Don’t Starve Together – Guide to the Characters

This is a guide for people who don’t know what characters are good for what and how good they actually are. The characters are aranged from worst to best.

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F Tier


  • Health: 113
  • Hunger: 113
  • Sanity: 150

Wes is the challenge character. He doesn’t have any upsides and he has very low stats. All he can do is make balloons that explode and damages when attacked. He is easily the worst character in the game because he is supposed to be.


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 120

Willow is the second worst character in the game because most of her abilities are useless. She is best at burning things and not many things need to be burnt. You need to burn a few trees for charcoal and thats pretty much it. She has a resistance to fire which is extremely situational and she can make a lighter that lasts longer than a torch and you can cook food on it but it has a much smaller light range. Also, lanturns can be obtained very early in the game and cooking most food on a fire is usually a waste of time. She starts with a teddie bear that tanks shadow monsters and screws up their kiting patern so that you have a harder time killing the shadow monsters. To top it all off, she looses heat when insane.

B Tier


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 200

Woodie has a usable upside but it is outdone by Maxwell. Woodie gets an unbreakable axe that chops trees faster. Everytime he strikes a tree and as time passes Woodie looses a stat called beaverness. When beaverness reaches 0 he turns into a werebeaver that chops trees and digs things very fast and you get night vision. You will return to normal when your beaverness meter returns to 0. You can extend your werebeaver form by eating wood and twigs. Because Maxwell is more efficient at chopping trees, among other things, Woodie is pretty much useless.


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 200

Wilsons only power is to grow a beard. This beard will insulate you slightly and provide you with beard hair when shaved which can be used for meat effagies to revive yourself. So, Wilson is not bad but he’s not good either.


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 200

Winona is the newest character to Don’t Starve and is a noob character. She builds everything in half the time, creates single use sewing kits called duct tape, and can not take damage from the first hit from the darkness. The last two perks are basically useless because if you are being attacked by the darkness then you’re probably too far from a light source anyway and will die and the duct tape becomes irrelevant once you get sewing kits. Her last perk is not that powerful compared to others either.


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 200

Wendy is the best B tier character. Her hits are weaker but the darkness doesn’t make you go insane as fast and she gets a pretty good ally. Wendy starts with a flower which will bloom in a few days. When it does drop it on the ground and kill something near it to summon your sister, Abigale’s, ghost. Abigale has an AOE attack that is very useful when fighting a medium sized group of mobs. Know that abigale can’t take on huge groups like 100 spiders. Also note that Abigale will attack any hostile mob on sight and will not stop until it is dead or you make Abigale come away from it. Abigale’s health also regenerates naturally. If Abigale dies she will drop her flower and you can repeat the process of summoning to get her back.

A Tier


  • Health: 175
  • Hunger: 175
  • Sanity: 100

Webber is a pretty good character. He is considered a monster so he will be attacked by pigmen and bunnymen on sight but spiders, including cave spiders and spider queens, are neutral to him. Additionaly, he grows a silk beard that insulates him less than Wilson’s but provides silk instead of beard hair which is much more useful. Also, he can befriend spiders, including cave spiders, and he will not be slowed by webbed turf. He is mainly used to easily farm spider items. You can do this by starting a spider war. Befriend a spider with some meat then hit another spider. Your friendly spider will then attack that spider which will trigger other spiders to attack and soon enough the entire colony is killing each other. The aftermath is a mountain of monster meat, which webber can eat with no downsides and it can be used in verious recipes, spider glands, which can be used to heal and for healing items, and silk, the most important resource. Additionally, webber can make spider nests and place them anywhere he wants.


  • Health: 75
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 200

Maxwell is the best gatherer. He has the lowest maximum health in the game but he has a passive sanity gain and he can make shadow clones that can chop, dig, mine, or fight (each role is a specific clone). You can summon 4 total clones and each clone summoned will decrease your maximum sanity for as long as they are alive. The combat clones are not that powerful so I suggest not using them. But the other three clones can gather resources very quickly.


  • Health: 200
  • Hunger: 120 
  • Sanity: 120

Wigfrid is a great character, just barely not making it to S tier. She has a huge downside of only being able to eat meat which makes it hard for new players. But she does more damage and she regains health and sanity from killing enemies. Additionally, she can make a battle helmet, which is a football helmet but it has much more durability, and a battle spear, which does more damage than a spear and has more durability. These items can also be given to other players allowing for some very easy fights in the early game. The battle spear is out done by many other melees pretty early on but the battle helmet lasts for a while until you explore the caves and get a shelmet or thulecite crown. Also, make sure you have a good source of gold because both the helmet and spear take gold to craft.

S Tier


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 250

Wickerbottom is a master of farming. She can’t sleep and the negative effects of eating spoiled food is worsened but she knowns how to craft science machine levels of crafting and she makes verious books that do some increadable things. “Birds of the World” summons multiple birds around wickerbottom which can be farmed for feathers and morsels. “Applied Horticulture” grows all plants on screan instantly. “Sleepytime Stories” puts everything nearby to sleep. “On Tentacles” summons a few tentacles that will fight you and other mobs. “The End is Nigh” will summon several bolts of lightning that can be used to charge WX-78 for a very long time. Each of these books have limited uses, can be crafted, and cost a bit of sanity to read.


  • Health: 150-400
  • Hunger: 150-200
  • Sanity: 150-300

WX-78 is the best tank in the game. Of course you shouldn’t rely on tanking and instead learn kiting, but when you have 400 health, a thulacite crown, and night armor there isn’t much that can kill you without you killing them first. WX-78 gets damaged by rain but can be charged by lightning and can eat gears to increase his maximum health, hunger, and sanity. Being charged by lightning will increase your movement speed very much and increase your attack speed as well as giving you a light aura for quite a long time. Just remember to save at least 3 gears: 1 for an ice box and 2 for an iceflingomatic.


  • Health: 150-300
  • Hunger: 300
  • Sanity: 200

Wolfgang is the best fighter in the game. He looses more sanity to the darkness and monsters but when you are at 225 hunger or above you gain much more damage, some speed, and more maximum health. However, when your hunger goes below 100 you lose a lot of damage, looe some speed, and lose maximum health. Also you lose hunger faster when above 225 and slower when below 100.

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