First Feudal – Comprehensive Guide

My take on the most efficient ways of doing things in First Feudal.

Placing Your Town Square

First thing you want to do is look around to see where to place your town hall.
To quickly scout you can press tab and use WASD to move your camera.

There are 3 vital things to consider when placing your town square. You want to be close to:

  • Rock – Preferably straight and flat. 
  • Fertile Grass – the darker shade of green. For farms and pens.
  • Water – Needed for many crafts.

You dont want to place your town square too close to everything, as you cant place any buildings on it.

First Feudal - Comprehensive Guide

Early Game

Once you have placed your town square, drop your axe and assign both of your peasants to
be woodcutters.

Also, head in to the edicts tab (in V>Edics) and set chest template to show always. You may want to fiddle around with the edicts tab as it is very important later on.

Once you have enough wood, place your artisan workbenches facing the town square. This is so that when they are using it, they get extra happiness from the terrain bonus of the square.

From then on, I recommend finishing all the quests. However I personally learn Washing and Soaking before Stone processing for the early game barrels.

Part time professions

If your artisan is not doing anything because hes finished crafting all his queues, or if you just have your builder sitting around doing nothing, have him do a part time job such as building or hunting. You can always swap him back when you need him to.

Don’t be idle Yourself

Remember that you are also a player and shouldn’t be very idle, especially early game. If you find yourself having nothing to do then do a part time job.


You especially want to build the kitchen ASAP. This is so you can learn your first Supply Tech and get a stable supply of food. Once you have it, set Crafting Steak to 1000x. To get steak, assign someone idle to be your temporary part time hunter. To advance supply tree quicker, grab a scythe and go around the map to reap everything. Then use those ingredients to craft food. Pumpkin is the best tech to advance first.

Early Game Raids

Just press G and let your peasants mob them. Don’t do this late game though.


Set your most intelligent peasant (check yourself as well!) to be your part time weapon smith. This is so you can increase the chance of getting high quality tools. Weapon Smith is one of the least occupying jobs, so he is your go-to person for part time jobs (such as building or early game hunter). Keep around 4 of each tool in storage (earlygame), then you can swap him to do more important stuff once he is idle.

Food and Pens

Higher quality food gives more happiness when consumed

In my opinion the happiness generated is not worth the time crafting high quality foods, at least until super late game anyways.

That being said, you at least need 1 farmer to farm flax until you have a trader. Flax oil is very important for lacquered planks.

Cows provide food and hide, so domesticating them is killing 2 birds with one stone.

Create at least 2 pens for cows and sheep.
When you are first starting off get at least 2 males and 4 females.
Make sure none of them are old.
Whenever the population of a pen gets low, transfer some other cows from another pen to compensate.

Tip: You dont need to finish building your pens as placing them down already counts as terrain

Have a shepherd to collect the meat, milk, wool, and hide. One shepherd with a pen this size has no problems feeding 15 people.


Happiness makes peasants increase stat and work faster. It also makes new peasants arrive faster

Therefore placing objects and creating setups that creates the most happiness is crucial towards a more efficient base. This is very important for jobs that require high stats like Miners and Weapon Smiths.

First Feudal - Comprehensive Guide

Noteworthy things that increase happiness:

  • Wall Proximity
  • Chest proximity
  • Floor type
  • Bed proximity
  • Monument proximity
  • Flower proximity
  • Food type consumed

* I’ve tested a few and they dont stack with themselves.
* Floor type is only the floor DIRECTLY under. Adjacent and floors near you dont affect happiness. You dont need to floor up your whole base. Floor the workbench spot only and road everywhere else.
* Must be within 4 meters of a wall AND inside it to receive terrain buff.

Tip: Mountain/Rocks count as a wall as well, so you can create a house around a mine.

Ideally, every workplace should have all these buffs.

Efficient Placement and Crafting

Generally speaking, you want to make sure your artisans dont walk across the base to craft something. Place roads everywhere to minimize travelling time, except on a workbench spot, where instead you place a floor.

I use this block pattern for my base. 1xRoad 2xAnything 1xRoad.

I’ve found that this way is the most optimal way to organize my base.

There is another important crafting mechanic that you also want to utilize. Any ingredient touching a workbench does not need to be held.

By abusing this mechanic, here is an example where my artisans can craft all the way up to Hungarian Goulash without having to move to gather a single material.

Defense and Combat

Against tough opponents, I use a volley strat to prevent any peasant deaths.

First thing you want to do is to equip all your peasants with bows/crossbows.
V>Select peasant>Weapon:Long Range.

Make sure you have enough bow and arrows.

First Feudal - Comprehensive Guide

Black circle is archers.
Blue line is how you want to draw aggro.

  • As soon as you start getting attacked, press G and ` (tilde).
  • Command your whole army to move to a open position. (X+Left Click) Do this outside of base so nothing gets destroyed.
  • Lead the enemy army into your peasant volley.
  • Before the enemies reach your archers OR when your archers run out of stamina, aggro the enemy army away.
  • Command your army to stand back in position again (X+Left Click).
  • Rinse and Repeat.

The strategy takes a bit of skill and kiting, so make sure to perfect it!

Bonus tips:

  • Just before the their army is in your volley range, input buffer all of your archers to attack the 3rd enemy from the front(Z+Left Click). This is so they dont lose formation once the target (closest ) enemy dies.
  • Before the enemies reach your archers, kite the enemies around so that they lose their stamina and all their sprints.

Using this method to kill them off is also good for resources, as you dont need to craft Armour.

Thats it!

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