter somewhere).

Luckily Hopper is going to build warrens on your base as well to help defending your starting Gristmill. Try not to get your units killed. Keep an eye on what Hopper is doing and attack with her.
When attacking, you could send your squirrels first to check for mines.

Something important to note is that, once you recruit all avaliable units, you don’t need farms anymore, you’re going to need at least one to not enter starvation, so you could claim a few Grismills, build one farm on them and not worry about defending, you won’t need the food anymore.

Snikaree Liberation

Finish with a Net Worth of 1500 food in 5 minutes

This is when the Heroic objectives start to get tough, if not annoying.

For this one, you’re going to have to get lucky with the randomness of the map and be able to read the mini map. The most important thing to read is: green = can’t walk through.

There are lots of trees that hide paths, so you either have to quickly notice the paths or look at the mini-map to see where you can and can’t go.

Time is tight and you lose net worth as you lose units and you don’t gain any for freeing prisoners.

You have to get lucky with the prisons you find. If the first few prisons you find are guarded by turrets or skunks, that’s a restart, specially if the prisoners are more lizards. A good and lucky start would be to quickly find nearby prisons guarded by squirrels or ferrets that will give you chameleons or even the Owl. Then you can use the Chameleons to deal with turrets and skunks.

An important tip that helps with how tight the time is, the Owl can not be targeted by ferrets or skunks, so if you have an Owl and find one of those prisons, you can send your Owl there while you go and scout for more prisons. This can also be done with the Chameleons, where you send them towards a prison guarded by a ferret or turret and let them free it by themself as you keep navigating the map, it might be a bit risky with the turret if you only have 2 chameleons, in which case you could focus on the turret just in case.

Other things to have in mind: Wing Demonds are scouting around the map, they are very dangerous to your lizards, be careful. Even if you left your lizards behind somewhere safe or on water, a wild wing demon could appear and kill some of your lizards, if not all of them.

Drill Sergeant Volkou, the Wolf, is patrolling somewhere on the map. While not dangerous at all by himself, you can take the chance to take him down while he is alone. He could happen to wander towards a prison and buff whichever enemy unit is in it and really damage or kill some of your units. And before taking him down, make sure there are no wing demons nearby that are about to fly by, they could get buffed making them more of a threat.

Be quick, read the mini-map, send the right units to free prisoners according to which enemy is guarding them, heal on water when necessary and protect your lizards, they are the easiest way to lose net worth.

The Siege of Ragfall Road

Finish with a Net Worth of 3000

This can be complicated for a few reasons: the randomness of the map and Bellafide doesn’t do a very good job of defending himself. If all his Gristmills are destroyed, you lose as well, and he doesn’t expand.

You both start with 2 Gristmills. If any of your buildings and Gristmills gets destroyed, you lose net worth. Losing units also drops your net worth, but that’s the least of your concerns.

Something that could help is to re-roll the missing until you and Bellafide’s bases are nearby, even better if you both are on the same edge of the map, to worry about less path of attacks.

Enemy warrens start spawning when the count down timer reachs 4:30. You have 1:30 mins to prepare. Start by building a few farms, then 2 or 3 lizards warrens and scout around, the larger and emptier an area is, the more likely that warrens are going to be spawned and accumulate there, but don’t neglect smaller areas either.

While Chameleons are tough and good at taking out warrens, I didn’t personally used them at all in this mission, I prefered to have a large army of fast moving lizards and a couple of foxes to either help on protecting the lizards or left behind to defend either my base or Bellafide’s. I’ve only used mines when the enemy attacks began to get tougher to defend from.

If Bellafide warrens, farms or Gristmills gets destroyed, it doesn’t affect your net worth, so you will mostly have to help him defend his Gristmills to not lose.

The Sand Kiln at Levacaloo

Kill 40 enemies with Kasha


This actually really works, I succefully tested it several times before writing this.

First you want to build a farm and then inmediatily scout the whole map. See where Archimedes bases are, he starts with 4 Gristmills.

As you scout you also want to see for good Gristmill candidate for an early expansion. You’re looking for a Gristmill far from your base and somewhat close to Archimede’s base that isn’t on his path towards your base.

Once you have 180 food, build Kasha’s warrens on the edges of your territory, to avoid it getting targeted in case of an attack. From there you have to wait for the warrens to finish and the next 180 used for Kasha to being spawning.

Now head towards the Gristmill you choce to move to and build it with the next 60 food you get and then queue a few farms on it. Your first base is going to be a decoy for Archimedes to get distracted with, thats why the Gristmill you chooce has to be farther from your base and out of Archimedes path of attack, even better if close to his base, just keep it concealed.

This part of the strategy is just in case he gets too aggressive, but I’ve had a test run where I got Kasha out and he didn’t attacked me once, so the early expansion might not always be necessary, its mostly a backup. But having a Gristmill close to his base give you territory to which avoid the damage you take outside of it without having to travel a long distance.

The starting pigs + the one from the farm you built at the start should be able to defend themself from the first few waves of lizards. Once Kasha is online, move her to your new base. Don’t sell her warrens, if you do that it will despawn Kasha.

From here and on is about sniping his lizards and pigs, even Archimedes himself, as long Kasha delivers the killing shot, it counts towards the kill count.

As you do so, you’re going to go back and forward between expending your food on building more farms, an army of ferrets on your second base and attacking with Kasha, mind the damage that you and your units take outside your territory and heal on water.

Be careful not to snipe too many of his pigs, if you hurt his economy too much, he won’t have enough food to spawn more lizards and you won’t have enough time to meet the kill requirement.

Don’t get scared if he sends a giant group of lizards towards Kasha, Archimedes usually just commands his lizards to move where Kasha is and leaves, which then all you have to do is move her back and let her snipe the lizards one by one while they just stand there. Archimedes might come back to command the lizards to move again, so don’t leave Kasha alone, or not for too long.

Once you made good progress towards the heroic objective, command your ferrets to take out the closest Gristmill from your new base and then take the Gristmill for yourself once its destroyed, this gives you more territory to advance without having to worry about the health drain.

Just remember: One farm build, rush Kasha and succefully spawn her, then build farms and an army. Don’t snipe too many of his pigs.

Scrapetown Cutpurse

Finish the mission without dying in 6 minutes

After replaying this mission multiple times and failing many of those, I finally realize what the trick was: Sell the lizard warrens. They are useless for this.

The reason for this is because the longer you expend not finding and damaging the Quartermaster’s bases, the larger his squirrel army gets, making your lizards more useless as the mission goes on.

By selling the lizard warrens, you inmediatily have enough food for a chameleon, and if you quickly find 2 meal pickups, Kasha would begin to spawn very quickly.

From there it depends on the map. The Quarermaster has 2 Gristmills and if you get lucky, one or both of them will be nearby.

Just scout while you wait for your few units to spawn and be careful not to die.
Once you have your 2 Chameleons and Kasha, you don’t have to worry about food supplies and you can dispatch of the merchants that are on the way. Let Kasha snipe them and keep your Chameleons
concealed, unless there is water nearby to which to heal, if so, don’t worry much about getting damage. Also take out skunk warrens if you find them as you search for the Quartermaster’s bases.

Since this allows to rush, be mindful or your low HP, sometimes there are a lot of merchants on the way, depends on the randomness of the map.

Sell all your lizard warrens, get 3 more food supplies, scout as much as you can, and once you have your units, rush it.

If there is little to no water nearby, snipe and avoid damage, move and dodge skunk’s gass grenades and ferret’s mortars.

Scrapetown Racket

Collect 3000 food

This one is mostly annoying.

You start with 4 Chameleons and all you really need to build are turrets. You can build them anywhere so they become very relaible in taking control of the map, which then the rest falls on the map layout, how far the merchants are from one another, and how long does it take you to find
the enemy warrens, specially considering the slow movement of the chameleons.

As soon as the mission starts, there is already an enemy warrens almost done building somewhere on the map.
You’re gonna have to grab meal pickups as you scout around and build turrets on areas where you think the enemy is going to sneakily build warrens or where you just destroyed a warrens. This applies to anywhere, and that’s what makes this annoying, the enemy even dares to spawn warrens very close to the merchants, if not right next to them.

Usually the merchants themself can take care of that, expect for the squirrel merchants, but sometimes the enemy warrens spawns just with enough distance from the merchance to be out of their line of sight. this could also happen with your turrets, an enemy warrens could be spawned just barely out of sight of your turrets.

While doing all of that, you’re gonna have to keep a consistent path to which you travel from merchant to merchant grabbing the meal pickups, not letting yourself getting too distracted to avoid expending too much time not grabbing the meals.

Avoid getting any merchant killed, if just one of them dies, I’m not sure if you have enough time to still reach the food requirement.

The Hungry Face a Stiff Wind

Protect your home Gristmill

Believe it or not, you can rush it with the army you start with and win before the first wave of Wing Demons even gets to attack your base.

Although the success rate depends on the enemy turrets, artillery and base position, if there are many artillery and turrets on the way to her base, how well you dispatch of them.

The Quartermaster starts with 1 base, but with many artillery and turrets and some of them even around her Gristmill.

When the mission starts, Its not necessary to build a farm, but if you want to.
Get moving diagonal right, The Quartermaster’s base is at the other end of the map. As you proceed, take only your chameleons with you, occasinally moving your owl as well. Always move your chameleons by holding down left mouse button, if you don’t, they will get distracted trying to
destroy all the barbed wire that they encounter on their way, hurting themselfs on the process.

The way to deal with the artillery depends on its position, if its on the way and in range of the path your army has to take to get to the enemy base, you might have to take it out, same for turrets.
You can deal with the artillery by moving your owl near it, it can’t damage your owl and the mouses won’t take too long to destroy the artillery.
You can use this same method to remove barbed wire that its too much on the way, although its most likely you’re gonna be able to move around it.

If you don’t want to wait for your owl to take out the artillery, use your chameleons. You will need to move ahead of your chameleons so the artillery waste its shots on your commander, positiong yourself above the artillery and dodge its shots as your chameleons gets closer from below, and then when the artillery finish firing and your chameleons are near it, release the left mouse button for your chameleons to bonk it. This tactic works best if the artillery isn’t against a wall.

For turrets you either place your owl outside of its range, or use your chameleons, get close to the turret and click once with the left mouse button then pull back so you don’t die, since the wind is always blowing diagonal left, you’re gonna take more damage than usual in getting close to turrets.

As you get closer to the Quartermaster’s base, take the Gristmill closest to her base, and even the one before it. While you’re not going to build any farms, you will gain territory for your units to be healed, spawn your commander there if she dies, or even build a few lizard warrens if you have enough good, the latter not being complete necessary.

Now command your entire army to move all the way up there with you by tapping or holding the right mouse button, depending on the amount of barbed wires that its on the path. This is also why you want to get rid of any artillery and turrets that might be too in the way along the path, so your lizards reach with minimun damage, if any at all.

Froms here now you have to try and take out the artillery and turrets that are protecting her base, you may even spot a couple of tier 3 warrens that you could take out if its not too risky for your units, by using your chameleons or letting your owl hover nearby.

Once you dispatch the front of her base of the artillery and turrets, rush in and focus your army on the Gristmill, the chameleons are the ones to deliver most of the damage to it, so better keep them
healthy and not lose any of them, or just a couple, as you made your way towards her base and dealt with her defences.

Frozen in Noe

Never build a warren

Not difficult to do.

Since you aren’t allowed to build warrens, you’re going to have plenty of food to build lots and lots of barbed wire, mostly on the edges of your territory and in the direction the enemies are coming.

Take your ferrets with you to deal with the turrets, go around taking all the campfires.
Remember that you start with multiple campfires that you can inmediatly burrow to.

Howling Vell

Starve the enemy without destroying a farm

I only manage to pull this once and never again.

You aren’t allow to destroy any of Bellafide’s pigs, or Gristmills, and he is already controlling all of
the Gristmills. You can, however, destroy a farm that is being build, although I wouldn’t recommend it, this is only going to make the mission take longer.

Another thing you can do is play a bit aggressive, looking for his bases and destroying his warrens. If you try to do that, be careful not to lose units, or lose very little, you’re going to need all the units you can get.

The key to this is the wolf, and to leave one or 2 farms empty to build them later. The wolf can buff and speed up your pigs, increasing food production, but you have to be careful not to over do it or else your farms are going to run out way too quick and potentially starve before Bellafide. Also having a second wolf would make them to buff each other, speeding up their own buff rate which
allows for more of your units to receive their buff and more often.

This heroic objective is hard for the wrong reasons, you rely too much on the map that you get, which could also make Bellafide’s bases to be too close, while that would help in controlling and preventing warrens to be built in the one or two bases nearby, all he needs is just one base farther where he is going to build other warrens that you can’t do anything about, and having to still deal with a very large army.

One of the most effective maps you can get is where Bellafide has to go throw a marsh without a bridge to get to your base. This would be one of your best opportunities to attemp this heroic objective.

If you kill Bellafide on the marsh or before he gets close to your base, you will prevent him from commanding his army to move. Sometimes he may have half way, but you can step your own army back and let his just sit there, or if you have range advantage, shoot at the from distance, this works better on high ground, if not, try poking it.

If you are lucky, he will call back his trops before attempting to reach your base again. His own HP might get larger as the mission progresses, but so does your army’s dps, specially if you have a couple of wolfs to buff all of them.

Look, the only reason I manage to get this heroic objective is because I got THE best base: Up in a hill, surrounded by water, almost on a corner, the only entrance to my base was on the east side and Bellafide always came from the north. I had range advantage and time advantage as him and his army had to force their way through the marsh. The only way it could been better if the entrance was on the south. And even with such a good set up, I barely made it, Bellafide starved when his army was having a good push, damaging my Gristmill.

Get a good map, forcing him having to go through a marsh if possible, kill him before he gets any close to your base and you will minimize the number of times you have to engage with his ever growing army.

Defense of the Cold Mark Lows

Heal 100 health on Civilized troops

You start with many campfires, so you can inmediatilly burrow around the map, look for more campfires that has pidgeons, build a very large army of pidgeons (+20) and some wolves, about 4, and stick around Archimedes’s army.

You could also build some turrets around his Gristmill to help with the defences and as you follow his units around, reclaim campfires that has been destroyed.

Betrayal at Vacancee

Don’t let the enemy free any prisoners

Despite starting with alot going on, its not really hard to pull off, specially if the prisons happens to be close to each other.

Sell useless defences, turrets and mines that have a bad position and won’t help you much in defending prisons or your Gristmills. You should also sell a few artilleries, it will yell you a lot of food, enough to spawn Kasha and a couple of chameleons. Use some food for a few farms and eventually some pidgeons.

Keep growing those units. As for dealing with the enemy, look for the frog warrens, those can be very dangerous for the prisons. As the mission progresses, ferret and owl warrens are going to spawn, so keep scouting and get the map under your control.

The War For Meat

150 enemies must be killed by other enemies

This one can be tricky and it might take a few re-rolls of the map.
The trick is to either have their starting positions where some of them might have to move their armies close or through each other territories or build a Gristmill that forces them to cross paths.

You’re going to have to play defensevly and turtle down. If you’re getting attacked but they pull back their armies, don’t pursue them.

Another trick you can try is using your first Gristmill as a decoy. Gather food, build a good army, then move to a different Gristmill and repeat until the heroic objective is complet.

Another method that was suprisingly effective is to use the campfires. If you have no farms, or don’t have a Gristmill but you have campfires, you’re still in the game. You can try using all your food to take all the campfires. What can this trigger is that the other factions scouts your campfires before your main Gristmill, keepeing them busy attacking the campfires, which can also make their armies to clash with each other as you peacefully build a large army in your base, which you can be left alone for a long time as long as you keep re-claiming the campfires. If they find your base and start attacking it but the heroic objective isn’t complet yet: Abandon your base, take your army to a new Gristmill.

What Might Be

Kill 40 enemies with Militarized Sugar

This can be kind of tricky as well. You’re going to need to find campfires that have a very good position, that can only be attacked from one direction, then as the mission progresses build barbed wires to slow down incoming enemies, let them gather up and unleash the Militarized Sugar.

But before all of that, you might want to use the sugar soon after the mission start as its going to take a bit of time for larger group of enemies to be around the map. Killing commanders and enemies that are still in the process of spawning counts toward the kill count. Tier 2 units can take more hits from the sugar, so move ahead of them and in circles.

Just remember that you can get killed while using the Militarized Sugar.

Bonepit Exile

Light all the campfires

This one is simple.

Sell a few turrets that won’t provide much defence. Build a few more frog warrens and then begin to scout to find all the campfires.

When you start claiming one, stick around it for a bit to defend it. Move to the next one once there are no enemies or warrens near it.

Once succefully you get all campfires, you will get the star and from there you aren’t force to keep control of all campfires.

Awash in Solawa

Don’t lose Uncle Butter

This mission can be a bit complicated, not because of the heroic objective but the mission itself.

You’ll have to manage or commit to the direction you take and in which order you recruit the followers, like getting snakes first.

Always scout the neares corner to your starting location, look at your mini-map to make sure you didn’t missed a small path that could lead to another area wich might have followers.
Its still a good to scout more even if there are followers in your current position that you can’t recruit, because the followers you find will appear on the mini-map as white dots.

A few tips I could give is that if a storm cycle is about to end and you want to push ahead to start recruiting and get the most of your food that is above 200, you can use mines as a decoy to avoid your commander on getting damage, the enemy is highly likely to target the mine, saving you from some hits and making a very small distraction. If you have alot of food at the end of a storm cycle and you’re going to use that same area to deal with the next one, build a lot of mines around it.

You can also always burrow back to your starting location. This can be useful if you decide to leave followers around that area for last or because you didn’t have enough food and wanted to scout the map as quick as possible, as you can always borrow back and recruit them all if you have
enough food.

Stick around water, corners and high ground to face the storm cycles, take out any warrens that you find as you explore, it will make the next storm cycle less dangerous and don’t take too long.

Vacancee Downfall

Discover all Gristmills and Campsfires in 105 seconds

Pretty simple, the only couple of tricks is to scout in favor of the wind and don’t build a farm, save the food to take campsfires and Gristmills that are farther from your base as you scout, so you can burrow in between them and not have to always start from your main base.

After you discover all Campsfires and Gristmills (Including the enemy ones), just play the rest of the mission normally.

Sage Marro Speaks

Never build a warren

Getting a map where there is a nearby prison with a badger can be very helpful, both defencevly and offencevly.

For the storm cycles you’re going to want to spread your units to the different campsfires and defend the warrens. The biggest problem are the Chameleon as they can sneak pass your units and go straight to your warrens, watch out for that.

As your commander gets more HP, scout ahead without bringing your army, try to find prisons with badgers amd where the enemy warrens are. They have 2 packs of multiple warrens somewhere at the bottom of the map. When you find one, work your way there with your army, not overpushing it, in-between storm cycles.

Taking out at least one pack of warrens will make the rest of the mission easier. Just remember to spead your units to defend all your warrens during storm cycles. If you lose a few warrens, you can still do it if you got an early badge, they’re going to be most of your firepower, don’t lose them.

You have to destroy everything to finish the mission, including all enemy units and merchants.

Swine, Inscribed

10 Farmers must survive

Finally after many many attempts with not a very clear strategy: Sell pigs that are far or in bad position for early cash for more units. Make a wolf to move my units faster around the map. Get an early Owl. Try to make fence the pigs with barbed wires. Spam barbed wires all over the map for distraction. None of them worked well in the long run, the closes I got was 8/10.

But then in the discussion section I saw someone having trouble with this mission and a person suggested probably the best strategy for this, and it worked! Finally got this in 2 attempts.

Squirrels as outposts

You want to spawn and leave multiple squirrels all over the map, lots of squirrels in multiple positions and as you get more food, reinforce the squirrels with more squirrels as enemies can spawn anywhere and in large amount, even right in front of you, and use your wing demons to move and attack. Spawn more wing demons when you feel you need more firepower and you have enough squirrels positioned in some important spots

This is going to give you lots of map visibility, eventually all of it, and distract the enemy as you got get them. But you have to remember: NEVER RIGHT CLICK. If you do that, all your squirrels will move to your position, killing the map visibility that you’re building. Always remember to switch to your wing demons before left clicking.

That’s pretty much it. Its probably best to stick with using wing demons only to move and attack, they should be enough, unless you can switch between multiple units to move them individually.

I can see the wolf and the owl being helpfull as well, like spawn and leave them on the section of the map that you cross multiple times, that will hopefully buff your wing demons as they fly by. Leaving the owl on a junction where enemies have to pass by often for more offensive support and a further distraction. While the above aren’t necessary, it could help if you have the food to spare.

Just remember: Lots of squirrels around the map for visibility and distraction (They will even be able to take out a few enemies before they spawn). Enemies can spawn literally almost anywhere. Never right click. Only left click if you have your wing demons selected and eventually spawn more wing demons for more firepower.

Victors Will Feast

Never lose a Gristmill or Campfire

Alright, the final mission and the last heroic objective.

Before you read ahead, if you haven’t played this mission at all, I encourage you to do it.
Don’t worry about the heroic objective for your first attempt. The way the last mission plays out was totally unexpected for me and it was pretty awesome!

So I can see a couple of ways to get this last heroic objective and the one that payoff is to fox rush + buff wolf. Unfortunately you are also going to rely a lot on the map: Where the fox and wolf are, the position of the campfires and the position of the other factions bases.

You only start with one Gristmill and all the other factions with 2 + defences: Bellafide has turrets, Hopper has mines and The Quartermaster has barbed wires, which is the least dangerous.

Don’t build any farms, as soon as the mission starts you have to look for the campfire that has the fox. If you find her quickly and don’t have enough food, wait next to it. if its taking too long to find the fox, about 20 to 30 seconds, restart.

Once you begin claiming the campfire, keep looking around for the wolf and where the other faction bases are. If you first find the campfire with the wolf, take it.

Once the fox has joined you, begin to take her to the different faction bases and snipe their pigs and units, and when you get the wolf, its going to speed up the process and make it more likely to take the situation under your control.

You’re going to make them all starve before anyone destroys any Gristmills, even if it isn’t yours, it would force a swap. While doing so remember to pull back to any of your territory to heal your fox and wolf when needed. Another thing to note is that once you recruit them, you can build their warrens to spawn even more foxes and wolves, you should do so when you have to pull back to either heal them, or to defend your base and the 2 campfires.

This also means that you can’t focus too much on one faction, if you leave one of them alone for too long, they are going to attack your base or campfire with a good amount of fire power as the 3 of them will likely build tier 2 warrens not long after the mission starts. Pulling back to defend these is higher priority.

Bellafide and Hopper could be the ones that are the most tricky. Hopper because if you don’t start damaging her economy quickly, she is going to get chameleons out, which they can sneak on your fox, plus the mines that are already on her territory could force you to retreat sooner than needed.
Bellafide has already built turrets, and depending on their position it could make it difficult to get to his bases or get within range of his pigs, it depends on the randomness of the map.
The Quartermaster’s barded wires are very unlikely to be placed in an unconvinient way, so she tends to be the least of your problems. But still, don’t leave her alone for too long.

Once they all starve, the heroic objective will be completed, you get your star and make your last stand, which never ends well!

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