Ultimate Custom Night – How to Cheat

I made this guide since I didnt see this kind of guide done yet for this game, and with it, you can get infinite items and a HighScore of 10000, thus unlocking every office aswell!

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Editting the Game File

  • Step 1: Go here C:UsersHomeAppDataRoamingMMFApplications.
  • Step 2: Double click CN.
  • Step 3: Change the HS to whatever you want the highscore to be, and the i (number) for the items, if you dont have the items, you can add them with i1 – i4. I have also been told that you can change which challanges have been done by messing with the CH number.

Note: This might only work if you start a 50/20 mode, you dont have to beat it, but atleast start one.

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